Second Chakra Svadhisthana: Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) is located at the base of the spine, just like the 1st chakra, but it points upwards. It is therefore placed slightly higher than the root chakra. It sits about 1 or 2 inches below the navel, from the back.

Find life Balance with open Sacral Chakra

In the previous article, we talked more about the 1st chakra, which is also called the Root chakra. Read more about how an unbalanced 1st chakra manifests for a comprehensive overview of how the chakras affect each of our lives. In this article, the 2nd chakra in the sequence, which is the center of creative energy and passion in life, will amaze us with its power and energy.

Do you feel emotional security when you are near your partner or loved ones? Do you have a problem expressing your emotions through creative activity, and are you emotionally connected to others? If the answer is yes, then it is obvious that your second chakra is in balance. However, if you ever feel problems of an intimate nature, or a lack of emotional satisfaction, or a desire for more love or understanding, it is advisable to heal this chakra and learn to work with it.

Thanks to a healthy sacral chakra, we experience many pleasures. Creative energy is properly directed, and work is not an obstacle for us. Our partner is also our closest friend, children understand us and understand us as much as we understand them. Our desires, intimate life, and our love are fulfilled. The positive feelings stimulated by the sacral chakra include creativity, personal growth, and connection with oneself.

The sacral chakra is thus responsible for the ability to experience emotional security and passion. Deep orange color is associated with this chakra, the color of orange, the color of warmth, safety. Orange is considered the color of positive energy and optimism. It mainly causes a feeling of happiness in people, and has a beneficial effect on the organs and the heart. In terms of health, the color orange can stimulate digestion. Hearty and ambitious people like this color.

Why is the Second Chakra Referred to by Both "Sacral" and "Svadhisthana"?

The second energy center of the Chakra system is commonly known by two distinct names. Hindu practitioners historically referred to this chakra as "Svadhisthana." However, in English, it is more widely recognized as the "Sacral Chakra."

Both yogis and Hindus consider an understanding of the Chakras as a vital component of a content and balanced life. The Sacral Chakra possesses its unique symbolism, whether we use the English word or the traditional label "Svadhisthana." But how did this word come about?

Svadhisthana = Svad + Sthana, where "Svad" translates to one's own, and "Sthana" denotes abode. The combination of these words forms the designation for the second chakra in sequence - Svadhisthana. The meaning of this word is thus clear, emphasizing energies related to one's inner desires and emotions.

In English, however, Svadhisthana is better known as the Sacral Chakra. This name aptly describes its location, situated in the lower abdomen, just below the navel. It unlocks creativity, inner emotions, and our own intimacy. It is the chakra of creative energy and sexuality.

Regardless of what we call it, whether using the English term or the ancient word, its power remains the same. It is considered an energy crucial for fostering balance, creativity, and supporting the right emotions in the life of every individual.

How does a blocked Sacral Chakra manifest itself?

How do we feel if the second chakra is blocked? An unbalanced, blocked, or in any way damaged sacral chakra manifests itself in cold behavior towards others. Confidence in oneself is falling. We can no longer explore where our life is headed. Our joy, vitality and energy is suppressed by feelings of guilt, uncertainty, shyness, pessimism and mistrust. If we struggle with an unbalanced sacral chakra, problems also arise in the partner relationship, but also in other relationships that surround us.

People who struggle with an sacral Chakra disharmony often tend to trust toxic people. You create such friendships that rather harm and hurt you. However, an unbalanced sacral chakra also manifests itself through physical pain. It affects the digestive organs, and back pain or persistent digestive problems may also occur. Physical pains can also appear in the lower abdomen where the sacral chakra is located. All these negative feelings that we mentioned can be the result of a blocked sacral chakra.

Unblocking, unlocking or balancing Svadhisthana chakra

So how to unblock the sacral chakra if we feel the above symptoms? It is very important to let positive energy into life. We have to tune in positively, detach ourselves from everything that pulls us back, that depresses us. The creativity that we neglected in life must now be brought to the surface, because the sacral chakra is also closely connected with our creative side of personality.

If you've been thinking about a new hobby to satisfy your creative mind lately, don't wait any longer and take steps to satisfy your curiosity and heal your sacral chakra. Your intuition wants to tell you that it is time to detach the sai from negative emotional energy and time to heal an imbalanced sacral chakra.

In a normal day, create space for positive thinking. Make enough time not only for others but especially for yourself, and dedicate this free time to your hobbies, devote free time to creative activities. The joy of creation supports the sacral chakra because it nurtures desire, love, passion, even spontaneity and expands your healthy expectations. Revive your senses, harmonize body and soul. A healthy sacral chakra helps clear energy blocks, and helps us see the world around us in new colors.

To strengthen the correct activity of the sacral chakra, discover yoga, and practice at least 1 sun salutation every day, which will stimulate the metabolism and caress your psyche.

Learn also conscious breathing, where during inhalation and exhalation notice the movement of air through your lungs and your whole body. Repeat to yourself what a strong, beautiful and bright personality you are. Realize how much you do for others, what a great person you are. Work on yourself, on your growth, and make plans for the near future. The active rest you give your body will stimulate not only the sacral chakra, but also your overall life and your emotional relationships.

More tips on balancing the Sacral Chakra

The color orange, which is associated with the sacral chakra, is a harbinger of the fact that, from the point of view of aromatherapy, this sacral chakra will be stimulated by the scents of oranges, tangerines, and citrus fruits. If you want to use aromatherapy to restore the sacral chakra, choose the oils mentioned, which perfectly scent your home or office.

To strengthen Svadhisthana chakra, listen to music that is soft, choose mainly piano and flute music. Go to nature, enjoy the flowers and the smell of the surroundings, discover the nature around you. Solve problems with your partner or family members mainly through communication and listening. Especially aromatherapy is a powerful weapon against a dying or disturbed sacral chakra. Choose not only fruity scents. Also reach for the scent of sandalwood, ylang ylang, or the scent of cardamom.

Enjoy life. Perceive positive news, positive information in your surroundings. There is a lot of negativity in you, that's why the 2nd chakra is damaged. Therefore, enjoy the presence that is here and now. Enjoy the positive little things. Focus less on the past that you cannot change. Let the energy of life flow around you and use the time to develop the creative side of your personality.

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