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Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius

May 2020

Early in the month, beware of inconsistencies in the views you present to your loved ones. Mars, which affects you from afar, increases the aggressiveness and furiousness in your sign, and therefore you will feel the need to defend your views. In this respect, you may encounter opponents who will provoke more aggressive behaviour in you. Try to get your emotions under control, because only a person who acts sensibly and equally achieves true communication success. Practice more exercise of your self-control during the month. If you do not agree with someone, it is better to leave, take a break, than get into quarrels. This especially applies for the last week of this month.

Love: Try to understand your partner and their needs more. Maybe what he expects from you is not that unreachable. Try to accommodate them more this month. You will be surprised at the positive consequences this will have on your relationship. If you are still looking for your partner, you will hear a message, which you will be extremely pleased with. Your family will need to feel more of your love, tenderness and devotion this month. Take care of them with love. Your close friend will need your advice on an important matter. However, advise them carefully and advise them to consult other friends as well.

Health: It is time to address the issues that have been bothering you for a long time. Do you have skin problems? If you want to improve the quality of your skin, add more folic acid to your diet and do not forget about zinc and iron. If you suffer from acne try eating less meat and sweets. It is sugar and the increased content of vitamin B12 in your diet that is responsible for your skin defects. Pay more attention to your beauty, well-being and pay attention to your exterior with the same importance as your interior. Also, keep in mind regular exercise and adequate drinking regime. Enjoy walking. It is also high time to get a cheerful pet in the form of a dog or cat that will pull you into the countryside and improve your mental health.

Work & Money: You have been putting more energy to work lately than in the previous period. Be careful, however, to manage and maintain this pace at work. In the second half of the month, you will have the opportunity to show your quality and leadership. Grab this chance. At the end of the month go out with your colleagues for a good beer and talk about non-working matters. But don't talk to them about your private affairs. There are still enough topics to talk about.

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