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Monthly Horoscope Cancer

October 2021

This month, you will be mostly influenced by the mighty Moon, which affects not only your inner feelings, instincts and emotions. The Moon will also show you the energy you carry with you from your childhood in connection with your mother's relationship and what energy has influenced you most at your early age. Remember, however, that children in your family will also be affected by these energies, so try to do your best in every way in your heart and feeling. The moon also affects your desires and emotions, which you will feel much more intensively than ever before. It is time to show your loved ones how you care about them more often and how strong you can be together with your sincerity.

Love: If you feel lonely for a long time, even if you're in a relationship, don't worry about this short period. Soon everything will change for the better. But it also requires your initiative and more interest in your partner. It is a good time for singles to go to the company. But, if you will meet someone, don't dream of a prince all the time, focus on true adepts for a relationship who are plenty around you. If you feel the tension in your family, it's time to sit down at one table and solve the ongoing problems. Your loved ones will appreciate it. One of your friends will need your support. Advise them well. This will avoid unnecessary disagreements. But try to help them avoid bad decisions.

Health: During this month, pay more attention to your diet. Your body has recently become more tired. You need to enjoy increased fibre intake through vegetables and fruits this month. Your body needs a refresh and it needs you to cleanse it. If you are not a fan of vegetable foods, try to buy pure Indian fibre that you get in every pharmacy. It is not expensive and will help you cleanse your body. During this month, it is also extremely important not to forget a regular drinking regime. Avoid sweetened drinks and sparkling flavoured waters. They do not benefit your health or your physique. This month you must finally make drinking tap water a habit.

Work & Money: Do not overwork yourself, because this pace and energy will come in handy in the coming months. Leave your ambitious ideas for now. Your boss will want to hear your opinion later. Now try to focus on small improvements at work that will bring you more comfort. You can try to design something that pleases colleagues. Watch your work. Even though some of them might look like your friends it is not so. You may be a very trustworthy person, but do not discuss your privacy at work this month.

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