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Monthly Horoscope Gemini

January 2021

During this month, Venus will manifest itself in your sign very strongly, so you might be prepared for a greater emotional impact on your personality. Venus will affect not only your emotions, but also your relationship with finances. This planet opens up a feminine side in every aspect, and that's why you will be extremely feminine to the opposite sex. Venus will give you not only an outer beauty but also an inner beauty. You have the ability to impress not only your strangers around you, but also those who are part of your family. During the month you will be pleased with everything you do, and Venus will also help you find the lost joy in life. Keep in mind, that the beginning is the most essential part of any long journey. Look ahead and don't give up.

Love: Watch out for your relationship this month. It will be mainly your loyalty and suspicion, but your partner also does not trust you on 100 percent. It's time to spend more time together and be closer to each other. Do not take your partner for granted. Take care of them and demand the same from them. If you are without a partner and look for someone who already has a partner, get it out of your head. There is no room in your life for such reckless relationships. During this month, it is a good idea to find more time for your family and pay them more attention. Avoid misunderstandings with your friends this month. Do not interfere very much in their decisions and in their lives.

Health: During this month you will feel energetic and persistent. Your positivity will be literally contagious, so your family members can improve their mental health. If you make a good impression and inspire others with your positive energy, you can add even more. Include a better diet in your routine and improve the energy of your children, partner or anyone you care about.

Work & Money: Change your perspective on work and if you're really disgusted by it, consider a change. You will have enough time to think well about where to go in search of a new one. It is time to improve your language skills and start learning something new that will come in handy later. Your family will also be extremely supportive of these ideas. If colleagues are inviting you for a drink or party this month, don't decline their invitations. This will foster mutual relationships and perhaps you will learn about a new job opportunity.

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