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Monthly Horoscope Gemini

October 2020

In this month, your mighty moon, which has the power to facilitate understanding of our interior, will affect your sign. The moon also positively affects the ability to internally treat our problems, difficulties, and emotional disappointments. It literally heals the soul and its influence has a very strong impact on our inner feelings. This month you have the opportunity to work with your interior and intensively focus on understanding your feelings and emotions. The Moon is also the one that pulls you home. Whether it is a home you create or a home that you remember from your childhood, it is definitely time to fasten the handcuffs with your loved ones. Under the influence of the Moon, you will know exactly how to satisfy the emotional lack of people you love. Everyone in your family needs to feel your closeness, support and love.

Love: If you wanted to correct something from the past, that time has passed, and now you have no other choice but to pursue your future. The past must stay behind you this month. But it will be the best for you. You can't change the past, but your future may be exactly as you want it to be. If you make enough effort. If you're interested in someone and you're still without a partner, it's time to tell them. There is nothing worse than living in uncertainty. You will get either a no or a yes, but you will be assured. Pay attention to your family in the second half of the month. It is also advisable to visit someone close, who is not the best in terms of health. Watch this month what you say about your friends behind their backs. Don't think they will not know.

Health: You will feel more tension in the health area. You may be troubled by inflammatory diseases that you should not underestimate. If you feel tired, it is time to see a doctor for a preventive check-up this month. Some of you have underestimated your health problems for very long time. This month should be the changing point, and very important to your health. It's time to let your doctor to do all the examinations you need. The time you spend on it will return to you in the future in terms of more energy and a significant improvement in health. There is no more time to postpone visiting an expert and you need to focus on yourself. If you have someone in your family who has been complaining about a serious health problem for a long time, it is time to take the initiative and arrange a meeting with a specialist.

Work & Money: Be good to yourself and do not punish your psyche for problems that may accumulate on your desk this month. You don't have to worry about your work and you can even relax a little from your well-established, sometimes exaggerated work pace. Remember, a calmer working time is here for you to relax and recharge your batteries for later and more important work tasks. At work, beware of one of your colleagues who do not wish your success and envy you. It could happen that they want to undermine you.

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