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We offers through cards many meanings, which can also be interpreted differently. By cards reading, you can know your near future. On our website, you will find tarot, which is online and for free. You can flip your card of the day each day or use still more and more popular Yes No tarot reading - online divination. We offer you a daily tarot that tells you more about how your day will look like. This fortune-telling is based on the Sibyla's knowledge and of one of the 78 Cards and your fate will help you make your reading accurate for your current day. You can flip one card a day. Get to know your Tarot reading for free and your destiny will tell you what direction your day will take. Flip one card each day.

We also offer divination through a weekly fortune-telling, which is extremely popular. This reading will show you what to expect next week. You can choose your personal weekly reading every Monday and last for a week. Here, Tarot reading will reveal what your week will be in terms of love, work, your health, and also tell you what direction you should take during the week. Each tarot reading of the week also includes a motivational idea for this time period. Feel free to get to know your personal divination from 3 cards every week. Our tarot reading is always up to date, online and free.

Online Tarot reading and divination

We also offer divination through cards online and of course for free. This Yes - No tarot reading will answer what has been bothering you for a long time. If you have a question about your destiny, tarot is exactly the way that will help you in that direction. Get online your answer from your fate and stars. Get to know your card, which will be flipped and answer your important question. Don't worry any more and ask destiny. The reading will advise you. Our Yes / No Tarot is extremely popular with all our fans.

Best Yes/No Tarot reading - Magic Fortune-Telling

You can ask different questions. It depends on the type of your question about how the mighty tarot reading answers you. Here you will also find the popular Yes / No reading, which will give you an answer to a question that bothers you. So if you have been struggling for a long time with something you can't answer, or something that needs advice, our Yes / No Tarot reading for Free is the perfect choice for you.

Different methods are used to present tarot reading. For example, when describing the card of the day, it is very important what card you have taken on the previous day. This is the same way we interpret the weekly reading online. The main meaning of the most important cards that represent divination is explained in our articles section. Do not hesitate to know your horoscope as well to be prepare for each period of your life. Remember, not just cards are a way to get to know yourself and others.

History of the Tarot Reading

People began to recognize tarot reading in ancient times. More specifically, this began to emerge in Europe sometime at the end of the thirteenth century. The basics of the whole Tarot reading as we know it today, actually come from Islamic countries. The first revealed card to us are even displayed in a museum in Istanbul and their origin is from the ruling Egyptian family. So, the Tarot reading has a really deep and interesting history that is worth knowing. It was a tool used for divination in the distant past. Between cards, we could find four symbols that represent a series of cards. We know the Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords series - this is a Minor Arcana. Major Arcana contains 21 numbered cards and one card without number - The Fool. Each card has different meaning and each of them presents specific reading for you. Their meaning is different and you can gradually discover the magic of divination of the Tarot reading even through our card of the day.

Nowadays we know Tarot as a set of 78 cards. From these cards we can find beautiful hand-painted cards in some shops, some cards can also be found in English or other languages. The cards are also available abroad, so tarot is truly popular all over the world. Cards we know today also contain separate symbols. The themes that are interpreted separately and do not fall under the 4 symbols that tarot offers are: The Fool, The Magician, the High Priestess, The Chairot, Lovers, Strength, Wheel of Fortune, Hermit, Justice, Death, Temperance, Star, Devil, Tower, Moon, Sun, World and more. These cards are in the Major Arcana category. You can also find each of these cards as part of the prophecy offered through Daily or weekly Tarot reading, or Yes / No reading.

How tarot reading works on our website?

On our website, you can freely read not only horoscopes but also offer extensive divination options through reading. Tarot cards, which you will find here, are carefully described. Choose the card that suits you. Every day you have the opportunity to flip the prophecy offered by the daily tarot reading. We also make weekly Tarot available for you, which is also free and online. If you have a question feel free to ask online reading via the popular Yes / No reading. Also discover our popular Facebook Channel - Horoscope & Divination, where you will find a lot of information and interesting facts. That's why our Horoscope & Divination channel is already popular with lots of fans.

We will happy to see you on our website. Horoscope and Divination wish you peace and Love in your life. ❤


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