Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

The last of the seven chakras, the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara in Sanskrit), is responsible for the overall search for the meaning of life. Do we want to be both internally and in our physical body self-assured and long for clarity in life and our purpose? If the answer is yes, we must maintain the Crown Chakra in balance and health. When properly open, the Sahasrara chakra imparts many qualities to life - inner wisdom, a sense of grounding in life, understanding and compassion, it promotes peace and harmony, and connects us to intuition and ourselves. And these are the benefits that enrich our lives with joy and happiness.

Chakras are energy centers that each of us has already heard about. In this excerpt, we discuss the last, 7th chakra, which is called the crown chakra. It is obvious from the name that the last chakra is located at the very top of the head. The previous parts of "Chakras" talked about what chakras are, how to treat them, unblock them, how to work with them.

Subsequently, we got acquainted with the six chakras according to the sequence of their location. The 1st chakra referred to as the root chakra is associated with the color red. In life, it means psychological identity, growth and stability. The 2nd - sacral chakra, which is located below, below the navel, speaks of sexuality, pleasure and creativity.

Find life Balance with open Crown Chakra

In previous chapters, we discussed the 3rd chakra - solar plexus. Blockage of the solar plexus chakra manifests itself in physical problems such as ulcers, eating disorders, or indigestion. However, the solar plexus and its disruption is also manifested through the decline of personal power. The heart chakra, which is the fourth chakra, is located in the center of all chakras, in the middle of the chest. It is responsible for love and understanding. The throat chakra located on the neck is connected to the ability to communicate. Its blockage indicates problems in the oral cavity, but also a blockage of thoughts, compassion, or the way of communication. In the previous parts, we also talked about the Third Eye chakra. This chakra is located on the head, between the eyes. If we feel that we are not in touch with our intuition, that we have trouble listening to reality, then the Third Eye Chakra is blocked. You can learn more about chakras in Chakras posts, or use the marked links.

Now, however, we will focus on the last chakra, which is referred to as the Crown Chakra. It is considered the highest energy center in the entire chakra system. It is the highest of the seven chakras, on top of the head. The energy of this chakra, the royal, helps to feel divine unity. We feel harmony with everything alive, with everything around us. This is how a healthy crown chakra manifests itself. So this chakra is the seventh energy center from below. A healthy crown chakra is aligned with the color purple because it vibrates to the colors purple or white. The dominant element of the crown chakra is thought. This energy center is associated with the pituitary gland. It is known as the connection and control center of the body. The crown chakra is depicted through a lotus flower.

Why is the Seventh Chakra Referred to as Both "Crown Chakra" and "Sahasrara"?

The chakra system includes the Crown Chakra, which holds the seventh position. It carries just as much importance as the other six chakras, each with its unique attributes and significance.

When you embark on the journey of studying chakras, whether as a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you will encounter various names for the Crown Chakra. A beginner's guide to chakras might introduce the term "Crown Chakra," but you will also come across the Sanskrit word "Sahasrara." Both terms represent the same chakra. However, "Sahasrara" is deeply rooted in ancient yogic philosophy and tends to be the more commonly used term in several cultures. Within the context of the chakra system, "Sahasrara" signifies the "thousand-petaled lotus" and represents the ultimate spiritual center. The term "Sahasrara" has its origins in the Sanskrit language, symbolizing the expansive and limitless nature of this chakra.

So, "Sahasrara" carries the same profound significance and descriptive qualities as the English term "Crown Chakra." Consequently, whether one opts for the English label or embraces the Sanskrit heritage, the essence remains unchanged. However, it is valuable to be familiar with both names to appreciate the rich meanings they convey. In the English language, the term "Crown Chakra" predominantly indicates its position, situated at the uppermost point of the head, representing the link to elevated consciousness and the awakening of one's spirituality.

Both beginners and experienced individuals in the study of chakras have the freedom to select the terminology that aligns with their preferences when delving into the complexities of the human energy system. Nevertheless, the fundamental importance of both designations remains unchanged, as they denote the chakra accountable for spiritual perception, a connection to the divine, and a deep sense of oneness with the cosmos. By harmonizing the seventh chakra, we unlock the benefits of heightened spiritual awareness and a profound sense of oneness with the cosmos. In the forthcoming sections, we will delve into the specifics of balancing this chakra and the transformative effects of an unobstructed energy flow.

How does blockage of the Sahasrara chakra manifest itself?

The next most important function of the Sahasrara is alignment with divine power, and also with the source of healing energy through spirituality, enlightenment, knowledge and self-realization. Opening the crown chakra is a beautiful process that equates our life with the spiritual.

From the very beginning of opening the crown chakra, we connect with the energy of the deity, it is a channel to the higher self. So we can consider the highest chakra as the source of aligning us with higher consciousness. It governs all creation, offering order and a sense of consciousness. So it is obvious that we want to keep this chakra in harmony. However, how does its disruption or blocking manifest itself?

In order to know if the Sahasrara is blocked, it is essential to monitor your body and psyche. If we notice changes in behavior, or certain behaviors cause us persistent problems, it is obvious that some chakra is blocked. The best way to determine if the Sahasrara needs treatment is to pay attention to actions, physical sensations, as well as feelings and thoughts.

If the following symptoms appear, it is obvious that we need to treat the last one - the Sahasrara. A blocked crown chakra manifests primarily through apathy. We don't enjoy things that used to make us smile. We are not interested in the future, we are not happy with the present... Another sign that the crown chakra is blocked is a lack of compassion for others. We cannot connect emotionally with the problems of others, and we see our problems as the biggest. There is a lack of empathy.

Other signs of a blocked crown chakra are egoism, bad dreams, or general emptiness. We are not motivated. We don't enjoy the things that used to make us happy. Nothing in life fulfills us, and we go through life without smiling.

A blocked Sahasrara is also responsible for the feeling of alienation from other people, for existential depression. However, he also has physical difficulties. It is related to insomnia, mental fogginess, general confusion, but also neurological disorders. The last chakra that is blocked will cause headaches, sensitivity to light and chronic fatigue. If you have noticed these problems in yourself, continue reading, because in the following lines you will learn how to work with the crown chakra, how to bring it into the symphony...

Unblocking, unlocking or balancing Crown Chakra

Blockage of the crown chakra can manifest itself through excessive or insufficient activity. In a word, this imbalance is referred to as blocking the crown chakra. The chakra is energetically dulled, or an excessive chakra is energetically aggressive.

However, both chakra imbalances cause the problems we mentioned in the previous lines. But is it possible to stop somewhere in the middle, and maintain a healthy vitality? With the help of simple exercises and through the adoption of the right habits, it is possible to keep the Sahasrara healthy throughout life. There are practices that help keep the chakras in harmony. Now we will talk about what to do if we feel a blocked Sahasrara and how to treat this chakra properly.

First of all, we must focus on meditation exercises. Meditation is mentioned in the healing of all chakras because it is the most important technique to keep the chakras vital. An unblocked chakra deserves our attention, and if it is blocked we need to bring it back into balance. With the help of meditation exercises and breathing techniques, with the help of repeating the mantra, the transition to a healthy Sahasrara is very easy. However, if we desire balanced chakras that will accompany us throughout our lives, it is necessary to make meditation a habit for every day.

Meditation is discovering the true self. If we do not identify with ourselves, we cannot be healthy. Therefore, devote enough time every day to meditating alone, when you perceive your inhalation and exhalation, and concentrate only on the present moment. Gradually get rid of the rush of thoughts, and you will focus only on yourself. This is how meditation becomes effective in healing Sahasrara problems.

Another way to work with the crown chakra is to focus attention inward. We have to start noticing all the thoughts that flow through the brain, those that create us. Some thoughts come from a huge gap in our mind. The idea is a huge force with which it is vital to work. We can control all thoughts, but we have to focus on them.

Let's remove self-doubt and all those thoughts that cause us suffering from our minds. Let's work with energy. We will improve our own health through beautiful thoughts and a positive attitude.

The crown chakra can also be properly opened through education. We are often bound by old, limited perspectives from which we cannot break free. If we do not learn, we remain in a kind of prison of our mind, which no longer grows. To unblock the crown chakra, it is advisable to educate yourself throughout your life. Let's read books, educate ourselves in the field of diet, exercise, in the field of work that we enjoy. Do not forget that the more you know, the more you understand other people, but also yourself.

Additional Tips for Balancing Ajna Chakra

In order for the chakra to be strong and balanced, explore the healing power of plants. Spend plenty of time learning about the positive properties of the plants you use in tea or cooking. Herbs have enormous power that we can use to treat both mental and physical problems. Herbal medicine is effective for opening the crown chakra, but also for purifying the entire body and the entire energy field. We approach all living things with respect, including plants, and prepare a drink that balances the mind and enriches the body. Prepare ginger, cardamom, or fenugreek tea. Fennel, saffron and cinnamon will also help you to harmonize body and soul.

Last but not least, for a strong Sahasrara we can also use crystals, which clearly help to balance the energy of the crown chakra. So let's add crystals to meditation and a proper lifestyle that we carry with us, or place them in the home or workplace. The Sahasrara is properly unlocked through amethyst, selenite, or obelisk. We can wear these crystals as body accessories to feel the energy of a healthy crown chakra.

We believe that the above techniques for unlocking the Sahasrara chakra will help anyone who feels the negative vibrations of a damaged chakra. Chakra as a powerful energy center is closely connected with the life of each of us. Don't forget the key meditation, thanks to which we identify with ourselves and understand our life more. Horoscope and Tarot wishes you good luck in healing your chakras, and lots of positive energy for your everyday days.

The color of the Crown Chakra

Working with your own energy and with your own thoughts is therefore the basis for a healthy crown chakra. The crown chakra is associated with the color purple. Purple has the highest vibrational frequency in the entire spectrum of all colors that take care of individual chakras. This color is the color of reflection, spirituality. Thanks to it, we realize who we are, where life is headed and where it is currently located. A person's purple aura indicates a person's great interest and desire to find answers to various life questions or problems.

In order to take the right path and to properly treat the crown chakra, it is necessary to place accessories of purple color in the home, office or in the place where we spend the most time during the day. Purple color will give life a feeling of clarity, certainty, unity and integrity. Thanks to it, we feel whole, connected to a higher consciousness, our thoughts are more positive. When meditating, don't forget to imagine a violet aura around you, as well as a bright white light surrounding your body. This exercise will stimulate your mind and improve your perception of yourself. This technique works to heal the crown chakra.

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