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Monthly Horoscope Libra

October 2020

This month your tongue will ache you a lot. But beware of the words you say against people around you. Bickering notes to others may have a very bad effect. Forget the grievances of the past and try to go to the next days with a clean slate. Visit a place where you can completely relax and discard any negative thoughts. Your negative energy that has surrounded you in recent months has pulled you back in your growth. But the stars wish you this month, so it's very important to focus on your interior and try to focus less on others. Organise your emotions and stop bothering yourself with the past.

Love: More frequent contact with your partner this month will bring you a dream of love and proximity. Do not forget to enjoy this magical period and try to avoid pointless arguments throughout the month. You've overcome a number of issues together. If you are single and someone needs your attention, try to think about a coffee invitation or a drink. You may find it more interesting than you thought. Family is extremely important in life. They will certainly appreciate it if they hear from you more often this month. Friendship is very important to you. Tell your closest friends that you are still here for them and that they can contact you any time.

Health: Health will play an important role in your life this month. At this point, it is high time to eliminate the stress from your life. You may not even imagine that stress, which can cause even more complicated illnesses, is responsible for your poor health and fatigue. If you feel tired and anxious, try to distance yourself from the problems at least for a long weekend. Hot bath just by yourself, dancing, listening to music, walking, a weekend in wellness ... These are just some ideas on how to relax. But you know the best way to completely relax.

Work & Money: Mercury might obscure your clear thinking this month, but don't worry. You will look at work issues more one-sidedly and not very pessimistically. However, you will see several things in a new light, and in many areas you will realize that you are overvaluing them. This makes you realize that you pay too much attention to work and that you forget about your hobbies. Try looking at work issues more closely throughout the month. Be careful about talking to your colleagues about your personal things, during this month. Someone doesn't wish success to you.

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