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Zodiac Signs with Fire Element

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

In astrology, fire is considered the first element, an element that is of fundamental importance for the interpretation and creation of Horoscopes, but also for the understanding of astrology as a whole. Fire, as an element that is considered the most passionate element of all 4 elements - fire, earth, air, and water. The symbol for this element is a triangle pointing upwards. Fire is an element that is associated with the life of three zodiac signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - 3 fire signs.

Zodiac signs with the Fire Element are representatives of creative and passionate energy. The first fire sign that opens the season of spring is the zodiac sign of Aries. The second sign in the sequence ruled by fire belongs to Leo, located in the middle of the summer season. The fire signs in the order are closed by the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which rules the end of the autumn season and belongs to the last signs of the Fire element.

Fire in astrology represents creative power. Fire energy helps every zodiac sign in creativity and it is the fiery energy that inspires us to step out in the morning into a fresh day. It lends plenty of energy to the Zodiac Signs and it is very important to keep the fire in each individual's life in balance. Not only fire signs are affected by this element.

Fire can also be out of balance with other signs whose important planets or ascendant are located precisely in the three signs controlled by the Fire element. Fire element is the breeding ground for each sign, and in this article we will explain the feelings of the individual who lacks fire and the one who feels an excess in life. However, fire affects each of the three signs differently.

The excess and lack of fire in the personal Horoscope and signs' life can thus manifest itself in each of the twelve astrological sun Zodiac Signs. A zodiac sign that lacks fire in its life or has an excess of fire is unbalanced, incapable of rational thinking. This disproportion of fire can cause several problems in the emotional world of the signs, in careers, and in personal decisions and moods.

You can have a lack or an excess of fire in every life stage - throughout your life, or only in certain periods of your life. If you do not learn to work with its strength and energy, it is likely that the imbalance of the given element will cause you several problems in your life. In this zodiac sign astrology section, Sibyla will also explain ways to keep the powerful fire element under control of the zodiac sign, how to work with it, and how to find out if our fire is in a disruptive imbalance.

First of all, it is advisable to get to know the feelings and problems caused by the excess of Fire in the personal horoscope or astrological chart for the zodiac signs. When creating a personal Horoscope, Sibyla focuses her attention primarily on your elements, their arrangement, and also looks at whether your elements are out of balance. In the second step, she is ready to give you advice on how to best balance your element. However, now we are addressing the question of how you can find out whether you have much fire in your life or a little without creating a personal Horoscope.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Influence on Sun Sign if there is an excess of Fire

How do the twelve zodiac signs feel if there is an abundance of fire in the life of the owner of the zodiac sign. What to do to get the fire in our lives under control and what exercises are suitable for the owners of the Horoscope that speaks of an excess of the given element?

The fire energy that affects the Zodiac Signs is passionate, energetic, exciting, determined. When we talk about the imbalance of fire element, it is clear that several elements in our life that are related to the mentioned properties of fire will be disturbed. This element is also associated with the psychic energy of the individual, with the impatience and vigorous actions of individuals. In general, the Fire signs are compatible with the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and complement each other, under ideal circumstances.

People who have a lot of fire in their astrological personal chart may feel too active. It exhausts your fast pace of everyday life and makes it difficult for you to adapt to the pace of life that is required of you. If there is excess in the Fire sign, it is clear that the pace of life seems rushed to you, that you do not have time to process the changes in your life and the news that the cycle of life has thrown into your everyday life. So the first sign that there is an excessive amount of fire in your life is an overall slowed pace - a lack of fusion with life's progress, with the energy that rushed you forward, and you want to escape from the speed at which your life is moving.

You want to slow down, you want the changes in your life to be gradual, or none at all. But there is a certain order to life, and if there is too much fire in the lives of any of the zodiac signs, they may not want to keep up with this fast pace of life. You need rest, slowing down, sometimes even an escape from reality - then there is an unacceptable amount of passionate fiery element in your life.

However, the large amount of fire in the zodiac sign chart causes a lot of chaos. Another sign of an excess of said element is frequent overlooking of an obvious problem in your life. Are you ignoring the problems that are piling up in your life? Are you unable to process problems and find appropriate solutions simply and promptly?

Perhaps the current disharmony of fire is to blame for this, which the personal Horoscope certainly speaks about. Sibyla is simply talking about the fact that if there is a lot of element fire in the astrological chart, we come to solving problems late - only when these problems have already affected our lives and cause not only current, but also future problems. The inability to solve problems when it is necessary to solve them is also one of the signs of an excess element in the astrological chart.

If you are a zodiac sign struggling with the fact that others are suggesting to you that you have been neglecting a certain, obvious problem in your life for a long time, and you are not able to find a solution to this problem, you are the person who needs to start working with the fire element now and try to to reach the necessary balance, says the fortuneteller Sibyla.

You feel the predominance of fire even if you are too active in something that does not give you satisfaction or joy. If you merely do what's required and your daily work is exhausting. Restlessness, agitation, and abrupt worry are further indicators of excessive levels of the Fire Element. Burnout syndrome is caused by high level of fire element in the zodiac sign chart.

How do the Zodiac Signs feel about the lack of Fire in the Horoscope?

Sibyla's Personal Horoscope often talks not only about the power of fire when there is too much of it, but also describes how the zodiac sign feels when fire is missing in the chart. If you want to know whether there is a lot of fire in your life or a little, it is also necessary to know the distribution of the other elements in the horoscope, in your personal astrological chart. For example, if your personal horoscope shows 3 planets in an air sign, 5 planets in a fire sign and 2 in an earth sign, it is clear that you have a lack of water in your life and an excess of the fire element.

It is with the knowledge of this distribution of the planets and with this information that you have the opportunity to find out exactly how to balance your element. If you are interested in a personal chart, contact Sibyla, who will prepare a personal Horoscope for you for a fee and indicate your distribution of planets at the time of birth. Of course, you can also find out which element is out of balance through feelings, by which you can also determine the lack of the fire element in the zodiac sign. So how does its deficit most often manifest itself in the life of the twelve zodiac signs?

The 3 Zodiac fire Signs - Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are signs that are born with the Fire Element. However, not only these signs can feel the lack of said element in everyday life. The first way in which the deficit of Fire manifests itself is slowed down or disrupted digestion. Yes, the element affects not only the psyche of the zodiac sign.

It can also cause health complications for those signs that cannot maintain the element in the necessary harmony. So encouraging fire in such cases is essential. It is possible that due to the imbalance of the elements in the zodiac sign, several complications occur with your health, and you should pay enough attention to balancing your life energy, which is also reflected in your mental and physical health.

Do you feel a lack of motivation in your life for activities that used to cause you no problems? Perhaps the acute lack of the fire element is to blame for this, and it is also to blame for other negative feelings and energies that hit you. In order to find motivation for daily activities again, you need to find harmony for your ruling element, or for the element that you lack according to your personal Horoscope. A lack of fire will also indicate a feeling that you cannot adequately express your emotions and feelings towards others. Are you stuck in the middle of a conversation and don't know how to end the conversation?

Would you like to tell the honest truth to others, but something is blocking you? You may assume that your lack of fire is blocking you because you feel uncomfortable expressing opinions that oppress your soul and mind. You should not ignore this evidence that fire is in short supply. Therefore, you must educate yourself on how to balance the element that is responsible not only for inspiration and passion, as it seems at first glance, but also participates in your own expression and feelings towards those around you.

People who have their fire and other elements under control appear very balanced on the outside. And not only outside. They feel a sense of balance inside, they can look at things around them with perspective. They are not troubled by judgments or hatred towards other people. It is necessary to achieve this kind of harmony in our own being in order to feel meaningful in this world, to find meaning for who we are and for how and what we do. To be happy with others, we must first be happy with ourselves. This is an inseparable fact, which is also connected with the functionality of the life of the zodiac signs, as well as the ruling elements.

If you want to live a more exciting life, full of understanding, if you need more excitement and energy in your life, it is high time to properly process the fire element, and also to know perfectly your own astrological chart, which will tell you more about yourself. The characteristics of your zodiac sign also describe the basic principle of your life, your decisions, and the overall functioning of the inside and outside.

Getting rid of the negative vibrations of the lack of the Fire Element in each of the Zodiac Signs, helps individuals find the right path in life, the right psychological balance. However, the harmony of the elements means much more. It can help in overcoming diseases, it helps in healing. It keeps your soul vital, and your intuition is also strengthened, which is extremely important for each of the twelve Zodiac Signs.

You can express your opinions and words like others - without hesitation, without problems with expression, without being worried... Just harmonize the element you lack, in this case the Fire Element - the first, one of the strongest elements, which means energy , passionate and determined nature, self-confidence and inspiration for the activities and overall life of the zodiac sign, Sibyla adds.

Fortune-teller advises zodiac signs - How to balance the fire element?

The excellent news for everyone who has found themselves in the higher ranks is that you can easily bring the Fire Element under control. Whether you're feeling the lingering effects of an imbalanced fire force or its pulsing energy, you can comfortably control this element by learning basic fire management exercises and techniques for each of the twelve zodiac signs that feel out of balance.

It is also necessary to know one's own characteristics of the sign and to become familiar with the element that is fatal for our zodiac sign. What element were you born in? You can easily find this out in the following overview of the zodiac signs:

It follows from the above that 3 signs of astrology belong to the Fire signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. All these three Zodiac Signs are naturally classified as fiery, but the excess of this energy can also be felt by other signs, depending on the arrangement of the planets at the time of your birth and on your ascendant.

For example, the air sign Gemini can feel an excess of fire - if several planets are in fire signs at the time of his birth, or the astrological chart for Gemini for the current day or month is an indication of an excess of fire. It follows that each zodiac sign should learn how it feels when there is an excess or deficiency of a certain element, and how to work with this information appropriately.

The first interesting way to balance the fire of the zodiac sign is to surround yourself with people who have enough air in the astrological chart. However, it is difficult to find out the exact personal horoscope or astrological chart of a person with whom we share, for example, a common workplace, or someone who is not our closest friend. Anyway, it is advisable to know the astrological chart of the people with whom we are in the same household, so that we can determine the energies that affect our household.

After all, we want to know the energy that flows through the life and household of the zodiac sign. In general, the Fire element presents dominance, leadership skills and qualities of the zodiac sign and temperament... However, it also causes explosiveness and excessive dominance, whether in a relationship or at the workplace. Get the positive qualities of fire - such as the spark of life, the ability to cope with ordinary problems. Be an optimist again, who will take the initiative in every direction of life - this is how the unceasing energy of fire works, which rules the signs Leo, Sagittarius, and the first Zodiac Sign in order - Aries.

There are several interesting techniques to tame the Fire element, bring it under the desired control. In that case, the desired motivation and passion for activities that otherwise demotivate us will enter our home again. Fire is motivation and inspiration, which takes us by the hand and leads the Zodiac Signs down the right path in life. The following fire stabilization recommendations not only stabilize the element, but also bring health, vitality and energy to the physical health of each zodiac sign.

Hand in hand, you work not only to improve your vitality, energy, self-confidence, or your motivation. As a bonus, health will improve, as well as the way we look at the world. We will again feel the childlike joy of life, which should cause joy and enthusiasm. Competing with the ruling element is a step from which the Zodiac Signs will certainly benefit.

Fire energy can be under the control of a zodiac sign

To organize energy in life, you need to focus on certain exercises and activities that support the balance of fire for the zodiac signs. First of all, intensive exercise helps, which immediately affects your energy by balancing your excess and insufficient element that you feel. It is a suitable sport in nature that connects you with life-giving earth energy. Dancing is also a suitable method, which also has a strong and immediate effect on stabilizing deranged energy.

If you want to achieve a life without significant energy fluctuations, which can be caused by an imbalance of fire, it is advisable to spend more time in the heat and use the power of the sun to warm your body. The Sun is helpful in the imbalance of fire as an element, in each of the zodiac signs. The sun is an energy that helps every person whose personal Horoscope shows an imbalance of the fire element.

The fire element is mainly about action in life, because this element represents progress, own activity, not resting on one's laurels. Therefore, it is appropriate to take steps to fulfill your dreams and what you would like to achieve in life. Think of life as a gift, not a punishment, and enjoy every step towards your better self, advises the Sibyla to temper the Fire energy. In every human decision there is a certain power, energy that affects not only your present, but also your future.

Run, practice yoga, light candles, go for a roast or barbecue. All these activities balance the fire element. Laugh more, run across the meadow, inspire others. Your wardrobe and your household should be covered in red, orange, green and yellow colors at the time of need to stabilize the fire element - warm colors that are close to the fire element, according to the fortuneteller Sibyla for the Zodiac Signs.

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