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Monthly Horoscope Virgo

January 2021

This month, a powerful Jupiter will hit your mark, giving you wisdom and appropriate attitudes to things you haven't been able to respond to yet. Jupiter will reveal your positive side in you and will also strengthen your positive thinking. This month you will feel more optimistic. Jupiter is a mighty and especially powerful planet, and it has an impact on your exaggerated reactions. It rolls with great force, and so will you. You will have to restrain your emotions a little during this month so that you don't hurt anyone you care about.

Love: More frequent contact with your partner this month will bring you a dream of love and proximity. Do not forget to enjoy this magical period and try to avoid pointless arguments throughout the month. You've overcome a number of issues together. If you are single and someone needs your attention, try to think about a coffee invitation or a drink. You may find it more interesting than you thought. In family relationships, you have to start growing up and forgive someone in your family who has disappointed you in the past. Friendship is really important, so don't neglect the value of real friends.

Health: Take great care of yourself this month and take care of your soul and energy throughout the month. Learn about eating and alternative medicine. Try to read more about Chinese medicine and meditation. Meditation means mainly purging your psyche, there is no need to look for anything crazy and exotic. This month you may be troubled by more frequent headaches and stomach problems. If you feel more tired than in the previous period indulge in healthier lifestyle and better sleep. It is extremely important for you to think of a good and regular drinking regime. If you have trouble sleeping, look for alternative ways to sleep better. Have you heard of melatonin?

Work & Money: This month you need to retract from your demands at work. Don't put more on your shoulders than you can. It could happen that you get overwhelmed by a job that will then turn back on you and you will not have any time to complete your tasks. Watch your work. Even though some of them might look like your friends it is not so. You may be a very trustworthy person, but do not discuss your privacy at work this month.

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