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Monthly Horoscope Aries

October 2021

This month will give you time to calm down several situations that you find difficult. From the beginning of the month, you will be able to set up a sequence of days that is easy to follow. So, with ease, you move through the first two weeks of the month. In the second half of the month you will find yourself in unknown waters, because you will get a request with which you do not have much experience. It will be up to you to take this opportunity. However, the lunar position and positive energy advise you to take the situation firmly in your hands and find the courage to learn something new.

Love: Venus will greatly affect you this month, and you will feel the beauty emanating not only from your outside but also from within. Don't let anyone stop this month and follow your dreams. Your partner should learn about your desires. Don't be afraid to talk to them honestly. Sincerity is the backbone of your relationship. If you are without a partner watch out for a romance with someone who already has a partner. It would unnecessarily accumulate problems in your life. Your family is extremely important to you and you are showing it to them. Ask them to help you at home. One of your friends will need your support. Advise them well. This will avoid unnecessary disagreements. But try to help them avoid bad decisions.

Health: During this month you need to focus on healthy eating. Fast food will not hurt you, but not more than once or twice a month. You need to be more careful about your diet, because if you do not keep track of it, you may experience greater complications. Be aware that meat is not an essential part of everyday diet. Discover new eating choices, because the constant consumption of meat products puts a strain on your body. Try serving a vegetable day to yourself and your family from time to time and cook something new. This will help to improve your health but also health of every member of your family. They deserve it.

Work & Money: This month, you can expect increased interest in your work by someone you haven't worked with yet. Someone is looking for new reinforcements to the team and maybe you should consider moving your skills within the company you work in. It is very likely that you will find a job there that will pit a smile on your face and you will enjoy work. Beware of colleagues who are no longer team players and who aren't honest to you. Don't tell anyone about your ideas.

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