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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

January 2022

This month you might get stopped by your procedures, with someone requesting concrete results and a description of how you did what. During this month, it looks like you will have to make several decisions to make you happier. These decisions will not be big and one-time, but will consist of several small decisions that you will need to make. However, the position of the Sun gives you more energy than in the previous month. You will not lack motivation and even confidence. Doubts about whether or not you can do something will be forgotten this month, so you can count on yourself. But do not waste energy on things that are not worth it.

Love: It's time to test your limits and experiment in love. Go with your partner to a place where you haven't been yet. Take your partner to dinner at a restaurant where you never went before. Try experimenting in your love life and bring new ideas to your bedroom that will be greatly appreciated by your partner. If you've just met someone and your relationship is still in the early days, it's time to get to know each other. Spend a weekend together and try to get to know the personality of your new “discovery” as much as possible. Don't let go of your demands. You deserve a rest this month, so it would be a good time to visit your family who will be delighted by your visit. Let your friends know they can count on you this month.

Health: This month you may be troubled by annoying digestive problems. Remember to receive enough fibre in natural form. Vegetables and fruits should become your friends this month. This will avoid problems that may occur later. Fibre will stimulate your digestion and purify your entire body. Do not forget to move more and go into nature with someone who is close to you. It will also support your physical health and fresh air will refresh your mind and bring new, fresh ideas. Especially in the second half of the month you should not forget about having regular drinking regime. Avoid sweet drinks and lemonade this month.

Work & Money: Be good to yourself and do not punish your psyche for problems that may accumulate on your desk this month. You don't have to worry about your work and you can even relax a little from your well-established, sometimes exaggerated work pace. Remember, a calmer working time is here for you to relax and recharge your batteries for later and more important work tasks. Your colleagues will helpful to you this month. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask someone who understands things better. Maybe you can solve your problem sooner and better than if you were worried about asking.

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