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Monthly Horoscope Capricorn

August 2020

Watch out for Venus during this month. Your aggressiveness could cause you a lot of trouble in this month. Others perceive your mood swings and irritable behaviour as your weakness. This month you have the opportunity to show them that you can work with your emotions that you can keep it under control. Respect the individuality of each person in your home. If you try to focus on your emotional management this month, you can expect it to make you an even happier person. It is very important that you strengthen the respect that your surroundings should show to you. If you are unable to make a decision this month, you can ask your friend for advice.

Love: You will feel the necessary harmony with your partner this month. It will be a magical period full of well-being and feelings of love. Pay attention to your partner and remember what they like. Give them moments full of love and understanding. If you're still looking for a partner, go to the company. Pay attention to good, but not vulgar make-up, which will surely enchant someone interesting. It would be advisable for your household members to engage in shared housework this month. Remember that your friends aren't just things you can throw away. Be careful not to betray a true friend. It will bother you.

Health: This year you will discover new health perspectives and there will be no new ideas in this area. Get more interested in the cuisines and eating. Under the influence of a mighty Venus, you will feel a surge of creativity this month, and that will be reflected on your diet. You have been thinking about new things that you would bring into your life for a long time. These ideas, as far as cooking is concerned, will interest not only you but also your second half. From the health point of view, the discovery of new spheres will not only improve you physically, but will also greatly affect your psyche. Keep in mind the drinking regime and enough vegetable intake during this month. Also find out how you could replace the excess salt in your diet and get interested in spices or Himalayan salt. Try adding more vitamin C foods to your diet.

Work & Money: Beware of online payments this month and monitor the credibility of your URLs. Do not give your personal information or copies of personal documents to anyone. You may be vulnerable in this area under the influence of Mercury. Keep your negative feelings or information you have private at work , or you can open up to your family. Present your ideas directly to your boss, but watch out for your skills and think well of your presentation and way of communication so that you don't feel embarrassed. Do not overestimate your skills.

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