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Chinese Zodiac signs according to the landscape of the rising sun!

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Get to know the characteristics, traits and Feng Shui of your sign according to the traditional Chinese zodiac. The Chinese horoscopes are extremely accurate with deep roots of tradition. Each Chinese zodiac sign that Chinese horoscope describes has specific characteristics and traits according to their traditions. 12 Chinese Animals will uncover their main pros and cons. Their horoscopes and traits of personality will surprise you.

Signs and Feng Shui

Like the Cassic Horoscopes, the Chinese one offers 12 signs, sorted by year of birth. There are 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac that you can choose from and read about 12 year circle. If you would like to know what is your Chinese Animal, you just need to know your year of birth. Classic zodiac contains four elements and Chinese one offers 5 elements that are connected with specific signs.

There you can find the answer to what Chinese animal is the most attractive, kindest, or happier in love or work. Rat, Snake, Ox, Rabbit, Rooster, Goat, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Pig, or Dog will surprise you by their main traits that you need to understand. Let's know Chinese signs better with this huge article about the Traits of every Chinese sign.

So, do you already know what sign the Chinese horoscope attributes to you, and what are your main characteristics? Horoscopes are not the same in every corner of the world, but knowledge of the Feng Shui is really very important. All you have to do is know your year of birth, according to which you simply choose the sign, in which you were born and you can understand not just your sign but Feng Shui as well. This is how a Chinese horoscope simply works and this is different from the classic one. Chinese Animals are sorted by elements and you can see the chronology list above.

Some people claim that the Chinese horoscopes and their characteristics of the sign are more accurate than the classic one. Nevertheless, the Chinese signs have really deep roots in the past, and therefore it is possible that the characteristics of your sign according to Chinese traditions will fit you more than the classic one that people in Europe and America know. Horoscopes can be combined and you will get to know different cultures. Knowledge of Chinese Animals will also tell you more about strong Feng Shui that is important in our lives.

Chinese signs, Feng Shui, fortune-telling...

Chinese zodiac signs & tradition says that each sign is repeated once every 12 years. However, this means that the signs are attributed years, not the days and months of birth. In this, the Chinese horoscopes are different from Europe's, which perhaps everyone around you knows. Depending on which Chinese animal a particular year belongs to, the Chinese zodiac signs also determines the characteristics of individual years. The interesting thing about the characteristics of the sign according to this horoscope is that each sign is further divided into 5 subcategories, which are also divided in terms of years. Elements of 12 Chinese Animals are here for stronger understanding of each of them. There you can find your Feng Shui element and rules. There are main Elements and categorization of signs:

  • Wood - Tiger and Rabbit
  • Fire - Snake and Horse
  • Earth - Dragon, Ox, Dog and Goat
  • Metal - Monkey and Rooster
  • Water - Rat and Pig

So, there were 5 elements of Feng Shui and zodiac. Chinese signs are thus given 1 out of five elements. It is this division that most closely characterizes individual people and their signs of the zodiac.

Let's say, for example, that your year of birth is 1983. The year specifies, that you were born in the sign of the Pig, and according to the subcategory, the Chinese zodiac signs assigns you the sign of the Pig with the Water element. In this case, the most accurate description of your person would be that you are responsible, kindest, modest, serious, and gentle. These traits present all persons born in a given year and describes Chinese ways and opportunities for a better and happier life as well.

Traditions and Chiese signs

Chinese traditions thus confirm that, according to the exact year of birth, they can create a personal prophecy for people that will accompany them on their journey through life. The characteristic of the sign is therefore only one of the positive aspects that the Chinese Animals zodiac offers us. As in the classical traits of the signs, we know from the Chinese sign what kind of person we are, or what kind of person is the one whose year of birth we know. You will learn the features not only of you but anyone in your life.

You can also see what a child is according to the Chinese signs will help you find out what the child's traits will be when he/she is born in this or the following years. Each year belongs to a different animal of the Chinese animals signs.

Love Compatibility between Chinese zodiac signs

Each sign of the zodiac has its specifics. Here you will find information about the main features of each sign. This is also what the traditional Chinese astrology and Feng Shui are about. You will also learn what other signs of the Chinese Animals zodiac form the sign of a perfect couple, a strong friendship, and vice versa, who you should avoid. Thanks to this knowledge, we can answer exactly who is right for you and who, on the contrary, is the opposite of your person. This way you can find out why you don't understand some people and why, on the contrary, you really understand someone exceptionally.

Thanks to the knowledge of these articles, you will find out how you can capture your love. This knowledge will also help you win the heart of your destiny partner. We wish you a pleasant reading and a lot of joy brought by the Chinese zodiac signs and Feng Shui.


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Cinese Zodiac Signs & Feng Shui