Horoscope September 2022

Horoscope 2022 - September 2022

Horoscope 2022 - September - Venus and Mars are in directive motion, Mercury turns retrograde...

Mercury is essentially a planet of thought, trade, communication and treaties. When movement occurs in this direction, it means mastering its positive effects, and transforming energy into slower action. Mercury's movement is therefore also used in a positive direction, when the emotional side of the personality is personified. So we should call the family members we need or want to strengthen our relationships even more. It is a good time to relax with a good coffee, a hot bath, or to explore the nature around.

Mercury in retrograde requires constant vigilance and attention, because especially things in the field of communication do not have to move forward according to our ideas. Forgetfulness is also a key word and a typical feature that draws our attention to the influence of the planet Mercury, define Horoscope September 2022. One should be focused on the things that Mercury symbolizes in these moments, so that one is not surprised by negative vibrations. It is appropriate to focus on building communication skills by reading a book or watching educational programs. During this period, we avoid signing important documents. Let's also forget about signing new contracts or projects. These qualities that Mercury brings and recommends for our lives apply to all 12 zodiac signs, regardless of which astrological house Mercury is currently in from the perspective of the ascendant. If you're traveling, check the necessary things, which you pack twice.

The operation of that planet during the retrograde period in conjunction with the other five planets exceptionally affects forgetfulness in the event of misunderstandings. During the retrograde Mercury, it is generally not recommended to sign any important documents, and therefore not to enter into a marriage, which in some respects is also a contract. September will also bring other important astrological transits. Mercury will be affected on October 2nd. In October, the planet Saturn and Pluto will also enter the directive.

Horoscope September 2022 and important dates in 2022

Horoscope 2022 September 3rd, Directive Mercury joins Jupiter's opposition. Opposition of Mercury to Jupiter will occur up to twice during September. In the first case, it will be the opposition of the directive Mercury with Jupiter moving backwards. The next transit will be connected by the reversing motion of both planets. At first glance, this negative aspect will have a different effect on each zodiac sign. The planet Jupiter is currently in Aries zodiac sign and Mercury acts in the sign of Libra. From a general view, the following aspect brings great plans and bold ideas, which are, however, hampered by the influence of five retrograde planets on 12 zodiac signs. Even if you have great ideas that you want to turn into implementation, says Horoscope September 2022, these ideas seem revolutionary only to you. You will skip the details of your plans and forget the details that are very important. Your enthusiasm for the thing will fade away as soon as it starts. The opposition of Jupiter and the planet Mercury is also associated with a loss of self-confidence and a questioning of one's own intelligence. From a positive view, this is an aspect suitable for improving one's form of communication with others and for gaining experience in the field of business. On the one hand, you will provoke others with your behavior, and on the other hand, you will show an embarrassing sense of humor that we hide within us. From this point of view, it is not recommended to organize parties or stay in society during this transit. It will be better if we spend these moments with ourselves reading a good book or watching an interesting document.

Horoscope 2022 September 5th, the planet Venus enters Virgo zodiac sign. Venus will be moved by two zodiac signs in September. It will first enter Virgo zodiac sign on September 5th, and later move to Libra zodiac sign on September 29th. Venus in Virgo means positive energy, especially in terms of attraction. It is an excellent opportunity especially for singles, who have the opportunity to engage others through the action of their strengths. These strengths are unlocked for each zodiac sign in a specific way, depending on the astrological house in which Venus is located. People's clutches become generous donors, and silent suitors show the most secret emotions. This time can also be tested in love by those who have suddenly felt that they are always longing for change in life. It should be noted, however, that these changes should be, in terms of the action of the planet Venus in Virgo zodiac sign, focused mainly on loved ones and the family, emphasizing Horoscope September 2022. Some signs of the zodiac will tend to criticize others during this period, which can disrupt friendly relations. The best way to fully enjoy this aspect is to show people what qualities you value in them, how you care about them ... Even if you don't express things turned out, but rather quietly and mysteriously, others should know what a loving person they are. hiding in you. Please your loved ones and do not forget even the smallest members of your family, who will greatly appreciate your kind gestures and attention. From a general view, it is not necessary to emphasize lavish things, but it will bring you happiness sooner if you focus on attaching friends and your family even closer to your heart.

Horoscope 2022 September 10th, the Full Moon is formed in Pisces zodiac sign. It fully manifests itself in the last - twelfth zodiac sign, which with its feminine energy draws attention to the escalation of the imbalance in emotions and also to the health of other feminine signs of the zodiac. From a health side, caution is recommended especially with the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and, of course, Pisces zodiac sign. Pisces is a moving sign of the zodiac, which abounds in rich inner life, but on the other hand they feel great mental instability. Women's signs are represented mainly by the earth and water zodiac signs, and therefore we will establish good friendly and social relations mainly with land and water signs. The Full Moon in Pisces zodiac sign means not only building family relationships, but also turning to the past, specify Horoscope September 2022. Many of us will ask ourselves where previous years have gone, and what else in life we have to do. It is a period of spiritual search for one's own peace and harmony of past decisions with the present. The great imagination of Pisces zodiac sign is also intertwined with the other zodiac signs, which in this period focus mainly on their emotions. The earth and water zodiac signs are also affected more intensively from a health side, and some signs may suddenly become ill. You should also pay attention to those zodiac signs who are suffering from poor sleep, because this night will not be the best for these people for a complete rest.

Horoscope 2022 September 16th, the Sun in Virgo zodiac sign enters the opposition with the planet Neptune in retrograde motion. In September, several more negative aspects take place, which will play with the energies of all the zodiac signs. September can thus cause a tense period, which will be marked by failure for some signs, increased financial spending for some signs, and other signs of the zodiac will be affected in the area of emotions and long-term relationships. In September, there are up to 5 oppositions, which are generally considered to be more negative aspects, warns Horoscope September 2022. On September 16th, we feel the opposition of the Sun with the planet Neptune. The Sun acts in Virgo zodiac sign and Neptune resides in Pisces zodiac sign. Transit, which brings disappointment mainly from the point of view of our career, is also manifested through unfulfilled promises. You will over-idealize your future career position, which will cause a lot of illusions and future disappointments. Of course, the specific effect on your zodiac sign also depends on the house in which these two planets are located. In general, however, we will begin to trust people we certainly should not trust. The Sun in opposition to Neptune plays with global sincerity, but it also affects naivete. If we want to survive this Transit successfully and without consequences for the future, we must focus mainly on the realization of things that are real for our lives and that do not hurt our emotions. It is interesting that a number of natural disasters occur during the opposition of the Sun to the planet Neptune, indicate Horoscope September 2022. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the weather, which can now be very volatile and can affect our health. In order to best manage this position, it is necessary to focus mainly on the family and let them know how much you care about them. Volunteering and forgiveness are recommended for people who have disappointed you in the past.

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 September - Sun enters Libra

Horoscope 2022 September 23rd, an extremely large number of transits will take place, which will hit all zodiac signs in a positive direction. The Sun enters the positive conjunction of retrograde Mercury, with Mercury leaving Libra zodiac sign. The Sun, on the other hand, enters the sign of Libra after the transition from the sign of Virgo. September 23rd seems to be very rich in positive Astrological transits, which means flipping past negative energies into positive vibrations. By entering Libra zodiac sign, the Sun brings balance and influence on the partner's life. However, some people may find us passively aggressive. However, the Sun in Libra zodiac sign motivates us to direct our lives to justice and balance. We try to put past lies to the right extent by how we act in such a way that our decisions do not hurt other interpersonal relationships that do not directly affect us. The Sun tends to seek harmony, especially in communication and dealing with other family members, describe Horoscope September 2022. It is an ideal time to balance the negative vibrations in family relationships, or the negative energies of the past. We also focus on social interaction, and we have the opportunity to star in society. However, it also depends on the fact in which specific astrological house, from the view of our zodiac sign, the Sun is located. In general, however, we strive to maintain good relationships, and we strive to remove those that rob us of energy from our lives. We need to understand others and balance interpersonal dynamics as a whole. However, interpersonal relationships seem to be more complex during this period.

Horoscope 2022 September 26th, the Sun stands in opposition to retrograde Jupiter. In principle, a positive placement, which, however, carries with it elements of negative vibrations, can cause mainly problems in family life, when children show their disobedience to their parents. Children will tend to do the exact opposite of what you tell them, but these broken energies will not only affect the children, but will also affect the employee-employer relationship. This aspect can cause a lot of misunderstandings, when people are not willing to listen and follow authority. To survive this time in the right karmic attitude, it is necessary that you do not avoid constructive communication and, conversely, that you avoid any quarrels and tense conversations.

Horoscope 2022 September 29th, the planet Venus enters Libra zodiac sign. The fast planet Venus exerts its energy not only on Libra, but also on other air zodiac signs. They will feel willing and more balanced in life. However, Venus strikes all the zodiac signs from the point of view of the astrological house on which it acts. From a global perspective, certain individuals may act superficially, and these feelings will strike mainly the fiery Leo zodiac sign. Most people will try to adjust their lives to suit not only their own ideas, but also the ideas of people around them. Therefore, we focus more on satisfying others and turning our lives in such a way that everyone is satisfied. This approach to our own lives can result in a great cut from our energy because we neglect our own individuality and push the needs of others to the forefront. While Venus is in the sign of Libra, it is time for love in our partner's life, when we focus on satisfying each other's needs. In general, we want to satisfy others, underlines Horoscope September 2022, and with a refined style, we are looking for a way to cut something out of ourselves from this relationship of the planet Venus. This Transit means a suitable period even for singles who are born in the aerial or fiery zodiac sign. They may manifest their charm on the outside, but the fiery zodiac signs should be wary of their family's aggression, which may be affected by this aspect.

From a logical view, September 2022 seems to be a month focused mainly on family relationships and on building social and interpersonal relationships. We will also have to learn how to best communicate with our children and co-workers. Certain transits also indicate the possibility of global problems, especially in connection with weather changes or large temperature fluctuations. Certain countries may be affected by unexpected global changes, which are negatively affected by September. Those who are more sensitive to changes in the weather or to the cold wind should be careful about their health. During this year, September 2022 is a month that can bring several negative changes from a global or population perspective.

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