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Zodiac Signs with Water Element

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The common characteristics of the zodiac signs ruled by the water element are sensitivity, receptivity and intuition. These sun signs are focused on the feelings and needs of others. They are more interested in the well-being of their loved ones than their own. Water in the zodiac signs creates mystery, mysticism.

The nature of these signs is emotional and they do not lack temperament. It is advisable to beware of hypersensitivity, which can cause problems for the water signs, both in family life and in love, but also at work. Water is an element that is moving. The zodiac describes these signs as changeable in their mood, and therefore it is obvious that other signs can look at those water signs as having a complicated nature, says Sibyla the fortuneteller.

Water defines how we feel in astrology, how the zodiac signs feel. It speaks of the amount of intuition in life, and also determines the direction of energy movement. According to the astrological chart and the placement of the planets in the chart, we can find out whether we have a lot of water or a lack of it. This applies not only to the water signs, but also to other signs, which can also have an excess of water in their lives, if the placement of your ascendant or many planets is precisely in the water element. However, whether there is enough or too much water in life, the zodiac signs can also find out through how you feel in your life.

Both excess and lack of water according to astrology speaks to how we feel and can cause many problems in the lives of the zodiac. It can also misdirect each zodiac sign during important decisions, so it is important to keep the water element in balance. Zodiac signs that are interested in astrology are sure to perfectly perceive their own feelings.

If you have health or psychological problems, it is possible that the lack or excess of water in your life is to blame. A comprehensive horoscope of the zodiac signs and an overview of how water is represented in life is the responsibility of the astrologer Sibyla, who can draw up an accurate horoscope and advice on how to balance the element of the zodiac sign. Whether it is an excess of water, fire, earth, or air in the life of the zodiac.

In the following lines, however, we will explain how we feel when we have a lot of water in our life, or a lack of it. Astrology focuses on the effect of this element on the entire zodiac, and also on the personal Horoscope of the zodiac. Maintaining the balance of the ruling or predominant element according to astrology is an important step for the zodiac signs to feel energetic, healthy... To be able to work with positive and negative information or changes in life.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Influence on Sun Sign if there is an excess of Water

In these lines, the Sibyla will explain to you how an excessive amount of the water element causes the life of water signs, as well as other signs that have an excess in the astrological chart.

The first important sign that the Horoscope of the zodiac sign shows an excess of water is a feeling of emotional exhaustion. Sometimes even if we love the other, we need our space. Time only for yourself. At that time, we are grumpy with loved ones... If the Horoscope represents an excess of water, it is obvious that life with our loved ones cannot be in harmony, because we ourselves feel how badly we react to the needs and conversations with loved ones.

The water element is strongly associated with the emotional life of the zodiac. Its excess thus causes us problems in the love of the zodiac sign in the first place. We perceive in ourselves how we cannot evaluate the true emotions of others towards us. There is a feeling when we do not understand needs as we should, and our life is generally out of balance with our emotions. An excessive amount of the water element in the Horoscope and astrological chart can distort the feelings of the zodiac sign so that from a young age we do not understand love and needs in the true sense of the word.

The confusion of love, sex and superficiality in a relationship is caused by the water element, which is out of balance in astrology and in an individual's chart. Do you ever feel emotionally low? Are there days, or even long periods, when you don't understand the needs, feelings of others, and the zodiac signs can confuse you?

Does it happen that you react inappropriately to the requests of your loved ones and taking care of others causes you more wrinkles than pleasure? Astrologer Sibyla says that you probably have an excess of water in the Horoscope of your zodiac sign, in your personal Astrology Chart.

A large amount of water in life also manifests itself in the sense that we transfer problems from others to us. Especially if the problems relate to bad and broken relationships or other emotional difficulties of others. We are very empathetic - sickeningly so, and this can cause even more anguish and pain.

The zodiac signs, whose Horoscope discusses the increased amount of water in the chart, cannot separate themselves from the problems of close people. If you feel this hint, it's time to take action to balance the imbalance of the water element in your zodiac sign's home. Otherwise, the pressure from others is likely to be so much on your shoulders that it saps your energy and brings decay into your own life.

If there is an excess of water, the personal Horoscope is out of balance. It causes not only the exhaustion of the zodiac sign in emotions, but also the burden of negative energy of others... Even if we are not able to make objective and rational decisions, even this feeling or state can be the result of the astrological excess of the water element in our zodiac sign. The zodiac is also burdened with a lot of decisions that we cannot make correctly.

If your life is currently at a crossroads - you are making a decision, and you don't know where to go next, read on carefully, because it is very likely that you need to direct the energy of water in your life. Therefore, the zodiac signs experience a number of negative, but very specific difficulties in life, if the horoscope or personal astrological chart shows excessive energies of the water in the life of the zodiac.

The provocation of the predominance of the element water in the Horoscope is therefore obvious and affects the entire European zodiac. However, there are simple ways that calm the water element and bring it into balance. However, we will talk more about these exercises that every zodiac sign should know about in the following lines. Before that, let's look at how the zodiac signs feel when water is in short supply…?

How do the Zodiac Signs feel about the lack of Water in the Horoscope?

The personal Horoscope created by the fortune teller Sibyla focuses not only on problems when there is an excess of the water element in the chart. It is also known that if the zodiac or some signs do not have any or only a small number of planets located in the water element, there is a lack of the water element in our life, which we must supplement appropriately through the training and exercises that Sibyla describes further. What symptoms does a zodiac sign feel if there is not enough water element in the Horoscope? How to work with its deficiency, and how to recognize when we have to work with the lack of an element?

3 zodiac signs were born with the water element - Cancer, Scorpio and also the zodiac sign of Pisces. These sun signs are clearly water signs, but other planets can also be placed in other signs, in other elements. The fact that your sun sign is in a certain element does not mean that there is enough water, it also depends on the location of the other planets, but you can also detect an excess or lack of water by your current life feeling, tuning. Also, if your ascendant is concentrated in the water element, or you have several planets placed in water signs, it is the right time to learn to work with water.

In short, if the zodiac signs lack the water element, we will have a cold effect on the environment, on our partner, on our loved ones. A lack or an excess of water may not manifest itself in the zodiac throughout life. It can occur at a specific time in our lives - when we neglect practical exercises or activities that naturally help regulate water energy.

zodiac signs with a minimum of water seem cold or harsh, they also have a hard time trusting their intuition. When the fortuneteller Sibyla prepares a personal Horoscope and sees a lack of water in the personal chart, several recommendations are clear that you must know in order to feel better and to keep control of water in your own hands under all circumstances.

If the Horoscope shows a lack of water in the zodiac sign chart, we are unable to process our own thoughts. It makes it difficult for us to focus on our own problems and we cannot find the best solution that would help us. Simply finding solutions to problems is now an extraordinary problem, especially if we are looking for solutions to problems with emotions, love and relationships. Other signs that define lack of water in the astrological chart include a lack of ability to express one's thoughts and feelings.

Total denial of personal feelings is also an important sign of missing water, which is depicted by the personal Horoscope. Feelings are too confusing for water-deficient zodiac signs. These sun signs cannot focus on true feelings and often confuse true love with short-term pleasure or materialism. These signals clearly indicate a lack of water and cause the owner of such a Horoscope many problems if you do not learn to process this energy of the moving element of the zodiac.

So, in short, the lack of water means for the zodiac signs to which the Horoscope shows such a lack of the element means excessive manifestation, or on the other hand, denial of the feelings of the owner of this Horoscope. Sibyla's personal zodiac chart can tell you in detail whether you have balanced elements in your chart and also recommend exercises to overcome this disharmony. However, if you perceive an insufficient amount of the water element, it is necessary to learn to properly understand and process emotions.

You crave the company of people and friends who help you express your feelings, and those people are now your best friends. However, the Sibyla does not only define the feelings of a lack or excess of the water element. In the next part, Sibyla will tell you how to work with the energy that the element brings to the life of the zodiac sign according to your date of birth, according to your sun sign, ascendant, or according to the placement of the planets in your personal astrological chart.

Fortune-teller advises zodiac signs - How to balance the Water element?

The good news for anyone who has found themselves in the previous lines and who feels that they need to harmonize the water element in their life is that there are exercises and ways to bring the energy of water under your own control. Zodiac signs must clearly know not only the most important Horoscopes, which you can find here for free. It is also necessary to know one's own characteristics of the sign and to become familiar with the element that is fatal for us. What element were you born in? You can easily find this out in the following overview of the zodiac signs:

So the water signs are Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. However, if there is a lack of water in the chart of any zodiac sign, in the first case you should seek support from signs whose sun sign or ascendant are placed in the water element.

For the zodiac ruled by the Fire Element, or the Air Element, and suffering from a lack of water in their personal Horoscope, it is therefore appropriate to look for a friend who has a balanced amount of water in the chart. This friend will help you balance the water, especially if you are missing the placement of the planets in the water element in your chart.

The water signs can thus help others express themselves emotionally. They help you to be more capable, to free yourself from the depressing feelings of not being able to properly express your most secret, hidden desires or feelings. Many people for whom the Horoscope defines a lack of the water in their chart subconsciously seek the company of such people who have plenty of water in the Horoscope, the fortuneteller Sibyla defines the zodiac signs.

This rule, the secret attraction, the need to escape from the dominance or lack of an element, however, applies to all elements, not only to moving water. It is likely that if someone is magically attracted to you, it is due to the fact that this person complements or balances the element that is lacking in your life, and this possibility is also indicated by elemental astrology.

There are several ways to bring the water element under control. The good news is that most activities are enjoyable, and thanks to the pleasant addition of these recommendations and exercises, the zodiac signs can once again feel harmony, fulfillment and brighter prospects for the future. In the beginning, Sibyla recommends looking for water. Take a bath. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath more often, which will properly tune and direct your energy.

The bath is the first activity that perfectly helps in overcoming the imbalance of element water in the life of the zodiac signs. Another pleasant and necessary activity for harmonizing energies is a sufficient and especially regular drinking regime, advises the astrologer Sibyla for the zodiac sign. It not only helps your body and health. It also supports your psyche and, last but not least, it also takes care of balancing the water element in the life of each of the zodiac signs.

There are many options for working with water. Another suitable alternative is drinking fruit juices or including more fruit in the diet. Zodiac signs, choose foods that contain a large amount of water - watermelon, oranges, tangerines, treat yourself to cucumber or tomato. Eat foods rich in water, which will easily connect with your body and restore a lot of balance to your body and soul. Meditation is also a must for you.

Practicing yoga, relaxing in a sauna or in hot water also helps with a lack, but also with an excess of water in the Horoscope. Cool colors in your wardrobe also integrate balance into your life. Not only the wardrobe, but also the accessories you are surrounded by at home or in the office are important. Choose cool colors placed in the space that are pleasing to your eye.

Water energy can be under the control of a zodiac sign

If you include meditation in your life, you will take a big step for your health, and for balancing the water element for your zodiac sign. All sun signs should listen to the sounds of the river, ocean, or sea while meditating. If you can combine meditation with a visit to nature - sea, lake, river, your mind will reach a level of balance that you have never felt before. Training your mind and learning to work with the water element is a necessity to overcome psychological problems, nervousness, to overcome minor illnesses and to alleviate serious health problems, or to calm negative aura and energy.

Time spent by the river, by the sea, or by the lake helps every owner of the water element, every zodiac sign, to get to know themselves and their own needs in their personal Horoscope. Harmonizing your destiny element will make your life much more fulfilling. Fortune teller Sibyla says that the element is one of the basic elements that we must know if we want the personal Horoscope to tell us the truth about our life, about the past, the present, and last but not least, about our future. You will identify with your element of the zodiac sign, be it water, fire, earth, or air, and get your energy into the desired balance.

So you can certainly bring the water element under your own control and benefit from this element. Activate the energy of water and feel its true face - its positive properties that will manifest in your physical and psychological world. If you want to know what element your personal Horoscope shows, contact Sibyla, who will draw up a personal zodiac sign chart for you for a fee, and of course she will also advise you on how to process the excess and missing power of a specific element in your life.

We hope that this information about the water element has helped you to know more about yourself. We hope that thanks to this information you will be able to correctly understand your zodiac sign and the element that was given to us in order to benefit from it positively for our life. And that is why learning about its power and its processing is extremely important for the entire zodiac.

Do not forget, owners of unbalanced water in the chart - take a bath, drink enough water, activate the message of water energy in the sauna or in a yoga class... Meditate, perceive the sounds of water - sea, river, lake, watch documentaries about oceans, seas... Spend more time in nature, by the river, by the pool. Identify with the energy closest to you.

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