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Monthly Horoscope Virgo

May 2020

In this month, your mighty moon, which has the power to facilitate understanding of our interior, will affect your sign. The moon also positively affects the ability to internally treat our problems, difficulties, and emotional disappointments. It literally heals the soul and its influence has a very strong impact on our inner feelings. This month you have the opportunity to work with your interior and intensively focus on understanding your feelings and emotions. The Moon is also the one that pulls you home. Whether it is a home you create or a home that you remember from your childhood, it is definitely time to fasten the handcuffs with your loved ones. Under the influence of the Moon, you will know exactly how to satisfy the emotional lack of people you love. Everyone in your family needs to feel your closeness, support and love.

Love: If you feel lonely for a long time, even if you're in a relationship, don't worry about this short period. Soon everything will change for the better. But it also requires your initiative and more interest in your partner. Singles should watch out for a relationship with someone who is married or partnered with someone else. Do not let yourself be drawn into the love triangle. Your family cares immensely about you and will therefore support you, even in the most difficult moments. You've already hurt a friend in your life. Beware of your actions and do not repeat this mistake, which will persecute you for a long time. You are unnecessarily hurting yourself.

Health: Poor eating will cause stomach problems this month and an unbalanced diet will weaken your immunity. Avoid fast food. Since you can get cold during this month, we recommend taking the necessary vitamins for your body. Interest yourself more in a popular smoothies and try to learn more about this area. You must absolutely include vegetables and fruits in your daily diet this month. The pastry is also not good. Try to cook something new at home. This will surprise your friends, yourself and it will open new horizons of eating and buying quality food.

Work & Money: This month, you’ll see new opportunities to succeed in your work area. Be careful, however, of non-enemies and if you have a good idea, don't tell anyone. The time will come when you can present your great ideas. Your colleagues are not as honest with you as you think. Focus on yourself and stop worrying about privacy at work.

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