October 2022 Horoscope Scorpio

Horoscope Scorpio

October 2022

This month, you will be mostly influenced by the mighty Moon, which affects not only your inner feelings, instincts and emotions. The Moon will also show you the energy you carry with you from your childhood in connection with your mother's relationship and what energy has influenced you most at your early age. Remember, however, that children in your family will also be affected by these energies, so try to do your best in every way in your heart and feeling. The moon also affects your desires and emotions, which you will feel much more intensively than ever before. It is time to show your loved ones how you care about them more often and how strong you can be together with your sincerity.

Love: Avoid quarrels with your partner this month. It could severely disrupt your good relations and could actually damage your strong bond. Avoid reading the little things that your partner doesn't really do on purpose. If you're single, and you have been badly betrayed recently, you have the option to start over. The stars will give you the power to move further in this period. Your family would like to talk to you more often this month. In your past, there is one of your friends that you weren't really honest with. It is high time that you explain everything to them and clean up your life. Otherwise it will bother you.

Health: You should really take care of your health this month. Continue your thoughts on exercise and finally implement them. If you are lacking inspiration or a stimulus to start, remember what energy it can bring to your life. In the beginning, be careful and proceed slowly. Even 10 minutes of daily stretching can do wonders with your energy. Take a break every day, doing anything that makes you happy. This eliminates stress.

Work & Money: There is something very important between the pending documentation. Work on your documents. If you neglect it, you might be foolish. If you've got an interesting job opportunity, or have been thinking about a career change for a long time, the time has come for a change. But think well with what standing you will leave your current job. Don't leave a mess behind. This month, inevitably begin learning how to separate privacy from your work. It is not advisable, nor wise, to discuss your privacy among colleagues at work.

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