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The Zodiac and the Zodiacal Signs

Zodiac based on Astrology

The chart of astrology, which we know as the zodiac, shows the constellations of the zodiac with the dates when the Sun passes through zodiac signs. For example, the Sun enters the sign of Leo between July 23rd and August 22nd. The zodiac has a rich history, already in the later Middle Ages to see the zodiac signs as we know it today.

Sibyla often encounters various issues that focus on both astrology and the zodiac. Often, people asking for divination or the information about the sign, ask what is the best, strongest, or most beautiful sign, and how does the zodiac look at the love of each sign? In astrology, however, the zodiac does not divide the signs into such extreme categories. We have to focus on a specific analysis so that Sibyl can specify the individual signs. There is no specific answer as to whether the zodiac clearly contains the best or worst sign.

Each sign is an important puzzle, and it forms one whole - the zodiac, which is known to us through Western astrology. The zodiac described by our astrology, for example, is different from that defined by, for example, Chinese astrology. For example, the Chinese zodiac is focused on specific years of birth, and a certain animal rules the whole year. The European zodiac, with which Sibyl also works, specifies the zodiac on the basis of a shorter period of birth. In each season - spring, summer, autumn, winter, there are 3 signs of the zodiac. The zodiac thus forms the sum of 12 signs of astrology, which are part of the prediction of Sibyl and the personal Horoscope.

Zodiac in terms of 4 elements

The zodiac is divided on the basis of several categories, which Sibyl will tell you more about, as we learn about astrology and how work with it. In order to understand the whole zodiac, it is necessary to know the basic division. The first is the division of the signs, the basic zodiac, which divides the 12 signs according to dates of birth. According to the first findings, the zodiac is divided according to the date of birth of the individual signs, according to Western astrology:

Thus, the zodiac is basically divided, where it is visible that it begins with the sign of Aries, which also begins the period of Spring, and ends with the sign of Pisces, which ends the period of winter. Each of the signs is part of a puzzle that perfectly forms the complete zodiac that Horoscopes, predictions work with, and that are closely linked to tarot divination, hand reading, and many other ways of predicting the future…

The 12 sun zodiac signs are further divided into smaller categories - for example, according to the ruling elements, or according to the period - spring, summer, autumn, winter, in which the zodiac and astrology place them. Over time, the zodiac has created specific characteristics and associations for each sign, as we know them today. Sibyla can use a personal Horoscope to accurately determine the color that helps you overcome negative energies. The Chinese zodiac is also a great helper for creating personal astrological charts, as it helps identify the elements of feng shui that are responsible for the energy and aura around us.

To understand what the zodiac wants to tell us, it is useful to know every important division of the zodiac that Sibyl talks about in other important articles that will help not only recognize the zodiac signs, but also help readers gain insight into the basics of Western astrology. Of course, Sibyl is gradually focusing not only on our zodiac, but also on the Chinese zodiac, which is also very important for a comprehensive knowledge of our sun sign.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

The zodiac works not only with the power of the Sun

The sun is not really moving because it anchors our solar system as its largest object. From our position on earth, however, the sun is noticeable in constant motion, Sibyl explains. It is for this reason that its location in the sky also changes, and thanks to the observation of the Sun from the earth, a zodiac formed over time. The position in which, from our point of view, the sun was at the time and date of your birth therefore specifies your zodiac sign.

The sign of the sun, its knowledge and inclusion in the zodiac, is the starting point of divination, as well as future predictions by experienced astrologers. It is a starting point not only for those who are trying to understand the zodiac and the prediction of astrology. The ascendant is also extremely important - that is, knowing the point that marks a person's hour of birth is a sign that rises above the horizon at the time of your birth.

If you want to know your exact ascendant, the soothsayer Sibyl says that the zodiac will not reveal this information to you, without knowing the exact time and place of your birth. During the creation of the School of Astrology, Sibyla will also introduce you to how to know and identify your ascendant and what it means to you. For example, the sun sign of Cancer may not be born with the ascendant of Cancer. Depending on your time of birth, your zodiac and descendant may be located in Cancer, or in the other 11 signs of the zodiac - the ascendant may be ruled by signs other than your Sun sign. For example, if you were born at noon, your ascendant is located in Sagittarius - and so you are Cancer with ascendant in Sagittarius. The zodiac defines the ascendant as a part of knowledge that speaks of how we act on the outside, speaks of appearance, and of what we desire to be - it speaks of the physical body.

The sign assigned to you by the zodiac thus represents your basic personality, it is the way you move through life. However, all aspects of your life - your dreams, desires, your thinking - make you an exceptional person. But there are profiles, characteristics that describe the whole zodiac, and which Sibyl can determine common features for the specific zodiac signs. Your personal Sibyl Horoscope, drawn up with the exact time, date and place of birth, will reveal more about you than you would expect. It is a specific celestial profile, a cosmic, solar fingerprint, assigned to each individual at his or her birth. Such a strong is the zodiac and the signs that make it up.

Basic Zodiac and its subgroups

We already understand the basic division of the zodiac. The zodiac is divided into 12 sun signs and your date of birth will tell you what it is. The signs of the zodiac and the ascendant do not have to be, and usually are not, the same. The ascendant represents the hour and place of birth, while the zodiac sign is assigned to you over your date of birth. At first, the division that defines the zodiac for beginners can be confusing, but gradually the zodiac seems more and more logical and simple.

The zodiac and its 12 signs are subsequently divided into further subcategories after the first division. According to the ruling elements, we can determine whether your zodiac is affected by the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. In each group of elements - Water, Air, Fire and Earth there are three signs of the zodiac. We know this division, which the zodiac explains, according to the basic elements:

In short, the zodiac clarifies certain common characteristics of the signs according to the elements. The fire zodiac signs are passionate, enthusiastic about what they are doing. Earth signs are grounded, extremely practical. The water zodiac signs are considered very intuitive and their sensitivity and emotions are at a high level. Air signs are described by the western zodiac as both curious and intellectual. Know your zodiac, certainly not only your sun sign or ascendant, but also your element, which is firmly connected with the life of the zodiac.

Zodiac modalities

Another very important division that is important for the zodiac is its division according to modalities. According to the characteristics of zodiac signs according to the annual period, when the zodiac determined their rule. Zodiac signs are called Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Each group has 4 zodiac signs, the element of which is in each case one of the four elements.

The cardinal signs of the zodiac are the signs of Aries (fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air), Capricorn (earth). Here you see that in the four cardinal signs, every element of the zodiac is represented. One sign also represents one element represented in the cardinal signs that define the personal zodiac. Cardinal sun signs occur at the beginning of the season - in early spring, summer, autumn and winter. They represent the beginning, the birth, the restart, the new possibilities.

The fixed zodiac signs are Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), Scorpio (water) and Aquarius (air). Again, all the different elements are represented. The zodiac looks at the fixed zodiac signs as continuing, stable and consistent signs. They occur in the middle of a certain season and are anchored in the middle of a certain cycle. They are considered strong and stable signs. The zodiac says that these signs maintain a pace of life, personal movement, and the complementarity of energies with other signs only benefits your life, because fixed signs represent the core, the anchor, the stability. They are not afraid of the changes and energy of their element.

The last group of divisions that the Zodiac speaks of, according to the modality, are the mutable signs. They end the season, they occur in late spring, summer, autumn and winter. The definition that the zodiac points to these signs speaks of the signs of Gemini (air), Virgo (earth), Sagittarius (fire) and Pisces (water), as people who flow through life without much effort. They are capable of rapid transformation, accepting the change they can work with.

What does the Zodiac want to tell us?

So you already know the basic division that is specific to the zodiac. Knowing the basic characteristics of your particular sun sign and your ascendant connects you to your energy and tells you a story about yourself perfectly. Remember that in order to fully understand the zodiac and the signs, it is necessary to know your personal astrological chart, which was attributed only to you at your birth. Now, in short, let's imagine the whole astrological Western zodiac - 12 signs and the basic facts you need to know about these signs.

Zodiac - Aries is a sign:

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which strengthens the courage and militancy of the fire sign of the Aries zodiac. If your ascendant is placed in Aries, you look like an active person on the outside, a confident individual who throws himself into activities with enthusiasm. The zodiac further defines that if the Sun is in Aries (in the sign of exaltation), this position increases vitality and strength.

Zodiac - Taurus is a sign:

The ruler of Taurus is a planet of joy and ability to perceive the beauties of the world - Venus. Taurus has no problem with material security during his life and is a very devoted and tolerant sign. A person with an ascendant in Taurus has an extremely calm and stable environment, but the problem can be a rapid weight gain in a person who has an ascendant in Taurus, the zodiac also warns Sibyl. The sun in Taurus means a period when material security and financial stability are pushing to the forefront of our interest.

Zodiac - Gemini is a sign:

The ruler of the zodiac sign Gemini is Mercury, a planet responsible for communication skills and also for fast learning, and getting to know the world in its true sense. If the ascendant in Gemini is outward, acts in life, adaptable, and the figure is rather slim, athletic. The sun placed in the air sign Gemini represents contacts with new people and a period suitable for travel and literary activity.

Zodiac - Cancer is a sign:

The ruler for Cancer is the mighty Moon, which reinforces the characteristics of both men and women who were born with the Sun in Cancer. Cancer is a charismatic sign, its organizational skills are admirable, it is a confident and imaginative sign. An ascendant in Cancer means a person who appears charismatic and confident. The ascendant in Cancer describes a man who looks very feminine, but sometimes timid and dreamy. The sun in Cancer means a time when we show charisma, sincerity and our emotions.

Zodiac - Leo is a sign:

The sun rules a man whose date of birth the zodiac marks as the time of the Leo. The Leo is a sign of perseverance and enthusiasm for the activities he loves. Leo lacks organizational skills and enough honesty. The ascendant placed in this way is characterized by thick hair and a distinctive chest. If the Sun settled in Leo, there is an active period when it is appropriate to build our own self-confidence and use the gift of charisma for our progress.

Zodiac - Virgo is the sign:

Mercury rules in the zodiac sign Virgo, whose analytical thinking and attention to detail is free to look for in another sign. If the ascendant is in the sign of Virgo, a man looks slim on the outside, he shows great enthusiasm for order, and such a person is extremely important in every detail. The sun in Virgo opens the days when our interest is focused on health and better results in our working lives.

Zodiac - Libra is a sign:

The ruler for Libra is the planet of harmony and love - Venus, representing satisfaction. Libra belongs to the zodiac signs, and has a great sense of beauty and harmony. The Ascendant in Libra represents a person who impresses his surroundings with his elegance and diplomatic way of expression. Other people around the person with an ascendant in Libra feel extremely comfortable. The sun in this air sign represents a time when we find a huge need for balance in life.

Zodiac - Scorpio is a sign:

Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets for Scorpio - it depends on traditional and modern astrology. In any case, the Scorpio feels the influence of both planets, which lend you an intense feeling for the problems and needs of others, as well as therapeutic talents. The ascendant in Scorpio describes a person who works mysteriously, and sometimes their gaze is even dangerous. The sun placed in the water zodiac sign Scorpio means great expectations and interest in hidden, mysterious things.

Zodiac - Sagittarius is a sign:

The ruler for the 9th zodiac sign is the planet Jupiter, representing optimism and great wisdom in the life of every Sagittarius. The Ascendant in Sagittarius speaks of a person who appears to be versatile and enthusiastic for every activity he begins. The sun in Sagittarius presents a period when we want to travel and want to get to know not only ourselves but also the world and its beauties. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, we discover a period suitable for broadening horizons.

Zodiac - Capricorn is a sign:

The tenth zodiac sign closes the earth element in the order of the zodiac. It is a sign ruled by Saturn, a planet of perseverance and sometimes intransigence. An ascendant in Capricorn means serious self-expression, seriousness in the face of the bearer of this ascendant, and you can also appear outwardly as a person closed in on himself. The period of anchoring the Sun in the sign of Capricorn is focused on work and career advancement.

Zodiac - Aquarius is a sign:

The penultimate sign in the order that the zodiac names Aquarius is the sign ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. These two planets of astrology lend Aquarius independence and originality. Ascendant in Aquarius means the ability to appease others, you are social, and you do not lack a sense of aesthetics. The sun in Aquarius is a period when everyone's focus is on obtaining information quickly and efficiently.

Zodiac - Pisces is a sign:

A number of positive keywords describe the water sign of Pisces, which is ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. These planets give the life of the Pisces compassion, but sometimes they may be responsible for the inner chaos in the life of this sign. Ascendant in Pisces means compassionate and warm appearance outside and very benevolent features on the face of the person to whom the zodiac assigned the ascendant. The sun in Pisces closes the Winter season and means the days when we have compassion for all living things, we want to help and we try to make the world a better place for ourselves, but for life in general.

The zodiac thus basically divides the signs into several categories. Now that you know the basic form of your sign, it's time to get to know other elements of astrology, which are gradually introduced to you by astrologer Sibyl, who creates Horoscopes exclusively for the Horoscope and Tarot page.

Use social networks and tell us what your life combination is - what your sun sign is, what trend the zodiac has given you, what your energy is, and what element rules your life. Connect through social networks with our ever-growing community, and get to know the whole zodiac, astrology, divination and prediction of the future and our fortune teller Sibyl, as well as the entire Horoscope & Tarot team.

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