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Monthly Horoscope Cancer

October 2020

Venus in your life this month will reveal the ability to love, feel, and move more easily through obstacles in life. Your personal qualities will be highlighted and many qualities in the eyes of your loved ones will surpass other people. You'll can do everything you think of. Venus also affects your relationship to finances. It is a good time to consider improving your knowledge, which could lead you to a higher financial profit. Venus can also make you distrustful, so be careful not to overreact to the surroundings to avoid unnecessarily arguments which are perceived only as your weakness. You may also feel lazy this month, but don't be afraid of it. When you are tired, just relax more and finally involve your family in your homework.

Love: Forget your past and move forward. It's time to stop comparing your partner to other men. Forget everything you have experienced so far and live in the present moment. Your partner deserves your full attention. Remember, without forgetting the past, you cannot move forward and experience the taste of happiness. If you are without a partner and look for someone who already has a partner, get it out of your head. There is no room in your life for such reckless relationships. In family life there will be a quiet period without storms or quarrels. Relationships with friends are sometimes complicated. Remember, sometimes well-intended advice may not be enthusiastically received.

Health: During this month you will feel energetic and persistent. Your positivity will be literally contagious, so your family members can improve their mental health. If you make a good impression and inspire others with your positive energy, you can add even more. Include a better diet in your routine and improve the energy of your children, partner or anyone you care about.

Work & Money: Don't worry about any career upheavals. If you feel that the company you are working for is stumbling, you probably are not far from the truth. This month, you will be influenced by the full Moon and under its influence you can best decide where your career will go. It is time to pursue learning and self-development. If you go out with your colleagues this month, be careful not to overdo it with alcohol. Also, do not discuss your private issues with all your colleagues.

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