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Monthly Horoscope Gemini

May 2020

This month, a powerful Jupiter will hit your mark, giving you wisdom and appropriate attitudes to things you haven't been able to respond to yet. Jupiter will reveal your positive side in you and will also strengthen your positive thinking. This month you will feel more optimistic. Jupiter is a mighty and especially powerful planet, and it has an impact on your exaggerated reactions. It rolls with great force, and so will you. You will have to restrain your emotions a little during this month so that you don't hurt anyone you care about.

Love: If you can't decide which way to go with your partner, you need to talk to them. Under the influence of Mars, your partner will support you and this month you should be absolutely sincere with them. Remember to be more interested in you partner’s needs. Do not be selfish, because it will be reflected in your life together. If you are still without a partner go with your friends for a beer or just meet in a nearby restaurant. This way you will know someone who will bring you feelings of closeness and intimacy for a short time. The family does not always show you their closeness. Maybe you should show more effort to meet them. Avoid quarrelling with your friends this month. If you disagree with them, you might be wrong.

Health: You should really take care of your health this month. Continue your thoughts on exercise and finally implement them. If you are lacking inspiration or a stimulus to start, remember what energy it can bring to your life. In the beginning, be careful and proceed slowly. Even 10 minutes of daily stretching can do wonders with your energy. Take a break every day, doing anything that makes you happy. This eliminates stress.

Work & Money: If you have worked more in the past months than would be appropriate, it's time to sort documents and clean up. Even if you aren't a real fan of order, no one else will handle your mail for you. If you've been postponing a pending electronic mail for a long time, it's time to reply to these messages. It must not wait anymore. Present your ideas directly to your boss, but watch out for your skills and think well of your presentation and way of communication so that you don't feel embarrassed. Do not overestimate your skills.

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