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Monthly Horoscope Gemini

October 2021

This month, you will be mostly influenced by the mighty Moon, which affects not only your inner feelings, instincts and emotions. The Moon will also show you the energy you carry with you from your childhood in connection with your mother's relationship and what energy has influenced you most at your early age. Remember, however, that children in your family will also be affected by these energies, so try to do your best in every way in your heart and feeling. The moon also affects your desires and emotions, which you will feel much more intensively than ever before. It is time to show your loved ones how you care about them more often and how strong you can be together with your sincerity.

Love: Watch out for your comments this month. During this month, there might be multiple rifts between you and your partner. However, you need to maintain your level and not dramatise. Keep a calm tone of voice and sensible expression. This is the only way to show your partner that you are completely above the point and that your partner should be ashamed. If you are still looking for your partner, you will hear a message, which you will be extremely pleased with. Beware of unexpected changes in your family life. If you haven't met for a long time, call your parents or siblings at least this month. Remember that your friends aren't just things you can throw away. Be careful not to betray a true friend. It will bother you.

Health: Spinach lasagna, ratatouille, spinach, vegetable broth ... These meals are just a little inspiration for what you can prepare yourself or your family this month. However, take care of the quality of the purchased food and do not buy vegetables and fruits in the sale. Go to the market. Or buy less, but in organic quality. It is a good idea to read this month about what chemicals can get into your body through vegetables and fruits that we consider healthy. Beware of chemical splashes of fruit, which may hurt you rather than help.

Work & Money: The second half of this month will require more work. Your boss will entrust you with an important task, or you will have an interesting job opportunity. Before taking on the task, think well about your steps and agree on the reward for the work done in advance. You may have a conflict with a colleague this month. It is time to show him that you have good ideas and not get dragged down. Show them how strong you are.

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