First Chakra Muladhara: Root chakra

The root chakra is the first in the order and is located at the base of the spine. We know it as the Root one, because it is connected to the basis of our life. It represents the earth's attraction, the basis of our life, the sense of balance of ourselves, harmony with our surroundings.

Find life Balance with open Root Chakra

An unbalanced root chakra the 1st one, can mean a problem with the spiritual world, and we can feel threatened by the world around us. If we feel nervousness, panic fear, and this fear persists for a long time, it may mean that the first root chakra is blocked.

These unpleasant feelings, for which an unbalanced 1st chakra is responsible, can result in us questioning our own decisions, life, and falling into depression more often. Energy decreases, mood stagnates, we feel that we are not doing well in life, and that there are obstacles in our way. We are not able to make the right decisions and we perceive how the feeling of hopelessness or sadness eats into our lives.

The color associated with the first chakra is red, which symbolizes strength and vitality. So that we have positive energy again and force attracted to life, it is necessary to unblock the root chakra and absorb new energy from the environment. So how do we unblock the Muladhara, which is the first of 7 chakras?

Why is the first Chakra referred to by both the words "Root" and "Muladhara"?

The first energy point, according to yogic and Hindu traditions, is the foundational and essential energy center of every human being. So, first chakra could be referred to by both terms. Each carrying its own symbolism and meaning for us.

In Sanskrit, the word "Muladhara" combines significant attributes. "Mula" in this word represents the root, and "Adhara" signifies the base or support. The literal Sanskrit translation of the word "Muladhara" is, therefore, the root foundation. This word reflects the Chakra's significance as the fundamental energy flow system within a person.

In English, the first energetic center is called the Root Chakra. This name describes its location at the base, the root, of the Chakra system, as it is the 1st of the seven Chakras. "Root Chakra" is a simpler term for those who may not be familiar with Sanskrit, allowing for a more straightforward understanding of the first Chakra's meaning, location, and function.

Whether we know its Sanskrit name, Muladhara, or only its English name, working with the first Chakra is crucial. It offers many benefits for physical and spiritual development, regardless of the name we use.

Unblocking, unlocking or balancing the Root Chakra

As we mentioned before, if your Muladhara is blocked, you can become depressed and your thoughts are no longer cheerful and positive. You may associate the uncertainty in your life and in yourself with a bad period, but probably a blocked 1 chakra is to blame. A blocked Muladhara also brings back pain and low energy levels.

If you decide to take steps to feel better in life, do the following. Surround yourself with red, which is the color of this chakra and brings energy and vitality to your life. You can place red accessories in your home or office. Also, focus on the positive changes in your life and the positives that flow from your everyday life.

Meditation is also very important. Connecting your body and your mind with peace and new vital energy helps heal this chakra. Like the color red, heat helps to balance Muladhara. Relax in a hot bath. Make sure that your whole body benefits from this relaxation. Relax, free your mind from the negative energy you have absorbed into your body. Focus your thinking on how negative energy is leaving your life. This is how you simply unblock your Muladhara and feel the lost energy again.

More tips on balancing the Muladhara

Yoga and combining rest or exercise with aromatherapy also help to unblock 1 chakra. As part of aromatherapy, it is recommended to use oil with the scent of sandalwood. This oil soothes the 1st chakra and takes care of your positive energy.

For proper Muladhara harmony, also use patchouli essential oil, or the smell or taste of black pepper. It is advisable to use black pepper to a greater extent in meals if you feel a lack of energy or depression. It is not just a spicy powder or a ball for flavoring food. There is more to black pepper than you might realize at first glance.

It is a strong antioxidant, helps with digestion, has a beneficial effect on the function and activity of the brain... It has many benefits, which are also reminiscent of Muladhara highlighting black pepper as a small miracle of everyday life. If you take these steps to help heal your 1st chakra, your energy will gradually heal and balance.

Sufficient rest, beneficial essential oil, the effect of the power of black pepper... All this is related to the health of this chakra. You should devote at least as much attention and time to caring for yourself as caring for others.

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