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Monthly Horoscope Gemini

August 2021

If you long for peace and harmony, it's time to go to nature. If the weather favours you, it is high time to spend at least one weekend a month picnicking with your favourite people. If you see an offer that would give you some extra earnings, be sure not to decline. Pay special attention to yourself, but don't forget about your family and partner. Treat yourself to a herbal massage or hot bath when everyone is asleep and you have a little time for yourself. Supplement the necessary vitamins by consuming seasonal vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet will strengthen not only your fitness but also your psyche.

Love: Don't expect any extraordinary deeds from your partner this month. However, everything will be carried under the guise of well-being, and this month should make no difference. If your partner still gets angry, try not to overreact. If you are without a partner, do not enter into romances with certain people. It will not stop you and it will only add wrinkles to your life. If you treat your family as they deserve, you will be rewarded with a beautiful relationship with your loved ones. Friendship is a thing you should guard. Remember, if you betray your friend, they will never forgive you. It will drag you for the rest of your life.

Health: Avoid adrenaline experiences that could lead to some nasty fracture or injury. This month you should be very careful about your diet and try to release greasy and salty foods. Replace classic salt with a better alternatives, spices or Himalayan salt, and be more interested in vegetarian food. Even if you don't fall for it altogether, you'll find at least new recipes that will give you better health this month because you start cooking with more vegetables. Fruits should be consumed especially in the second half of the month. Before the end of the month, it will be an ideal time to begin with a new physical activity that will really entertain you.

Work & Money: This month you can look for new ways to succeed. Do not hurry at work and focus on the quality of the work. Be careful about talking to your colleagues about your personal things, during this month. Someone doesn't wish success to you.

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