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Monthly Horoscope Aquarius

August 2020

Recently, did you feel like in a huge whirlpool? If you are experiencing a truly turbulent period in the last days, it is time to slow down a bit and opt for casual days. Do not forget the moments you can spend with your friends or family. Do more sports and you may also consider buying a sports device. However, do not turn it into a clothes hanger and rather do your best to strengthen your body. You will appreciate it not only physically, but you will feel great also from the health point of view.

Love: In this month, pay more attention to understanding your soul and your desires. But your partner longs for a greater frequency of touch and more intense love. Pay more attention and kisses to your partner. If you're single, it's time to clean up your psyche. If you are not free from your past, you will not be able to move on. In the second half of the month, be sure to visit your family who will appreciate it. Friendship is rare, so pamper yourself this month. Show friends you're here for them.

Health: If you suffer from insomnia, do not reach for prescription drugs immediately. You can sleep well thanks to natural forms, such as implementation of melatonin hormone in the diet, or its artificial supplement. This will avoid negative effects on your body. However, you need a good rest so that your body does not feel weak. If you neglect this, you can get sick quickly because your body will be weakened. Include more B-group vitamins in your diet this month. Treat yourself to fish or legumes that contain fibre, among other things. It perfectly cleans your body and prevents the accumulation of unwanted bacteria in your intestines. Also, remember the important drinking regime. Avoid sweetened lemonades and drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. If you have a craving, treat yourself to a good coffee, but instead of sugar use honey or natural stevia to sweeten it.

Work & Money: Where one door closes, the others are wide open. Do not worry about it and look around for new jobs. If you make the right choice, this can be an important moment for you and your family. A new job opportunity will bring you lots of new information and open the door to knowledge. In the beginning, you will need to focus more on your work and deliver truly high performance. Over time, however, you get used to that work and will perfectly organize your time schedule. It is better to stay in a working relationship with colleagues. It is not appropriate if all of your colleagues know all of your private life.

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