Ajna Chakra: Third Eye

The 6th chakra is located at the front of our brain, between the eyes, is the sixth in order of the seven main chakras of the body. The energy center, the 6th chakra, the Third Eye, is connected with intuition, but also with higher knowledge. The term Third Eye is certainly familiar to the general public, as this chakra is the connection to the higher consciousness and the universe. It can cause many problems in our life if we do not take good care of it.

Find life Balance with open Ajna Chakra

In previous articles, we talked about what chakras are and outlined how to properly treat chakras. The introductory article on chakras discussed the Root chakra, which is also denoted by the word ramuladhara. The color red is associated with this chakra.

The 2nd chakra called Svadhisthana is the sacral chakra and is associated with the color orange. It governs emotions, pleasure and creativity. The 3rd chakra, associated with the color yellow, is the solar plexus chakra. It is a source of strength. 4th chakra - the heart is the center of love and understanding of emotions. The color turquoise is connected to the 5th chakra, known as the throat chakra. Today we will talk more about the 6th chakra - Third eye.

Ajna is a chakra that stimulates memory, imagination, intuition. The key purpose of Ajna is to provide a connection between the conscious mind and the natural world. The Third eye chakra represents the flow of energy that is connected to higher consciousness.

The Third Eye Chakra can be neglected, blocked, but on the other hand, its excessive activity can also cause many mental and psychological difficulties. An unbalanced Third Chakra can be a big problem. An overactive chakra can mean that we are not grounded enough. A constant flow of thoughts can cause problems in concentration. It also affects decisions that would be much easier under other circumstances.

Thus, the Third Eye Chakra can manifest itself in different ways. We will talk more in this article. How to keep Ajna in a proper and healthy environment, how to take care of the Third Eye chakra, how to heal it and unblock it.

Opening the Third Eye Chakra is essential for anyone who wants to live a life of harmony and who wants to see things clearly. With a healthy Third Eye chakra, we make decisive, simple and wise decisions. Our fears are dispersed, we are not attached to any affliction, we enjoy life and the present more. Our imagination is open, our memory is strong. The vision for the future is positive and our mind is in harmony with the whole world.

Why is the sixth Chakra Referred to by Both "Third Eye" and "Ajna"?

The chakra system includes the Third Eye Chakra, which holds the sixth position. It carries importance as much as the other six chakras, each with its unique attributes and importance.

As you venture into the study of chakras as a beginner, you will come across various names for this chakra. A beginner's guide to chakras might introduce the term "Third Eye Chakra," but you'll also encounter the Sanskrit word "Ajna." Both terms are representations of the same chakra. However, the word Ajna is rooted in ancient yogic philosophy, "Ajna" tends to be the used in the several cultures. Within the context of the chakra system, "Ajna" is a fusion of "A" (signifying command) and "Jna" (meaning knowing). The term "Ajna" was forged by combining these two expressions in Sanskrit, giving rise to the ancient name for the fifth chakra.

So, "Ajna" carries the same significance and descriptive qualities as the English term "Third Eye Chakra." Consequently, whether a novice chakra enthusiast opts for the English label or embraces the Sanskrit heritage, it bears no consequence. Nonetheless, it proves beneficial to acquaint oneself with both names to avoid confusion and to appreciate their deep meanings. In English, the term "Third Eye Chakra" primarily alludes to its location, residing in the center of the forehead, symbolizing inner sight and intuition.

Both beginners and advanced students of chakras have the freedom to choose the terminology that resonates with them while exploring the human energy system. Nevertheless, the essence of both expressions remains unaltered, as they reference the chakra responsible for insight, intuition, and a profound sense of inner awakening. By harmonizing the fifth chakra, we unlock the benefits of heightened perception and inner clarity, both within ourselves and in our perception of the world. In the forthcoming sections, we will delve into the specifics of balancing this chakra and the effects of an obstructed energy flow.

How does blockage of the Ajna chakra manifest itself?

If the Ajna chakra is out of balance, we lack alertness and even knowledge. Only when the chakra is in harmony are we awake, aware and attentive. Our wisdom also focuses on higher perspectives. We do not lack self-reflection, and we can also look at life from a spiritual point of view. We think and see clearly, so our chakra is healthy, unblocked, in the right balance. However, there are also signs that describe the case when the chakra is blocked, in disharmony.

A lot of anger that shows up on the outside but is inside us can be a result of a blocked Third Eye chakra. An intense, unrelenting and persistent headache is another characteristic sign of a broken Ajna chakra. Extreme irritability accompanies us at every step, we see every thing we have to do as a big problem. Even uncontrollable anger, extreme irritability and simple provocation are manifestations of the Third Eye chakra, which must be unblocked and healed as quickly as possible.

If you are in a situation where you find yourself yelling at your loved ones, without much reason, it may not be anything other than a blocked Third Eye. Problems in personal life, problems in the work environment, arguments with colleagues, misunderstandings at the workplace, with a friend, family or partner, or with children, are part of a blocked Third Eye chakra. Surely each of us wants to experience moments of peace and joy, harmony and balance in the circle of those closest to us. We want to keep our thoughts, emotions and expression in our own hands, so we must learn to work with the Third Eye Chakra.

Unblocking, unlocking or balancing Third Eye

Fortunately, there are many techniques that help in unblocking the chakras. However, it is clear that we cannot unblock a blocked chakra overnight. If we want to heal the Ajna chakra, it is necessary to work with it for a long time and concentrate on keeping it in good condition. Therefore, if we want to draw all the benefits that a healthy Third Eye chakra offers us, we must focus on this chakra in the same way as we focus on maintaining the health of our body, hair and nails... The chakra is just as important as our physical appearance, and therefore we must pay a lot of attention to it.

The Third Eye reveals the inner spheres. We perceive the surroundings even beyond normal vision, we can understand others. We can work with ourselves, with our energies. A healthy Ajna chakra offers us awareness, control of anger, alertness, harmony of inner life. When the Third Eye chakra is blocked, it's time for yoga.

Yoga positions are generally very healthy not only for our body in the physical sense, but also for our spiritual consciousness. Practicing yoga, which includes precisely sequenced asanas and meditation, helps to raise energy and heal the chakras. Yoga should also be combined with meditation and breathing exercises. Deep inhalation and conscious exhalation are exercises for the chakras that identify us with our body and mind. We are coming to a balance. Breathing techniques are an excellent way to quiet the mind and focus on the present moment.

Conscious breathing allows inner clarity and knowing to arise. Conscious breathing is a technique that uses breathing to balance both hemispheres of the brain. This technique brings clarity, peace and concentration. To harmonize the Third Eye chakra, we need time for ourselves, time for meditation, physical and spiritual exercises. However, there are other tips to keep the Third Eye chakra balanced, healthy.

Additional Tips for Balancing Ajna Chakra

As we have already mentioned several times in articles dealing with different chakras, it is clear that meditation is the basic solution for many imbalances in life. Everyone has to find the right style of meditation that suits them. Meditation is a naturally calming exercise. It brings us a clear mind and stability. You can try different types of meditation, practicing just sitting quietly without focusing fixedly on any thought. Even this exercise several times a day helps to identify with oneself. That is why it is necessary to think about a meditation exercise every day, which should become part of a regular day.

A blocked Third Eye Chakra manifests itself through energy decay and to heal this energy center it is essential to embrace forgiveness and compassion into your life. The third eye blockage is best solved by meditation. In order to meditate properly, we need to choose a quiet place and spend enough time to settle down and get the mind quiet.

Deep inhalation and exhalation, release of tension in the face and in the whole body will bring peace to the body. The area of energy in your forehead where the Third Eye is located now emits light. Focus on this light, which shines like the sun and brings energy and a more beautiful view of the world into the body.

Allow your body to relax more and more. Dig deep into your soul. Release all the tension that has accumulated in the body, let your mind relax and connect with your spiritual guide. Let the light continue to flow through your body out of your Third Eye Chakra. The more you meditate, the brighter and stronger this light will become. Focus on this meditation practice every day and learn the power of the Third Eye that will manifest itself when this chakra is healed.

The color of the Third Eye

The Ajna is a dark purple chakra, which is most often represented by a bluish-purple color. We can also support her recovery through aromatherapy, thanks to which we will gain greater clarity and better intuition. In terms of aromatherapy, the scents of sandalwood, lavender and rose are mainly used to heal the Third Eye chakra. These fragrances will beautifully unlock your chakra, and envelop your home or office with a beautiful fragrance that also heals the Third Eye chakra. So don't miss the opportunity to support the 6th chakra with aromatherapy - an essential ritual not only for meditation practice, but also for everyday life.

Essential oils are therefore a powerful means of combating a blocked Ajna chakra. But let's also look at the strong sun, practice meditation, let's sing. However, crystals can also be used to activate the Third Eye, which we can store in the home or at the workplace, or we can wear them near the body to best activate this chakra. Purple sapphire, amethyst, or rhodonite are used to activate the Third Eye. These crystals are used to awaken and balance the Third Eye chakra. Expanding your eating habits also helps unlock the chakras.

If you feel that Ajna chakra is blocked, it is advisable to include melon, honey, coriander, garlic in your diet and supplement your diet with vitamin D. Don't forget lemon for tea, and it is ideal to make tea from goji berries. All these practices help in unblocking the Third Eye Chakra.

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