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Monthly Horoscope Virgo

April 2021

This month, a powerful Moon will visit your lives to help you overcome everyday things. You can use the positive feelings that the Moon gives you in your life to build relationships. We are talking about relationships of all kinds, consolidate love for a partner, children or family. Open your heart during this month and get rid of those who negatively burden your soul. Things that exhaust you must be removed from your life. Most of the time, however, it is your internal struggle that you have to deal with. If you are worried about something you are afraid to say, don't hesitate to do so this month. The Moon will help you discover the truth and act the best you can. Intuition will guide you.

Love: In a relationship this month, remember that no argument is bad enough to disrupt your long-term relationship. Focus more on your inner feelings and the love you feel for your partner. Let them know more often that you love them. For singles, there is no hurry. You better focus on yourself and focus on your well-being. Remember to visit your family in the first half of the month. Someone is waiting impatiently for your presence. Friendship is rare, so pamper yourself this month. Show friends you're here for them.

Health: Be cautious this month. Due to more stress and pressure on you, you may not be fully engaged in the things you do. This could result in an unpleasant injury. It could also bother you in the future. Beware of injuries during weekends. Spend more weekends with your family this month. It will also relax your psyche and will be more health-friendly. If someone in your family asks for help with their health problem, try to advise them.

Work & Money: This month you will have to make sure you find a compromise between work and relaxation. Remember, if you are not relaxing enough, your work pace can also affect your health. Sometimes less is more, so don't put all your energy just to work. Your colleague will need your advice, earlier this month. Even if you don't feel strong sympathy for this, try to give a piece of good advice. You will be surprised, but your help will be later returned several times.

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