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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio

October 2020

Do not seek advices from your surroundings. This month, somebody will try to disrupt your energetic field and cut you off a great deal of energy. Enemies are all around you. However, you can fully trust your friends in friendships verified over the years. Be careful not to divulge to someone an important secret of someone else that only you know. This month you will easily make important contacts and therefore you can focus on grasping opportunities. Also, be sure to take part in sports regularly during the month, which will strengthen your psyche and help you get through the sleepless nights that could cause you various health problems. You also deserve weekends full of relaxation and comfort in the circle of loved ones.

Love: In the first half of the month, you will feel a great surge of energy. Your love will not be enough to amaze you at home. It is time to please your partner and complete all the unfinished housework you have been postponing so far. It's time to test your limits and get experimental in love. If you are without a partner, you can expect an exciting meeting. But don't walk into anything recklessly. Everything requires patience and time. Solve recurring problems and quarrels in your family. Take the initiative and be supportive, and provide solutions to problems. One of your best friends will be dealing with an important relationship issue. It would be nice of you to try to help them. Your willingness will return hundreds of times.

Health: Do not miss important medicines you are taking this month. Be careful not to miss an important medicine. Stars suggest that your ignorance could cause complications that would make life difficult not only for you but also for your loved ones. Morning walks this month will not only start your positive energy, but will also help you to overcome insomnia and unbalanced diet. Connect pleasant with useful and take a walk with those you love.

Work & Money: Your limits are only in your mind. Your demotivation may be due to less work stamina. You've done more than you need to do your job, so you can feel the urge not to finish your daily work responsibilities. Remember, however, that these feelings are only temporary, and that your sense of inferiority is only in your head. Do not talk to your colleagues about considering new options in the work-life. They might consider you a traitor, and your boss might be aware of your intentions before you know them. Not every one of your colleagues acts honestly and as a team.

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