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Zodiac Signs with Air Element

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The chart of astrology, which we know as the zodiac, shows the constellations of the zodiac with the dates when the Sun passes through the signs, air signs and other as well. For example, the Sun enters the sign of Leo between July 23rd and August 22nd. The zodiac has a rich history, already in the later Middle Ages to see the zodiac signs as we know it today.

Each element corresponds to 3 zodiac signs. If we talk about the element air, astrology assigns 3 signs to this element - Gemini, Libra and the zodiac sign of Aquarius. All these three signs are ruled by air - the third element in the sequence, the element of mental contentment. The symbol of the air element is an upward pointing triangle interrupted by a line. This symbol is the opposite of the element of Earth and Water. The geometric shape associated with the air element is the octahedron.

Air represents intelligence, the ability to communicate, the spirit and the ability to reason in the three zodiac signs. It also symbolizes the power of the mind and represents diplomacy and sociability. The inconsistency of an element with a zodiac sign means a violation of the way of communication, superficiality, loss of temperament, nervousness...

Air deficit, which is also mentioned in the personal horoscope, is responsible for many life problems of the owner of such an astrological chart because it indicates that there is a lack of air in zodiac energies. The astrologer Sibyla is able to draw up a chart for a fee, but also through the perception of your body and psyche, you can recognize when you lack an important element in your life, which is the element air. Not only the Air Signs - Libra, Gemini and Aquarius can suffer from a lack of this element.

Air dominates three astrological signs but also affects the other nine. It affects the entire zodiac, not just air signs. The personal horoscope created by the Sibyla often shows the predominance of a certain element or two elements in the zodiac sign, while the other elements stand in the background. Let's say that the zodiac sign shows a predominance of Earth and Air. This person is caring and can handle important tasks with ease. He may also exhibit stronger logical thinking. However, it can be difficult for this zodiac sign to express emotions (because it lacks water) and initiative in decisions (due to a deficit of fire).

The balance of all 4 elements is important to live a balanced life. So that we experience full feelings and stable energy. From the birth chart or personal horoscope, Sibyla can determine which elements are weak and which, on the contrary, are very strongly represented. If the zodiac signs learn to work with those elements that are missing in their lives, they can expect to develop those qualities that are necessary to maintain stability. Zodiac signs work best when all elements are in balance.

Compatibility in love and in family or friendly relationships says that if we have a certain element in the chart, we are not attracted to people who complement this element. Often, our subconscious energy attracts such an opposite into the life of the zodiac sign that complements the necessary energy.

Instead of focusing only on the fact that this person will supplement this insufficient energy in our life, it is more appropriate to try to develop the qualities that we lack, so that we can be an inspiration to each other throughout our lives, not just a supplement of missing energies. Let's not rely only on supplementing the element, but also on working together to improve our balance with ourselves. In this way, zodiac signs learn more not only about love compatibility, but also about their inner life and possible future development.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Influence on Sun Sign if there is an excess of Air

The Air Element in astrology means communication and a clear mind. Those zodiac signs to which fate assigns the air element are inspiring, full of ideas, intellectually based. Zodiac signs defined by air are able to see opportunities for their own development in every situation. They do not look at things one-sidedly, they are capable of overview and work with information.

The impartiality of these signs, which is mostly a positive quality, can sometimes take their opinions to the extreme, when the air zodiac sign becomes too reserved or cold. The Sibyla fortune teller creates a personal Horoscope based on which she can determine the balance of the elements. Air can be absent in the chart of all 12 zodiac signs. However, how to recognize the excess of air without creating a detailed chart and a personal Horoscope from a fortune teller?

Air in balance means a flexible mind. We explore life's possibilities, and the zodiac signs are able to transform their ideas into reality. If there is too much air in the chart of the zodiac sign, explosiveness and nervousness appear in the life of the sign. Everyday efforts are difficult to connect with ideas, which are now so many that we cannot sort them between meaningful and meaningless. zodiac signs can feel an excess of the air element, they feel a great activity of their own thoughts. There are so many of them that they will not give you a peaceful rest. Sleep is a gift for you that you cannot fully use.

At night, you are awakened by thoughts about what you wanted to do, but you did not have enough energy, activity and strength to complete things. An excess of the air element is not beneficial for its wearer. You can't properly anchor and apply thoughts, and you do things before you think about them. The air can cause senseless arguments, when you say words to the other person that you would not have said under other circumstances. Moreover, if the lack of land is also noticeable in the chart, it is likely that you will escape into such a reality of your own, from which the return will be problematic. The excess of air is responsible in the zodiac sign for dreams, which we find increasingly difficult to distinguish from reality.

Too much emphasis on the air element also causes great mental exhaustion, especially if you forget to work with your excess element. A person becomes hyperactive, but without tangible results. Your mind is in constant overload, so your physical health suffers. So it is clear that a large amount of the air element is not exactly positive news for the zodiac signs. However, it is great that it is possible to work with the excess of each element without much effort, and thus we can find harmony again in our mind and body.

How are the Zodiac Signs affected by the Lack of Air in the Horoscope?

Not only the predominance, but also the absence of air in the personal chart is a problem for the zodiac signs. The perception of lack of air in the horoscope is sometimes problematic. It manifests itself through the inability to perceive one's own life problems and also through shifting responsibilities to others. It is complicated to see oneself objectively. However, we also perceive our surroundings critically, so we can hurt those we love with our criticism. Critical thinking is an issue of the zodiac sign, if the absence of air affects the personal chart of the sign. Any objectivity is thus forgotten, and the zodiac signs concentrate on solving meaningless questions and problems.

Several zodiac signs encounter insufficient representation of the air element in a personal Horoscope. Even your surroundings can notice a lack of air, which certainly also reveals the personal horoscope of the zodiac sign. You are apathetic. You do not have the spark of life and you lack the necessary life energy. You focus on life's problems and negative news around you. Not even good news makes you happy, and you generally feel demotivated by the world.

Boredom, great lack of interest in your hobbies or activities that make you happy are also associated with a lack of the air element in the body and in the overall energy of the zodiac sign. Do you not see the point in what you are doing? Do you not enjoy the things that used to fill you with joy and satisfaction? So you are in the right place, where you will learn how to work with the energy of air, which is lacking in your life, Sibyla says to each zodiac sign.

Detecting the deficiency of the air element may not be an easy task. However, if at other times a living and vital being perceives the decline of his own judgment, energy and joy of life, it is obvious that it is necessary to take steps to calm these negative vibrations of the zodiac sign. The air element, which is associated with 3 zodiac signs - Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, can thus cause a tsunami, but not only for air signs.

Carrying out such an activity that was not considered enough is also a result of the imbalance of the strong air element. A sign of lack of air is also excessive interest in material things that do not satisfy us. We can buy a new car, handbag, or vacation, but it doesn't affect the happiness of our zodiac sign. Why? Because this zodiac sign lacks vital air, which is currently in great short supply.

Sufficient estimation and planning is also important for us. Things around us are moving too fast and we are not able to keep pace with our plans. So it happens that we neglect many things and we again get into the cycle of problems and worries. How to find the lost joy in life and how to feel strong and resilient in your own body again? There are practices you can engage in to stabilize the large fluctuations of the air element in the zodiac sign found in the problems described.

Sibyla advises the zodiac signs - How to balance the Air Element?

The great news that the Sibyla brings is that every zodiac sign can bring the spirit under its own control. You can thus enjoy the benefits of this element and forget about the problems caused by insufficient work with excess or lack of air. The three Air Signs are endowed with the main representation of air in the astrological chart. Gemini is an air zodiac sign ruled by Mercury. A planet ensuring communication skills, interest in the surrounding world and the rich inner life of Gemini.

Libra is the second air zodiac sign, ruled by the powerful and energetic planet Venus. Venus lends Libras purposefulness, a sense of beauty and balance in life. The last sign in the sequence of air signs is Aquarius, the penultimate sign of the entire zodiac. The Aquarius zodiac sign is linked to the planets Saturn and Uranus, which in traditional and modern astrology represent the rulers of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Thanks to the rule of these two planets, the Aquarius zodiac sign is independent, original and stable.

However, the lack and excess of air can be manifested in all 12 zodiac signs. If the planets in your personal chart are predominantly represented in the earth, water and fire zodiac signs, and little represented in the air signs, it is clear that your life lacks the necessary air. Do you know your element? In the list below, each zodiac sign's element is explained.

From the given information, we can determine which zodiac sign belongs to a specific element. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to the Air Signs. For each zodiac sign, the element manifests itself in a different way. Aquarius, as an airy zodiac sign, is social, predominantly sanguine, intellectual. The zodiac sign of Libra is a masculine, airy sign, and its positive qualities are an active nature, purposefulness, and the ability to make decisions. The first in the order of Air Signs - Gemini - is a mobile sign with versatile thinking and great intelligence. Because of this, air makes its presence known to each individual in a manner that is unique to them; however, the zodiac signs associated with air element often share certain aspects of their lives.

So we already know which signs belong to the air signs. We even know what element was assigned to our sun sign at birth. We know the feelings of excess and lack of the important element air. We know how we feel if air represents an element that is missing in our astrological chart, is insufficiently represented, or the personal Horoscope shows an excess of it. Now Sibyla concentrates on how to work with the air element. How to balance the air energies of each zodiac sign and how to process the negative feelings associated with its imbalance.

Air energy can be under the control of a zodiac sign

Any zodiac sign found in the above information and feeling the power of air imbalance needs to know the principles for aligning energies. You can balance the air in several ways. For a zodiac sign that perceives both excess and lack of air, the first appropriate way to work with air is to reduce the amount of information you have to work with. We are surrounded by so much information that we are unable to properly process and organize important facts.

It is appropriate that we take a break from the amount of information that consumes the life of a zodiac sign. You can turn off your mobile for a certain time, not read new news today, live for a while without new information that absorbs you. You don't need to completely cut yourself off from the ordinary world. Just give your brain a well-deserved rest for a while.

Look more at the sky. Feel the movement of the earth, the gravity that surrounds us. Feel the safety of the arms of the planet that gives you a place to live. Air Signs should spend more time observing the night and day sky to balance the element. Watching the movement of clouds, the force of the wind, enjoying the fresh air are among the basic activities that stabilize the energies of the air. After all, air is connected to you, either by its lack or excess. Therefore, you must perceive everything related to air. Spend more moments with yourself, breathe fresh air in nature, watch the swaying branches of trees in the gentle breeze. Feel the power of your element and try to understand it. Fortune-teller advises understanding this element's strength and benefits for zodiac sign and personal vitality.

Another option for working with the air element is conscious meditation through breathing. Conscious breathing is a meditation that can improve the zodiac sign's life. With proper mastery of conscious breathing, we can teach our body to work easily with both mental restlessness and physical problems.

Conscious breathing is about the perception of your own breath - inhalations and exhalations. Let the air move slowly through our body. Let's stimulate brain activity and get to know the benefits of this method of meditation, which is very favorable especially for zodiac signs with unbalanced air in life. Conscious breath means identification with oneself, we perceive our breath here and now. With every breath we receive strength, energy into our body, and in this way we caress every cell of our body.

Conscious exhalation can rid us of negative energy from ourselves through concentration. When exhaling, we focus on the fact that the negative energy that binds our hands leaves our body - tension, stress, nervousness, pain... Conscious breathing helps the zodiac signs to feel the power of the air element.

By slow and deliberate exercise combined with conscious breathing, you can receive oxygen - air into your body, which will balance the imbalanced element. All activities that connect you more with the power of air are welcome in this case. Maintain your own space and some freedom in your life. Go fly a kite with your loved ones, do things that you enjoy, that fascinate you. Relax by the mountains or by the waves of the sea. Feel the force of the wind, open the windows in your home and give free rein to the fresh air that will refresh your whole mind and restore harmony to your gloomy days if you are a zodiac sign with an air imbalance, advises astrologer Sibyla.

However, only the individual's personal Chart can clearly determine the distribution of your elements - their excess, deficiency - imbalance. Contact Sibyla and have your own astrological chart created, representing the astrological fingerprint of each zodiac sign.

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