Anahata: Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the 4th in order. As the name of this chakra suggests, it is located in the center of the sternum. In previous articles, we talked about what chakras are and explained the first chakras. We got to know the first chakra - the root, and then we got to know the 2nd - sacral chakra, but also the solar plexus. In this article we will introduce the fourth chakra, the heart one, which lies at the very center of all chakras.

Find life Balance with open Heart Chakra

Since the fourth chakra resides in the center of the chakras, it is the center of the ability to offer unconditional love. In order to accept ourselves, it is necessary to have this chakra in harmony. What does the heart chakra represent?

The ability to give and receive love. Anahata Chakra is often injured and therefore significantly affects the energy of love in many people. It affects not only love, but also general well-being. It affects who we are, how we offer love, and how we show love.

In order to be able to identify with compassion, kindness, and to be able to accept love into life in a pure form, it is necessary to know how the heart chakra affects energy and overall well-being. It is advisable to learn to work with it, we must be able to unblock it, take care of it. So that we are no longer absorbed by the flood of negative emotions, let's learn ways to take care of the heart chakra.

Why is the Fourth Chakra Referred to by Both "Heart" and "Anahata"?

The chakras system would not be complete without the fourth chakra, known for its power to support healthy relationships. If you don't feel enough love in your life, the paths to genuine relationships are complicated, and you lack self-love, your fourth chakra will be blocked or imbalanced.

The fourth chakra is referred to not only in English but often in Sanskrit. When beginners are learning about chakras, they will often come across the word "Anahata." It's a Sanskrit term that specifically denotes the fourth chakra.

Within the yogic community or Hindu tradition, this chakra is most commonly referred to as Anahata. This term combines the meaning and the location of the chakra into one meaningful word. The word "Anahata" means "unstruck" or "unhurt" in Sanskrit.

The Heart Chakra - Anahata - is situated in the middle of the chest. It's the central one in the chakras system, associated with love, harmony, healthy and vital relationships, and compassion. These qualities are strong in our lives when Anahata is in good, healthy condition. With a healthy Anahata, we are close to balancing the spiritual and physical worlds. Let's bring the light of love with a balanced Anahata chakra.

Whether as beginners, we use the word Anahata or Heart to refer to the central chakra, it doesn't matter. The meaning remains the same because both terms denote the same essence. Let's activate and balance this important chakra to develop healthy and harmonious relationships. If we want to feel more attention, love, compassion, and emotions, let's support the health of this vital chakra. We open it through breathing practices, meditation, and yoga. Let's explore some of the most common ways to open one of the most essential chakras for a contented life.

How does blockage of the Anahata chakra manifest itself?

If Anahata is blocked, we feel a lot of negative energy. Negative energy is mainly related to love, to emotions. A blocked heart chakra blocks showing love to others, understanding, and expressing emotions. It manifests itself through a psychological block, but also through physical pain.

So if we feel that our emotions are engulfed by a flood of negative vibrations, and we cannot take a sober look at our own life, it is clear that Anahata is blocked. Feelings of sadness and loneliness are those brought about by a disturbed 4th chakra, so it can cause not only psychological problems but also physical pain that stems from sadness, rejection, heartache or loneliness. However, this chakra is so strong that blocking it can also lead to physical problems of a heart nature, to back, neck and lower back pain, as well as breathing difficulties.

Every person certainly wants his closest relationships to be favorable. Sometimes the emotions around us are in disharmony, which is to blame for a blocked Anahata that causes us to show inactive emotions. To live life without an unblocked heart chakra would mean that we would lose all joy from relationships, from understanding, from our own emotions. We cannot accept our own relationships, the relationship with ourselves, and we have doubts that we will find true love or understanding in life. A damaged heart chakra is probably responsible for all negative feelings related to our personal life. But how to balance it, and how to treat it?

Unblocking, unlocking or balancing Heart Chakra

Enough of sadness and problems caused by the desire to love and be understood. Thanks to the opening of the heart chakra, you will be introduced to new feelings and a new way of life, which is natural for many people who know how to work with a blocked chakra. These people enjoy joy, balanced relationships, beautiful emotions that they can show towards others.

Treatment of the heart chakra is not difficult. First of all, it is advisable to focus on healing Anahata through colors. A blocked Anahata, which manifests itself in disappointment as well as a broken heart, calls for the color green, which is associated with the heart chakra.

The 4th chakra is also referred to as green, so it is advisable to place green accessories in your home or workplace, which clearly help the green chakra to heal and harmonize. If you feel the acute influence of a blocked heart chakra in your life, don't forget to add green clothes to your wardrobe, and wear these clothes at least once a week to give the Anahata freshness and freedom.

However, the main guide on how to heal this chakra is to open your heart to others. It is also advisable to include green foods in the diet, such as spinach or kale, and green tea can also help. The chakra, which is responsible for love, inner peace and joy, is also properly opened thanks to aromatherapy. The scent of orange, lavender, sandalwood, but also the clean, beautiful scent of white jasmine helps to open the heart chakra.

Additional Tips for Balancing Heart Chakra

General understanding and love in the life of each zodiac sign is therefore brought by an open heart chakra, which we learn to take care of properly. In addition to the techniques that we mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article, the chakra is treated in the following ways, when we connect not only with ourselves, but also with the understanding of others.

Each chakra that is located on our body, each of the 7 chakras, has its own frequency, which healing stones can also influence. However, each healing stone affects a different area of life, a different chakra. If you want to heal the heart chakra, choose crystals that properly unblock it.

You can reach for nephrite, or green calcite, or green aventurine. Attract the energy of love and understanding into your life through the listed healing stones. Place them in your purse, home, office. Everywhere you hang out most often and to the places you carry with you.

Like taking care of emotions, physical exercise also helps to unblock Anahata. Practice yoga and learn to meditate. Yoga poses such as upward facing dog can open our hearts and teach us how to properly understand ourselves. Meditation is similar to prayer. Deep inhalation and exhalation combined with a compassionate mantra that you repeat during meditation help align energy with love and the heart chakra.

Don't look negatively on love anymore. Feel the positive vibrations of this energy, which is considered the strongest energy around us. You heal the heart chakra by dealing with your emotions correctly. Open yourself to love. Forgiving others and oneself is essential to a healthy heart chakra. Keep an open heart, mind and realize that for a healthy 4th chakra, it is necessary to let more love and compassion into your life.

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