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May 2020

This month, try to avoid situations that might put you in a difficult position. At home you need to relax. Try asking your family to help you more with housework. You need to relieve yourself from the endless whirlpool of duties. Don't be confronted with the surroundings and watch what you you say. Rather, think well about who your behaviour and expressions could hurt. If you become the centre of attention during an event, focus on general conversation rather than discussing difficult topics such as political situation, global warming, and so on. Also, remember to strengthen your weakened immunity this month.

Love: In the first half of the month, you will experience a great surge of energy under the influence of the mighty Mars. Your love will not be enough to amaze you at home. It is time to please your partner and complete all the unfinished housework you have been postponing so far. It's time to test your limits and experiment more in love. If you're single, go to a place that isn't natural yet. It is time to start practising, learning a new language, starting to dance, or learning to play a musical instrument. Your family is extremely important to you and you are showing it to them. Ask them to help you at home. Pay attention to your friends in the second half of the month. You can also organize a meeting together.

Health: Try to keep your food at bay this month. Especially at the beginning of the month, treat yourself to more meals to cleanse your intestines. Focus on foods that contain an increased fibre content and study probiotics to restore harmony in your intestines. The cause of your health complication is the imbalance in this area. Avoid smoking this month and drink alcohol sparingly. It is best to limit alcohol to celebrations or special occasions. In any case, do not overdo it with alcohol, as you could get injured. At the beginning of the second half of the month, do not forget about sports activity and sufficient drinking regime.

Work & Money: You will be faced with annoying phone calls and miles this month. If you can no longer keep up the pace of work, it is the highest time to breathe and devote yourself. Keep in mind that rest is extremely important for you to continue working. Take a vacation, even one day, and go to places you love. During this month, you can be the initiator of a work meeting with colleagues to refresh your work relationships. Beware, however, of someone who does not love you much.

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