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Retrograde Planets in 2022 and Their Influence on Horoscope 2022

Horoscope 2022 - Astrology of January 2022 - Venus, Mercury & Uranus Retrograde

What are Retrograde planets and how do they affect everyday life, and how will they affect 2022 or astrology? Horoscope 2022 works not only with the Sun, but also with other planets and their motion. The impact of Retrograde planets on our energy and overall life is perhaps the most noticeable of all known planetary motions. Retrograde planets are those that move from the point of view of the earth as if in Retrograde motion. We refer to this movement in our horoscopes as the reverse or Retrograde movement of the planets.

Each planet acts with specific energies when it is in direct motion, and also when it is in Retrograde motion. In the Astrology section that we are preparing, we will discuss all the influences acting during Retrograde movements in houses or signs, on the yearly Horoscope 2022. In 2022, there are several Retrograde movements of Mercury, which strikes energy perhaps most significantly, along with other fast-moving planets. In short, however, we will explain what the Retrograde movement means in general for the whole zodiac and how to avoid life mistakes during its operation, what's Horoscope 2022 reccomends...

Here you will find exact dates for 2022, which you should know if you want to thoroughly understand your horoscope. Also, read about what you should definitely not do while moving individual planets, and what this location is very suitable for.

Our Horoscope 2022 and overall karma is usually associated with the Retrograde movement of planets. In most cases, it is karma that strikes us from the past, and because of it, you feel hampered in life development and in your personal progress. This movement of the planets therefore also affects your progress and your decisions. It reminds you of past times, past steps and your past actions. Therefore, it is closely connected with human karma.

Astrology Horoscope 2022 - Retrograde Mercury

Horoscope 2022 specifies up to 4 periods in 2022, when this planet, ruling the signs of Gemini and Virgo will be in a retrograde motion. What does this movement mean for all zodiac signs and how do Retrograde planets affect the overall yearly Horoscope 2022?

Mercury Movement in 2022

Retrograde Mercury 2022 - Astrology 2022

Horoscope 2022 Warns - what not to do when Mercury is Retrograde?

The following rules apply to each of us - to every sign of the zodiac. When the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo is in Retrograde, we should avoid the following things:

  • do not sign important documents or important contracts
  • these days are not suitable for marriage, varns astrology Horoscope 2022
  • we do not decide on important investments
  • we do not delve our minds deep into the past, because we must not allow our thoughts to make the wrong decisions or the wrong past steps to engulf us
  • important presentations and the like, we postpone to another date when Mercury is in direct motion
  • we avoid confrontation in private life and at work, underlines yearly Horoscope 2022
  • this period is also not suitable for job interviews or a sudden change of job
  • we avoid long and frequent travel, says astrology Horoscope 2022
  • we don't buy big things, we don't change anything important

These things apply to all signs of the zodiac, not only for the year 2022, but for every period when the planet Mercury is Retrograde.

On the other hand, this planet also brings us many opportunities. We can heal personal and family relationships and improve bonds with friends. The period of Mercury thus deposited means directing our thoughts to the past, and most of the time it bothers us. However, you can also benefit from using these past thoughts for inner forgiveness of yourself, or anyone who is bothering your mind and depriving you of a peaceful sleep.

Since it is best to be carried away by these astrological influences, we should also walk in accordance with the Retrograde planets at the time they act. Walk in accordance with Mercury. Horoscope 2022 specifies that during Retrograde Mercury, the best way to do this is to contact old acquaintances with whom you have had a good relationship. You can restore forgotten positive energies from the past. You can make a review of your own interior, as well as your past decisions - but without remorse.

Even if your progress is slowed down during this period, you can use it to refresh your own energy. You can also focus on creativity and your site with a personality that has something to offer. Horoscope 2022 in astrology reccomends, you should listen to music, relax, perceive your own thoughts and your own soul… Pay attention to your children, parents, partner… Try to calm each quarrel with sensible arguments and a calm approach, although it can sometimes be more difficult due to the Retrograde Mercury… Your personal Horoscope 2022 will tell you more about how exactly this position of the planet Mercury will hit your zodiac sign in 2022 - love, energy, vitality, career, or finance.

Horoscope 2022 & Astrology - Retrograde Venus

The ruling planet of the sign of Taurus and Libra will influence us in the first month of 2022. January 2022, and the first days of February belong to the Retrograde Venus, which strikes virtually every sign of the zodiac with its energy and power.

This position of Venus in Horoscope 2022 and Astorlogy means the possibility that someone from your past will contact you, with whom you have not entered into all relationships, have not terminated your emotional status. During the first month of 2022, Venus will focus the attention of the whole zodiac on the past, on relationships, and progress in all areas of life will be even more problematic…

Venus also loves art and beauty, emphasize astrology Horoscope 2022, but during her retreat she causes obstacles in this direction. Some of you will tend to make your life special and sign up for a new course, or you may want to start some creative activity. However, you should pay attention to other interests, because creative activity will encounter obstacles.

Venus movement in 2022

Retrograde Venus 2022 - Astrology 2022

Horoscope 2022 Recommends - what to avoid in the time of Retrograde Venus?

There are things that are better left out or rescheduled. Decisions, procedures and even the functionality of plans can be disrupted by these energies. If you want things to run smoothly and without complications in your life, Horoscope 2022 recommends that you avoid the following things during Retrograde Venus:

  • avoid the wedding - be sure to plan it for another period - this position means great complications at the wedding, but it also means the subsequent instability of the marriage
  • even new relationships will not thrive, so do not focus your energy on creating new relationships, emphasizes Horoscope 2022 in Astrology
  • don't buy things related to fashion - don't waste money on clothes or other, insignificant material short-term pleasures
  • Horoscope 2022 talks to every zodiac sign - do not undergo cosmetic procedures that are more invasive (chemical peeling, beauty-related surgeries, tattoos, or other more invasive cosmetic procedures)
  • don't start with new hobbies, because they will not be permanent and will impoverish your wallet, and they can also affect your self-confidence, because the new interest will quickly bore you

But how to overcome this period of 2022 so that your soul, wallet, and energy do not suffer? If you've done creative work in the past, you can resume that activity. Only starting new, never-tried things is problematic in this regard. You can focus on the past. It's a good idea to call people you haven't seen in a long time, revitalize and renew close friendships…

Remember childhood and bring back to your life the activities and things that caused you pleasure and joy. Examine your own relationship to yourself and your closest relationships. Pay attention to their depth and, of course, to their magnification. Perceive the love of children, parents, friends, partner… Enjoy life more emotionally and do not forget to live in the present moment.

Retrograde Mars - Horoscope 2022 and Astrology

The final months of 2022 will belong to the movement of Mars, continues yearly Horoscope 2022, which is very strong. Mars, the ruling planet of the sign of Aries, symbolizes the never-ending energy, passion and desire for the advancement of life. However, the external influence of Mars on the zodiac is subdued during its Retrograde motion, and Mars flips its energies into other currents of life. Horoscope 2022 has been working with the energies of Mars mainly since October 30th, 2022, when the red planet flips into its only Retrograde motion this year. However, it will last until the end of 2022, and will also hit 2023.

Your thoughts may now wander and not be in line with your past plans. The time around you may slow down to your detriment and you will feel that you are not catching up with your responsibilities on time. So it will affect your work, but also your private, family life. Enjoying intimate life is a big problem because Retrograde Mars disrupts this area of life. So you will face a lack of energy resulting from an intimate connection with a partner, a lover… Sex can now be more of a duty than a pleasure.

Mars built in this way also reduces people's femininity and their feminine side. Horoscope 2022 points out that the fighting energies of Mars are coming to the fore and its conflicting side is manifesting itself, as well as its analytical perception of things. Mars can also isolate you from other people, but only if you let your past guilt or negative thoughts permeate your life.

Mars movement and Astrology 2022

Retrograde Mars 2022 - Astrology 2022

Horoscope 2022 Recommends - what to avoid in the time of Retrograde Mars?

There aren't many warnings about what not to do with Mars, but you need to know what the 2022 horoscope recommends, because Mars is really intense and energized. Of course, only your personal, complete yearly Horoscope 2022 on our site will tell you what house Mars will hit, but in general, avoid the following things:

  • Horoscope 2022 does not recommend entering into hasty and impulsive marriages
  • Avoid any risky activities and be careful with risky occupations
  • don't act impulsively - both at work and in relationships, think first, feel like doing so
  • don't start new projects, but finish up and running
  • don't leave things going for later, advise astrology Horoscope 2022, you should finish everything by the end of Mars Retrograde to continue with a clean slate

In this position, Mars can bring many of us an imbalance in energies, emotions, and feelings. However, you can discover a new side of yourself because you recognize the activities in which you best remove stress and negative vibrations from home and life. The position of Mars can be frustrating, sums yearly Horoscope 2022, which is why it is good if you are looking for opportunities to reduce the accumulated energy, stress, anger… Exercise, walk, look for opportunities to physically strengthen the body.

It is in these moments that the energy of Venus, which is in direct motion, is very helpful. Therefore, focus more on your emotional side and try to transfer the power of the loving and receptive Venus to your world. Let the power of Venus hit your relationships, which can thrive even more with a little bit of your care and devotion.

Because sexual energy is disrupted because of Mars, you have a unique opportunity to build your relationships on other values and focus on communication, touch, kisses, and your deepest feelings. Boldly, he recommends the yearly Horoscope 2022.

Retrograde Jupiter and its influence on the Astrology & yearly Horoscope 2022

During the year, Horoscope 2022 speaks of the movement of the Retrograde Jupiter in the period from the end of July to the end of September 2022. Thus, for 118 days, Jupiter shows its strength in the opposite movement and strikes the individual astrological houses of the zodiac signs.

From a general point of view, Jupiter dampens our curiosity and so it can also dampen the desire for travel and new experiences. It focuses us more on established activities and reminds us of a familiar sentence - good everywhere, best at home, Horoscope 2022 specifies. The Retrograde Jupiter brings into the life of the whole zodiac a number of opportunities for health regeneration, and the overall recreation of the soul and the physical body.

Horoscope 2022 also emphasizes that Jupiter in this position stops things that make no sense in our lives. It will therefore affect anyone who takes meaningless steps in life, or those who find themselves only in superficial and unrequited relationships. It focuses us on what has a sense and meaning in life.

Jupiter movement in 2022

Retrograde Jupiter 2022 - Astrology 2022

What should you avoid during the time of the Retrograde Jupiter in 2022?

As with any Retrograde movement of the planets, there are warnings in this case that Horoscope 2022 brings. So avoid the following things:

  • excessive analysis of the decisions of others, instruct Horoscope 2022
  • do not judge the lives, decisions and directions of others unless they ask you to
  • don't just focus on order and discipline, but let more freedom and maybe a little impulsivity into your life

You will feel satisfied with Jupiter's position in 2022 if you experience the joy of everyday life. Energy can be even better if you give a healthy perspective to your life and if you try to understand the emotions and decisions of others. Work hard in your ideas and calmly succumb to a small adventure of discovering things and people around you.

Astrology Retrograde Saturn affects Horoscope 2022 - 141 days

In this move, Saturn will return to you everything from the past that you forgot or that you wanted to finish later. In 2022, you will have 141 days of opportunity to close things that are associated with your life success and progress. You have to fill all the gaps you feel in life. You must complete everything you consider necessary now. This applies not only to projects or careers, but also to the relationships and emotions of you and the people around you.

Now you tend to go back with your thoughts, as is the case with Retrograde planets, says Horoscope 2022. With Saturn backwards, people seem too awesome, cautious and analytical. Your thoughtfulness can turn you into a comfortable sleep more than one night. We are aware of an inner debt to ourselves or to our faith. We appreciate everything that others give us and we avoid reckless steps. In the financial area, we proceed thoughtfully - we do not spend money headlong and useless.

Astrology Movement of Saturn in 2022

Retrograde Saturn 2022 - Astrology 2022

Horoscope 2022 says - don't do this during Retrograde Saturn

Usually, when Saturn is directive, it brings a lot of possibilities and happiness to life. However, when his movement becomes Retrograde, there are certain things that all signs of the zodiac should avoid, and that everyone should know if he wants to survive the successful year of 2022. Avoid these things while Retrograde Saturn:

  • don't start new projects, Horoscope 2022 speaks
  • do not engage in any risky activities
  • beware of overload at work, set your work calendar so that you are not stressed due to work
  • do not create conflicts with authorities
  • do not persist in violent relationships, sums up Horoscope 2022

These points are basic warnings about what to avoid while Retrograde Saturn. On the other hand, this Saturn is closely connected with your karma. You will probably have to overcome a certain lesson related to the past, but horoscope 2022 suggests that it will move you emotionally forward during this period. You will feel the burden of the past on your soul, and right now you have the opportunity to connect with someone with whom you need to resolve relationships.

One feels the power of this planet to the fullest, even when it is in slow Retrograde motion. Man is a teacher at this time. You perceive your needs, you focus on your children, Horoscope 2022 specifies. You can take more care of your appearance without remorse. Direct your free time mainly to mental and physical care for yourself, because only if you are happy can you embrace your family with happiness. Focus on personal goals - and plan for the future.

Astrology Retrograde Uranus and his influence on Horoscope 2022

During the year 2022, we observe the Retrograde Uranus in up to two terms. The first is a 17-day transition to the month of January. Subsequently, it will hit all 12 signs of the zodiac in the period from the end of August, until the beginning of 2023. For 130 days, it will give us enough of its influence, which we can use to our advantage.

Horoscope 2022 sums up - this Uranus causes a specific expression of one's own personality. Our originality is the basis of our lives and we rebel against everything they want to command or forbid us in life. This is a complicated position, especially for children who are fully expressing their rebellious side, and under the influence of Uranus, parents must try to understand their needs more than usual. You are also more afraid of responsibilities and daily tasks, which can now frustrate you.

If you have done things in the past that others have not forgiven you, you will have a hard time because you will feel that you have lost a piece of yourself due to this misunderstanding, highlighting Horoscope 2022. Horoscope 2022 further highlights strange dreams and nightmares that may plague multiple signs of the zodiac. On the positive side, however, all people are aware of the importance of freedom of the soul, and we even know how to achieve this state of life. Now only the plan and determination are missing.

Urán v roku 2022

Retrograde Uranus 2022 - Astrology 2022

Retrograde Uranus - what is Astrology and yearly Horoscope 2022 recommended to avoid?

From a karmic point of view, Retrograde Uranus means a certain trigger in emotions and relationships. The family life of those who have already broken relationships may be affected. Your inner turmoil will encourage you to change several things in life. However, looking at the overall astrological chart, Horoscope 2022 does not recommend making major and irreversible life changes in the second half of 2022. So what not to do at a time when the Retrograde Uranus is acting on the zodiac?

  • do not shy away from traditional things, appreciate stability and living order
  • do not shout, calm your mind and your voice, urge Horoscope 2022
  • don't be frustrated by things you don't change
  • do not cause conflicts in the family
  • do not suspect others of treason or infidelity

Uranus can make you feel that others are cheating on you and that they do not deserve your trust. It causes ruptures in interpersonal relationships. Therefore, you need to calm down, you need to calm the emotions around you.… Get your family into a common emotional plane to get the most out of this Uranus Retrograde,emphasizing Horoscope 2022.

So what should you focus on these days? As we have already mentioned, this movement can cause unexpected twists or changes in your current direction in your life. It may be difficult for some to handle this Uranus crossing, but some will not even feel it much. In any case, the whole zodiac should focus on building one's own inner thinking and establishing the right approach to things to do.

This, the second movement of the Retrograde Uranus occurs in the second half of the year, beginning on August 24th. From this time on, things will slow down a bit and you will have more time to analyze what you have achieved in the last period and what you still have to manage. Horoscope 2022 specifies a given transit as a great opportunity for life analysis.

Retrograde Planet Neptune acting on the Astrology & yearly Horoscope 2022

Neptune will be in this movement for 159 days in 2022, during which you can feel incomprehensible not only from members of your family, but also from co-workers or children. We focus more on our own spiritual side and the things we love - such as music, dance, television, walks… These things also help us eliminate the negative vibrations of this transit. Do what you love, because the importance of rest and self-development will be reminded mainly by the Retrograde Neptune, specified in the yearly Horoscope 2022.

Neptune perceives things around you practically enough, so you will also look at your tasks. You will perceive, understand and comprehend everything. However, you will often lack the initiative to change, correct, or avert something. You value inner truth and try to transform your understanding of others into pleasing words and deeds.

Close the gaps in the relationships that bother you, Horoscope 2022 recommending. Don't build air locks that separate you from the reality around you or your loved ones. The karma associated with your life is also associated with the karma associated with your life. You have to learn to separate one thing from another - privacy from work, emotions from everyday responsibilities, aggression from emotions. Reviewing your own principles and needs will help you these days.

Astrology Neptune Movement in 2022

Retrograde Neptune 2022 - Astrology 2022

Horoscope 2022 exhorts - what to avoid in the time of Retrograde Neptune

Neptune's karma is also connected with the past. So try to learn as much as you can about yourself, because a deceptive view of your own life can throw you into great mental tension. What things to avoid when Retrograde Neptune, and what else does Horoscope 2022 tell you?

  • do not succumb to exaggerated imagination
  • don't rely on others to solve problems
  • do not run to illusions if you feel exhausted, remind Horoscope 2022
  • do not escape from everyday reality
  • do not think negatively

Although transit will be difficult, it also brings certain possibilities. You can look at your old selves, who are subject to illusions about life to such an extent that they frustrate you. Neptune will remind you of your old illusions and reveal your naive side. However, even if several things disappoint you in this view, says yearly Horoscope 2022, they give you the opportunity to never repeat the mistake.

At least during this period, try to dream about real things. Certainly, the whole zodiac will feel the desire to escape from reality to a more beautiful place - to the realm of dreams and ideas. Remember, however, that if you do not fight for what you want in life, you will never achieve mental liberation and the goal of life.

The big positive is that it opens up a certain sense of perception and anticipation of the future. Thanks to deeper meditation, each sign has the opportunity to see what will happen in the future. You can predict situations that are ahead of you that will result in a change in your fateful life path.

How does Retrograde Pluto hit us and Horoscope 2022?

Pluto gets into a Retrograde motion during 2022 for 162 days. If you feel this transition, it is clear that you will get the most out of any situation that seems to be negative at the beginning. With the Retrograde Pluto, you have the opportunity to transform what seems to be negative into things that help you move forward in life. For example, illness also brings you opportunities for your own life transformation and for you to realize the most important values in life.

You may tend to break emotional bonds with those who no longer bring you joy in life. From the point of view of relationships and emotions, it can be a complicated period, but the whole zodiac gets the opportunity to clean up in his life. However, Horoscope 2022 warns you to make these changes very slowly and to analyze all the consequences of any of your actions related to relationships and your emotions.

Astrology & Pluto Movement in 2022

Retrograde Pluto 2022 - Astrology 2022

What is Horoscope 2022 recommended to avoid these days?

Some signs are hit by a strong internal struggle, but you get a reason to transform yourself. Overall, you need to be prepared for the fact that when these energies of Pluto resonate, you will have to leave behind a piece of something that will not return to you. The energy of Retrograde Pluto encourages you to end things that no longer bring you life satisfaction and joy. Horoscope 2022 will tell you in the following lines what not to do these days:

  • don't make a mess highlight astrology Horoscope 2022
  • don't be afraid of new things that you will have to master
  • don't fix yourself on things that have been and that you can't change
  • do not regret the positive changes in your life
  • don't feel guilty for craving life change
  • don't shut yourself in

So, as we have said, this whole period seems appropriate for a great order in life. You will cleanse the energies of the household, your own soul and literally everything. Cleaning both physical and mental is now very convenient, underline Horoscope 2022, and only then can you make the most of the gifts that the Retrograde pluto offers you.

You must not now be afraid of certain endings or terminations. Everything that has to stay behind you now, you have to leave. There is no time to show sadness and great regret, because you will no longer change these things and then it will be easier for you to walk in life. As drastic as it sounds - this is how the Retrograde Pluto works.

However, you should be prepared for the fact that as a result of the end of a certain life thing, certain misunderstandings and difficulties will arise, which you will have to overcome and complete after the sound of the Retrograde Pluto. But you don't have to worry about anything. Horoscope 2022 says that pluto will lead you on the right path, although at first glance it can be a very challenging period full of determination, combativeness, strength and emotional struggles.

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Retrograde movements of the Planets Acting on Horoscope 2022 - Astrology Chart

Retrograde Mercury and Horoscope 2022
  • 14 January 2022 (in Aquarius) - 04 February 2022 (in Capricorn) (21 days)
  • 10 May 2022 (in Gemini) - 03 June 2022 (in Taurus) (24 days)
  • 10 September 2022 (in Libra) - 02 October (in Scorpio) (22 days)
  • 29 December 2022 (Capricorn) - end of year 2022 (3 days)
Venus Retrograde - Horoscope and Astrology 2022
  • 01 January 2022 - 29 January 2022 (in Capricorn zodiac sign) (28 days)
Planet Mars Retrograde - Astrology and yearly Horoscope 2022
  • 30 October 2022 - to the end of year 2022 (in Gemini) (63 days)
Jupiter is Retrograde - Astrology prediction - Horoscope 2022
  • 28 July 2022 (Aries) - 23 November 2022 (Pisces) (118 days)
Saturn Retrograde - Astrology 2022
  • Horoscope 04 June 2022 (Aquarius) - 23 October 2022 (Aquarius) (141 days)
Uranus is Retrograde in 2022 - Horoscope 2022 and yearly Astrology:
  • 01 January 2022 (Taurus) - 18 January 2022 (Taurus) (17 days)
  • 24 August 2022 (Taurus) - to the end of the year 2022 (130 days)
Neptune is Retrograde - Horoscope 2022:
  • 28 June 2022 (Pisces) - 04 December 2022 (Pisces) (159 days)
Retrograde Pluto - Astrology, Horoscope 2022
  • 29 April 2022 (Capricorn) - 08 October 2022 (Capricorn) (162 days)
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You will know the basic principles of moving planets, which will have the most important impact on your life and your energy in 2022. Horoscope 2022 will alert you in your personal horoscope to several transits that are connected with the action of Retrograde planets. The complete Horoscope 2022 will also tell you which area of your life each planet will hit during the Retrograde motion. ⬇️

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