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Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius

January 2021

This month will give you time to calm down several situations that you find difficult. From the beginning of the month, you will be able to set up a sequence of days that is easy to follow. So, with ease, you move through the first two weeks of the month. In the second half of the month you will find yourself in unknown waters, because you will get a request with which you do not have much experience. It will be up to you to take this opportunity. However, the lunar position and positive energy advise you to take the situation firmly in your hands and find the courage to learn something new.

Love: Venus will greatly affect you this month, and you will feel the beauty emanating not only from your outside but also from within. Don't let anyone stop this month and follow your dreams. Your partner should learn about your desires. Don't be afraid to talk to them honestly. Sincerity is the backbone of your relationship. If you are looking for a partner, spend more time for yourself this month. You need to recharge your energy and consider exactly what you are looking for. Don't dream of a prince all the time, focus on true adepts for a relationship who are plenty around you. Be honest with all your family members this month. If someone requires it or deserves it, be sure to give them the helping hand they need. The first half of the month will be good to meet friends. Pay more attention to them this month than ever before.

Health: Try to keep your food at bay this month. Especially at the beginning of the month, treat yourself to more meals to cleanse your intestines. Focus on foods that contain an increased fibre content and study probiotics to restore harmony in your intestines. The cause of your health complication is the imbalance in this area. Avoid smoking this month and drink alcohol sparingly. It is best to limit alcohol to celebrations or special occasions. In any case, do not overdo it with alcohol, as you could get injured. At the beginning of the second half of the month, do not forget about sports activity and sufficient drinking regime.

Work & Money: Trust your intuition this month, but don't follow your impulsive behaviour. No breaking-news await you at work, but you need to consider how you respond to important business mails. Concentrate on answering them, and if you are unsure of something, contact someone to advise you. Your colleagues will helpful to you this month. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask someone who understands things better. Maybe you can solve your problem sooner and better than if you were worried about asking.

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