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Monthly Horoscope Libra

May 2020

This month you will feel the need for innovation. When it comes to finance, the household, or the family, you have the opportunity to make decisions in order to improve all these areas. Due to the lunar position on your sign, you will need to seek exciting experiences throughout the month. If you feel the need for change, you don't have to spend a lot of money on it. It will be enough if you go into nature for at least one weekend. Somewhere you haven't been. Get ready for an unexpected meeting during the last days of this month. But it will be pleasant.

Love: Do not blame your partner for things that are just in your imagination. If you have no evidence of their lies or half-truths, do not engage in any conflicts with them. This may not turn out well this month. Under the influence of a powerful Saturn, you would have argued rather than converged. Remember, there is only one life and there is no room for unnecessary quarrels. The singles are waiting for the next season meeting that will delight them. You meet someone from the past who has good memories. In the second half of the month you will learn something about your family. Try to understand them and be supportive. This month, a well-intended advice could also help your friend. Do not let your emotions overtake your actions and rather not advise others.

Health: This month, your spine and throat problems will be the most troubling for you. On this account, you should contact someone who will show you the right exercises for your spine problems. Do not underestimate the visit to an expert, as this will avoid huge problems for the future. These pains will mainly bother you in the first and last days of the month. Adding the right sport to your life will prevent problems in the coming months. Finally, go into the countryside and indulge in longer walks and if you have the opportunity to work in the garden, take it. Your diet also requires a more complex change. It's time to forget about heavy foods and especially alcohol. Your body needs to relax this month like never before.

Work & Money: Don't worry about any career upheavals. If you feel that the company you are working for is stumbling, you probably are not far from the truth. This month, you will be influenced by the full Moon and under its influence you can best decide where your career will go. It is time to pursue learning and self-development. At work, beware of one of your colleagues who do not wish your success and envy you. It could happen that they want to undermine you.

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