Manipura Chakra: Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra (Manipura) is the source of our personal power. It is located higher than the 1st and 2nd chakras, pointing upwards. It mainly focuses on whether we are on the right path to our life's mission. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for self-expression. Supporting this chakra can help us keep an open mind. A healthy solar plexus chakra will lead us to our own, healthy identity.

Find life Balance with open Solar Plexus

In previous articles, we explained what chakras are and talked more about the 1st and 2nd chakras. We learned how a blocked chakra manifests itself in life and how to interact with it. We also know how to work with aromatherapy, and how to strengthen the overall energy when we feel exhausted, tired and insecure. Today we will look further, at the 3rd chakra in the sequence, Manipura chakra, which is located just below the sternum.

Strengthening the Manipura chakra is also necessary if we are currently on the path to personal growth. If we are trying to grow in any area of life, whether in work, emotional world, or in health, it is crucial to raise the solar plexus to a healthy level, where it feels comfortable and safe.

Chakras affect different areas of life for each of us. The 3rd chakra, solar plexus, advises us to be active and open in life. It strengthens self-belief and allows us to perceive more often who we are. If it is healthy, it offers us more positive self-image and self-discipline. It gives us enough will to achieve what we desire.

Why is the third Chakra Referred to by Both "Solar Plexus" and "Manipura"?

In the chakra system, we are now exploring the third chakra called the Solar Plexus. However, sometimes when learning about chakras, you may also come across another term for the third chakra - the Manipura Chakra. This designation originates from Sanskrit, indicating that this name has ancient roots.

In Hindu tradition and among yogis, the term Manipura is most commonly used. How to embark on the path to balance and contentment in life? It's precisely when we comprehend the chakras and associate with them that we find ourselves in a place where we are gifted the opportunity to attain overall contentment. Whether we use the Sanskrit or English term for naming the third chakra, it doesn't matter because we are still referring to a chakra associated with self-confidence, light, and energy.

Manipura = Mani + Pura, where "Mani" means jewel or gem. Mani in the word Manipura represents life's values, wealth, and worth. "Pura" signifies a city or place. The combination of these words forms the Sanskrit name for the third chakra in sequence - Manipura. The meaning is evident, emphasizing the life energy associated with self-belief, inner strength, and willpower.

In English, we most commonly encounter the term Solar Plexus. This term for the third chakra is often used in other languages as well, making Solar Plexus globally recognized. It accurately describes the location of the chakra, in the upper abdomen. Solar Plexus (Manipura) is considered a path to unlocking self-confidence, strength, and a sense of self.

Whether we are beginners or simply seeking to learn more about chakras, we can use any of these terms. The essence of this chakra remains unchanged with a change in nomenclature. It is a clear source of energy and self-assurance, the jewels that are important to each of us.

How does blockage of the Manipura chakra manifest itself?

Solar plexus is the chakra of self-discipline, self-expression, but also the chakra of personal power. If it is blocked, we can feel helplessness, that we are lost in our life, that we are not moving forward. We are not motivated by the things we used to enjoy, and we fear spending time with ourselves. We don't want to get to know our personal feelings, we prefer to occupy ourselves with television, alcohol, or hobbies that divert our attention from worries.

Sick Manipura Chakra also manifests itself as a problem with self-expression. We fail to focus on the mission in our life.Our motivation and self-assuredness are now at risk. Closed solar plexus also causes physical problems. It is responsible for enormous weight gain, but also for unexplained weight loss. A blocked solar plexus also causes problems with digestion, indigestion, but also stomach ulcers. It affects decisions when eating and therefore we choose an unhealthy lifestyle more often. It can also cause loss of appetite, overeating, and an intense, persistent headache.

A damaged Solar Plexus chakra is the cause of prostate problems in men. In women, a neglected chakra can even cause problems with conception, or it can be responsible for frequent urinary tract infections. These health problems are also affected by a strong Solar Plexus chakra, which is why it is essential to learn how to balance the chakras. Ultimately, for healthy chakras, it is vital to keep the body in balance and harmony, and it is essential to gradually get rid of a lot of stress. Chakras cannot benefit from an environment that is unhealthy.

It is therefore obvious that a blocked Manipura chakra brings a lot of worries and complications into our lives. We are even more afraid of such things that we were afraid of until now. We feel powerless, our mind is limited, our steps take the wrong path. A job that requires self-expression, presentation, or leadership skills is also a problem. Since we feel little self-trust, the problem is all the areas where boldness is required. And it is for these reasons that it is necessary to learn to collaborate with the third solar plexus chakra.

Unblocking, unlocking or balancing Solar Plexus

Fortunately, there are ways to balance the chakras. We learn to work with the chakras so that they no longer cause us physical pain or psychological problems. We get the chakras under our control, and they no longer interfere with our lives with their negative energy. Even the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus is blocked only if we take care of it incorrectly. In order to keep the given chakra in balance, it is advisable to use aromatherapy, but also many other recommendations, which we will now talk more about.

Solar plexus is associated with the color yellow. It is associated with fire, which is a powerful astrological element, and sometimes this chakra is represented in yellow with tones of red. Yellow is generally considered the color of optimism and zest for life. It encourages positive self-image, creativity and self-expression, i.e. areas that are blocked by an unbalanced Manipura chakra. Thanks to the yellow color, we rediscover the zest for life, and activities that did not please us until now become fun again. Let's place more yellow accessories in the home and don't forget to liven up the office with these accessories. In order for the solar plexus to be balanced, the yellow color will help us to do this as the 1st step to healing a blocked chakra.

We encourage self-expression by calming our mind. In order to be calmer, we have to look inside ourselves and use all our senses, which are our hidden weapons. Do you feel that intuition is a great advantage? Can you listen to others, can you understand others, or is your strong weapon helping others?

Use all these positive qualities of your personality to calm the chakra solar plexus. How? Do what comes naturally to you. Strengthen your self-discipline. Help others. Perceive the world around you. Open your mind, don't be afraid of new things. Your kindness and open heart build self-trust, which is important now, and your self-satisfaction also multiplies. Also reach for new challenges, don't be afraid to do new things.

Additional Tips for Balancing the Chakra Solar Plexus

Not only the color yellow, or the courage to do what you haven't had the strength to do before, can strengthen the solar plexus. Even walks stimulate the activity of the 3 chakras and are especially beneficial if they are associated with a beautiful sunny day. The sun penetrates your body with its power and energy, and provides healing rays to the solar plexus chakra. So don't wait and don't hesitate. Go out into nature and absorb the warmth and positive energy of the sun, which is now your real doctor.

As we mentioned in the previous lines, do not be afraid of what you wanted to do. It's time to let go of fear, it's time to forget the things you've been afraid of. People who are toxic to your energy must no longer remain in your life. Those who exhaust you no longer have a place in your life, and therefore you need to reevaluate your relationships.

If you want to help rebalance the solar plexus chakras, get positive energy into your life. The energy of purity, free expression and self-belief supports not only the solar plexus chakra, but also your personal relationships. Build self-confidence, meditate more, and also take an interest in beneficial yoga.

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