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12 Sun Zodiac Signs

Based on Western astrology, a fortune teller shows how the zodiac is split up

In Western astrology, we know 12 Zodiac Signs, which are arranged in a circular astrological chart in 30 degree sectors. The first Zodiac Sign is the Aries, which begins to rule when spring begins in the annual cycle. Aries is a symbol of the beginning of the new season - the most beautiful time of the year begins, spring. The first point of the astrological Horoscope (Zodiac) thus counts the beginning of the reign of the fire Zodiac Sign Aries.

The western astrological Zodiac Signs include the following signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Depending on whether they have more feminine or masculine energy, these Zodiac Signs are further subdivided in astrology. Each of us is assigned to a different zodiac sign based on the era into which we were born. Using the following table, you can learn more about your zodiac sign or the sign of the person you're interested in.

The vernal equinox is thus associated with the sign of Aries, and with the first, introductory day of rule of the whole zodiac. The cycle of each of the twelve Zodiac Signs gradually coming to the reign. The Zodiac Signs are named after the constellation through which the Sun moves each year as it passes through the sky. Modern astrology, as we know it today and from which the annual, daily, weekly and monthly Horoscopes are formed, therefore has its origins in ancient times and its elements come from Babylonian astrology.

However, it is not only Western astrology that is popular in the world. Chinese astrology is also considered to be accurate, as are other types of astrology that have a solid cultural and historical foundation. Gradually you will get acquainted with every type of astrology, which Sibyl also deals with, in a comprehensive prediction of each Horoscope, whether we are talking about Horoscopes for a long period - annual Horoscopes, or Horoscopes for shorter periods - Daily Horoscope - Weekly Horoscope, or monthly forecast for the whole zodiac. A comprehensive knowledge of astrology and the Tarot is the basis for creating a personal Horoscope and predicts the future.

Zodiac division - Astrology

There is thus 12 signs of the zodiac. Each of these signs is assigned a certain ruling element, and also each sign is assigned a ruling planet. The ruling elements of the zodiac sign can be the following 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. The ruling planets of European astrology and zodiac signs can be: Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. With respect to the earth, the planets move either directly - direct or backward - regressive. According to the ruling planet, we determine not only the strength and energy of the sign. Furthermore, the signs are placed in different 12 houses of astrology, and depending on which house the sign is currently located in, we can determine a lot for our personal horoscope.

Your zodiac sign is determined by your date of birth, which you can learn about below. If you know someone else's date of birth, you can use that information to quickly determine their zodiac sign. European Zodiac Signs begin with the sign of Aries and end with the sign of the zodiac Pisces. The following list will tell you how to get sign information by individual's date of birth:

But there are further divisions inside the zodiac. The Zodiac Signs are further classified by their polarity, mode, ruling element, gender, astrological ruler, and reign duration.

Now you can assign your date of birth, or the date of birth of anyone you are interested in to the correct astrological Zodiac Sign, according to Western astrology. Then we add an element to the sign, and read more about what it means if the sign has a predominance of male or female energy. We will get acquainted with the ruling planets as well as with the astrological houses and their basic energy, which acts on the 12 signs of the western zodiac.

Each of the twelve Zodiac Signs also have counterparts - the signs that are placed in the astrological chart against the sign we are talking about. This creates 6 pairs of polarity, when we notice that even the ruling elements come into opposition. The element of air and fire are opposite, as is the element of water and earth. In the next section of the zodiac division, we will go over the elements of the zodiac sign in greater detail. These are the opposite signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac signs bz the ruling element

The element is an important part of every personal horoscope. When creating a personal chart, the soothsayer looks not only at the ruling element of your zodiac sun sign, but also at the predominance or lack of a certain element that Sibyl can read from the personal astrological chart.

Depending on the predominance of the element in the life of the sign, Sibyl can recommend the right action to stabilize the predominant or insufficient element in your life. For example, if the water element predominates in an individual's life, you may have emotional problems, or communication or mood problems. However, we will talk more about this in other parts of the school of astrology, in the part where we deal with how to balance the element in our lives and also where Sibyl talks about how we feel if a certain element in our life prevails, or in short supply.

Now, let's picture the fundamental division of the zodiac, which is the divide based on the element that predominates in your sign. So if you already know your zodiac sign by date of birth, it's time to get acquainted with your ruling element, which is an important part of predicting the future, creating the Horoscope and well describes the basic principles and characteristics of the zodiac sign. So what element is connected to your life according to astrology?

Even in this case, we still look at the polarity, and so we perceive the kinship and opposite of the sign.

In modern astrology, it is appropriate to mention the cycle in which we learn more about the compatibility of signs, which focuses on compatibility in understanding according to the ruling elements. Fire needs air to live and function. For the earth, water is what keeps it healthy, allowing it to grow and develop. From this point of view, which nature gives us, it is clear that from the point of view of the element, the Zodiac Signs are fire with the air and then the water with the earth. This fundamental classification and information also tells us whether or not we are compatible in love, friendship, and understanding with the sign of the person who fascinates us.…

Female and male zodiac signs

Female zodiac signs have the capacity to accept viewpoints, listen, and submit, while masculine zodiac signs do not. This division is based on the predominant energy. Male signs are those that show more masculine energy, and it is natural for them to rule, dominate, make decisions…

We rank the following signs for the female Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces - these are signs born with the element Water and Earth. Female signs are considered, also called signs with the element Jin - passive Zodiac Signs. The female Zodiac Signs absorb the energy of the environment, which they store in themselves and work with it emotionally. This fact can be positive for women's signs, but sometimes the pulling energy from the environment is difficult for women to bear.

Water and Earth signs of the zodiac often show more empathy and understanding than men's signs. For this reason, the signs of women are considered slower, thoughtful and calmer. Excess of female energy in the specific Zodiac Sign can therefore mean a gift, but also a curse. Therefore, while learning about astrology through the fortune teller Sibyl, we will also learn how to work with specific energies in our lives.

The male Zodiac Signs are the signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius - these are the signs that are ruled by the element Fire and Air. Male Zodiac Signs are called signs with the element Yang, they are signs of positive polarity, active Zodiac Signs. The male Zodiac Signs reflect the energy they perceive and admit into their lives during the day, life, and transform it into the energy they radiate to their surroundings.

Unconsciously, the male zodiac signs thus create a shield in their lives, reflecting problems, but unknowingly suppressing their own intuition and the ability to fully understand others. They do not absorb energy, reflect it and quickly turn it into words and actions. For these reasons, male zodiac signs are considered to have a faster pace and may be more unstable. On the one hand, masculine energy can be considered fast, insensitive. And that is why it is appropriate to look for ways to balance energy, we will talk about that later.

According to Western astrology and its distribution, therefore, air and fire signs are considered to be signs with masculine energy - masculine Zodiac Signs. The first sign of the zodiac - Aries is considered the sign to which life has given the most masculine energy. The last Zodiac Sign in order - Pisces is considered to be the sign that radiates the most feminine energy of the entire zodiac.

Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs will continue to be subdivided. Another important aspect of basic astrology knowledge is the division of the zodiac by modality, and thus by the season in which the Zodiac Sign is located. The combination of element, zodiac sign and modality gives the Zodiac Signs their unique and unchanging properties, and thanks to this division, Sibyl is able to know even better the basic characteristics of the signs of the zodiac and to determine their characteristics even more closely.

Cardinal zodiac signs - The cardinal signs include Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The basic characteristics of these signs are dynamism, initiative and mental resilience as well as physical strength. These astrological signs, which are ruled by 4 elements, do not lack purposefulness and a desire for life. When the sun enters each of these zodiac signs - a new season begins - Spring in Aries, Summer in Cancer, Autumn in Libra and Winter in Capricorn. Such people, who start a certain time of year, are able to initiate things, are active, and through the ruling element they transform their lives into active, full progress.

Fixed Sun Signs - Fixed Sun Signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Their common features are resistance to changes in life, stability, great will… Again, they present every element and represent great stability in life and toughness. However, solid signs can be defiant, but on the other hand, they simply accept changes in life that do not frighten them. They represent signs when the season is in a stable phase, for example, when the sun is placed in Leo, Summer is in full bloom - it does not begin or end. Common features of these signs are also thrift, accumulation of material things, perseverance, and in friendly relations there is a huge ability to keep secrets of good social relations and information.

Mutable Zodiac Signs - Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo. The common features that basically describe mutable signs are flexibility, adaptability, and never-ending ingenuity. The Zodiac Signs, to which the various elements belong, have a very rich inner life and versatility is close to them. They do not lack talent, if they decide to do something, they take the right steps to fulfill their decision. Mutable signs are intuitive and spiritually based. They get to the reign when a certain season ends. For example, Pisces ends the Winter season and thus closes the same stage of the natural cycle. From each element, we assign one sign to mutable signs - Sagittarius (fire), Pisces (water), Gemini (air), Virgo (earth). These signs thus end autumn, winter, spring and summer.

The fundamental division of the entire Zodiac from Fortune-teller

In the Astrology section of the horoscope-tarot page, we will discuss all the important elements of astrology and gradually get acquainted not only with the basic division of the Zodiac Signs, which we talked about in this part of astrology. You will also learn about the location of signs and planets in houses, and we will also talk about the basic energies during the action of energies on various astrological houses of the Zodiac Signs.

Follow the Astrology section of the Horoscope and Tarot page to learn the basics of your own zodiac sign. Knowing your sign is important in every way so that you have a good understanding of future predictions, astrology and personal horoscopes. This is how you get to know yourself in depth. You know more about yourself and the people who make up your close friends.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Now let's look at the basic elements - the 4 elements of astrology. In this section, you will also learn how to compensate for the surplus or lack of a certain element in your life. How do you feel in balance with your body and your soul again? Read more about your astrological zodiac sign and learn about the corners of your soul and your sign.

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