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Monthly Horoscope Taurus

August 2021

During this month, only you will decide how to do things to achieve what you want. If you have been afraid to make an important decision so far, this month is ideal. You also need to free yourself from controlling your actions from others. You need to feel more freedom in your life, especially from the perspective of free decision-making on ordinary things. Under the lunar influence you will also look more attractive and charismatic during the month than in the previous period. Therefore, this month is suitable for presenting everything that can help you to be more comfortable in life. You will have the gift of persuasion.

Love: This month, Jupiter will get your head tangled so that your thoughts won't let you sleep. You will think about your future and your partner. Are they going to stay with you for the rest of their life? Do not keep these ideas to yourself and act honestly with your partner. They, too, are sometimes worried. If you are still without a partner it's time to go into nature. During the walks you will meet a charming person who will immediately show interest in you. But beware of their obligations. Get to know them more before you fall for them. In the family, beware of decisions that you could make under the influence of accumulated negative emotions. Just think with a clear mind and let things cool down first. A real friendship is something you need to respect. Let your friends know that you can still help them this month.

Health: Try focusing on natural vitamin supplements this month. Include avocado, leafy vegetables and other vitamins in the diet, especially in fruits and vegetables. If you're thinking about losing weight for a long time, it's time to start. In the second half of the month you can also consider doing harder physical activity and you can start with running or indoor cycling. Your body needs to wake up and physical activity will really help with it. You can also talk with a friend and start doing sports in pairs. Surely there will be someone in your area who likes to join you. If you get a pass to the gym then go there. It's time to move your body. If you do so, you will feel better than ever.

Work & Money: There is something very important between the pending documentation. Work on your documents. If you neglect it, you might be foolish. If you've got an interesting job opportunity, or have been thinking about a career change for a long time, the time has come for a change. But think well with what standing you will leave your current job. Don't leave a mess behind. If you keep discussing your private life with your colleagues, don't be surprised that your whole workplace is aware of every step you take.

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