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Monthly Horoscope Taurus

October 2021

Your qualities will be fully reflected not only in your work life this month, but also in your neighbourhood. You have a lot to offer to the world, so focus on your strengths and rebuild your lost confidence. This month you will receive very important information. It will be a month suitable for planning this year's holiday, which you should think well about. On holiday you can meet a very interesting person. Try to motivate others this month. They will be extremely grateful for this and your willpower and good advice will be appreciated from every corner. Do not close yourself and show the world what is hidden inside of you. Under the influence of Mars, you will feel a surge of positive energy this month.

Love: This month means a lot of love, passion and magnetism under the influence of Venus. Your partner will be interested in spending more time with you, so spend it together. You will also have the opportunity to recharge your energy in their arms. If you are without a partner, discover new opportunities to become a more interesting person. You can attend a cooking course or start learning a new language where you will surely meet new, interesting people. Try to address the needs of your family members more. You can find out that someone really needs your advice. Your help will be returned hundreds of times. Avoid advising on relationships this month. Your good friend who is currently dealing with this problem might feel that you don't advise them honestly.

Health: During the first days of the month, your health may need help or expert opinion. Do not avoid the necessary medical check-ups and take professional care. Be aware that nothing is worth jeopardizing your health. In the second half of the month, try to maintain your health by a suitable diet and avoid heavy fried foods. Also forget about fast-food in the second half of the month. Unless you deal with your health problems early in the month, unexpected complications may occur at the end of the month.

Work & Money: Planet Mercury will control your communication and technology skills this month. This month, there is a good chance for you to get a tempting job or get an interesting client. The Moon will give you an enormous amount of energy that you can put into your work. This will be appreciated not only by colleagues but also by your supervisor. Beware of colleagues who are no longer team players and who aren't honest to you. Don't tell anyone about your ideas.

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