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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

October 2021

Do you seem to have no idea where your journey is going? If your efforts are not reflected in your success, do not despair. Because this month, under the influence of mighty Saturn, will show you the right direction. If you have been thinking about starting a project for a long time, whether personal or business, it is high time to start it. Do not try to close yourself and try to share your ideas. Be careful, however, to whom you entrust important facts or information. Only a true friend and whoever supports you will understand how important they are, when they can help you with your decisions. Don't refuse to talk about important things in life and try to think about every idea you get.

Love: Stand firm on your policies during this month. Do not get misled by the advice of the surroundings and trust your partner as before. Someone in your area is envious of your relationship and maybe even wants it to end. Therefore, it is better if you orient yourself at your discretion and heart. Don't let someone else disrupt your relationship. The relationship is only about you and your partner. If you're interested in someone and you're still without a partner, it's time to tell them. There is nothing worse than living in uncertainty. You will get either a no or a yes, but you will be assured. In the second half of the month, be sure to visit your family who will appreciate it. Other friends in your life have also understood how you have betrayed a loved one in the past. You won't change the past anymore, so you have to move forward. However, never repeat your mistake and keep an eye on your friends.

Health: You will feel more tension in the health area. You may be troubled by inflammatory diseases that you should not underestimate. If you feel tired, it is time to see a doctor for a preventive check-up this month. Some of you have underestimated your health problems for very long time. This month should be the changing point, and very important to your health. It's time to let your doctor to do all the examinations you need. The time you spend on it will return to you in the future in terms of more energy and a significant improvement in health. There is no more time to postpone visiting an expert and you need to focus on yourself. If you have someone in your family who has been complaining about a serious health problem for a long time, it is time to take the initiative and arrange a meeting with a specialist.

Work & Money: If you have ideas about where your professional life should move, try focusing on it. Nobody stands in your way to show everyone what is in you. If you feel that people around you don't want your success, you're probably right. It is time to solve all the conflicts with your colleagues that you have recently faced. One of your colleagues is not treating you fairly and is trying to keep you down as much as possible. It is necessary to discuss it with this person and show your power of strong personality.

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