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Monthly Horoscope Virgo

August 2020

This month you might get stopped by your procedures, with someone requesting concrete results and a description of how you did what. During this month, it looks like you will have to make several decisions to make you happier. These decisions will not be big and one-time, but will consist of several small decisions that you will need to make. However, the position of the Sun gives you more energy than in the previous month. You will not lack motivation and even confidence. Doubts about whether or not you can do something will be forgotten this month, so you can count on yourself. But do not waste energy on things that are not worth it.

Love: If you meet someone interesting this month who will charm you with intelligence or a sense of humour, don't tell your partner about it. It could lead to a nasty jealous scene in your life from your partner's side. You'd better let your partner know during the month that you care about them and that they are the only one for you. If you are still without a partner it's time to go into nature. During the walks you will meet a charming person who will immediately show interest in you. But beware of their obligations. Get to know them more before you fall for them. This month it would be good to remember your family more often. They expect you to call them more often. Find more time for all your friends this month.

Health: Be especially on the go this month. Caution will be required in each of your activities. Do not get distracted when driving. In the second half of the month, beware of the heavy workload that could increase your stress and even cause severe headaches. Try to rest as much as possible during the last week of the month.

Work & Money: This month, try to focus on improving your foreign languages and learn about learning methods that can take you a lot further. Don't be passive and find suitable jobs in your area. Your family or friends will certainly give you good advice in this area. Your colleagues do not always wish you success. Be careful what you disclose to them and keep some things for yourself.

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