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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio

August 2021

Uncertainty that has so far deprived some aspects of your life will disappear this month under the influence of the Sun. The Sun will replenish your energy and strength with its rays and it will give you a strong ability to face the pitfalls of the world. The sun will also protect you from the insensitive attitude of your surroundings to your personality this month and will also set clear boundaries between your mind and emotions. You will also need smaller compromises this month, but you should not underestimate. Act on the line of honesty and your well-intentioned practices will be appreciated by those, whom you help. Remember, much can be solved by an agreement that will satisfy both sides.

Love: This month you may feel that you are suffocating in your relationship. Your partner will ask you an important question. Think carefully about how you answer. It can really please them, but it can also hurt them. If you are still without a partner, there is a time when you can look forward to meeting someone new to baffle your head. You deserve a rest this month, so it would be a good time to visit your family who will be delighted by your visit. This time, take the time to devote to your friends.

Health: This month you can expect a turbulent period. The beginning of the month will be full of conflicts and quarrels and therefore mainly your mental health can suffer. Focus on a sufficient relaxation and rest, especially if more than enough has been thrown at you. In the first half of the month you will suffer from viral illnesses and you can also catch an unpleasant flu. You will be able to get well very easily, maybe even in a few days. In the second half of the month, beware of complications caused by an injury. Do not underestimate your caution and beware of risky and daring actions.

Work & Money: Don't be too confident at work during a month. You better stay on the ground this month and do not try to climb the professional ladder. It will be time for your workflow in other months. Now you have to focus on the quality of your work and clean up the documents that have been waiting for you for a while. If you are planning a presentation or are carrying a project that you could start, do not hesitate to do so this month. But let your colleagues stay outside of your strategy.

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