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Zodiac Signs & their elements - Fire, Earth, Water, Air

4 Zodiac signs Elements

The zodiac is split into 12 equal parts, each of which is 30 degrees. The zodiac's 12 signs are like neighbors. Each one has its own personality and traits, which are also affected by the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. There are several different groups of zodiac signs. We know the signs for both men and women. Also, each zodiac sign has a ruler. The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, and the Moon all have rulers.

We know the 12 signs of the zodiac and how they relate to the four elements. If we're talking about classical, Western astrology, it's a hard science that looks at a lot of different things. When making the Horoscope for our website, the seer Sibyl takes into account not only the sun zodiac sign, but also the ascendant. We will talk more about the ascendant and why it is important to us. But now we'll talk about the things that affect both the personality and the life of each zodiac sign.

These things are very important if you want to learn more about astrology and many other things in life. Knowing how our natural element affects us is helpful. Each of these things has a long and interesting past. Since ancient times, people have used their knowledge of the elements to try to figure out what is going on in Mother Nature and the world around them.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Zodiac and Basic Elements

Each of the elements stands for a different thing, which says something about a trait that all signs share. The four elements of the zodiac help us understand a person's personality and nature, as well as how they are similar and different from those of other people. Some elements of astrology are manifested through passion and perseverance. Another speaks of infinite mental beauty, or of deep harmony with oneself.

We won't just talk about the four most important parts of the zodiac. We will also tell you what each element is made of and how it works. Sibyla will also talk about why we feel like we're in our element and how we can use that to help us deal with life's problems.

For the earth to work right, it needs water. Fire needs for its life. These connections, which are made by nature, are also important for astrology and the way the zodiac is divided. The Earth gets nutrients from water. Energy is what the Earth needs to grow crops, keep life going, and make energy. The earth's fertility leads us to the life that Fire, another element, keeps going through the air. Fire goes with our light of life and helps us find our way. Fire can't live without air. As you can see, everything that the zodiac and astrology talk about is linked.

Why does the connection between the Zodiac and Nature matter?

Nature surrounds each of us. Harmony with nature is good for our psyche, as well as for the physical body. The sun is a doctor, it is a donor. Water is a necessity. The purity that nature surrounds us with is something we must guard and care for. Increasingly, the beauty of nature is shrouded in human vanity and greed. If we do not take care of nature, we will lose the natural support of our health, our mental balance. The interconnected Zodiac elements constantly remind us how important it is to find a balance between our needs and nature.

Although we often do not realize it, we ourselves are part of nature. Not only trees, singing of birds, the smell of wind or fresh summer rain means nature. Humanity is also part of nature. We can already feel disconnected from her knowledge and her loving arms in this period. People are more likely to create a world where nature does not matter. But aren't we just part of the whole? Part of nature?

Imagine, for example, life outside our Planet, a life where we do not feel the beautiful fragrant wind that is coming to us from the sea. A place where we don't hear storm sounds, singing of birds, forest music. Do we want to live in a place where we are not embraced by the beauty of the green mountains, the smell of cut grass, the taste of fresh fruit or vegetables? Doesn't the devastation around us mean the devastation of our souls and places that are the only ones that open our arms and provide consolation to us and demand only loving treatment for it? The earth has allowed us to create everything around. Therefore, let us protect it as our own lives, because everything is interconnected. So much, and much more, means nature, and so do the zodiac signs elements for our lives.

Natural order in the life of the Zodiac

Without the zodiac signs elements, which are Earth, Water, Air and Fire, life could not exist. In the perfect harmony of nature, the zodiac elements work together to keep nature around in harmony. Our lives also need order. We can also create the order that many people desire by balancing our element of the zodiac. The energy created by the zodiac signs elements together means for the life of the signs of the zodiac not only pros, but also cons, if we do not learn to work with our element.

Knowing the element of your sun sign is an important point, the beginning of knowing yourself but also the zodiac. Thanks to your element, you will discover much more about yourself than you know. What is your lucky color, what numbers will bring you happiness during your life? How do you work with the energy that flows from your life first? You will also find the answer to these questions if you know your zodiac sign perfectly.

However, it must be borne in mind that neither element could exist without the other. Astrology says that only 4 elements can work together to form a properly functioning whole. The appropriate functioning of our life element of astrology and the proper balancing of the energies that significantly affect the lives of each sign is equally as important as maintaining a healthy relationship with nature.

Astrological Interpretation of Zodiac Signs Elements

In interpreting the Horoscope, Sibyl focuses primarily on the element of your birth - your element. If Sibyl sees that no important planet of astrology is located in a certain element, it is clear to the element that there is a specific problem with which the zodiac sign for which the astrological horoscope is formed should cope and learn to work. What does the absence of planets in a certain element in your personal astrological Horoscope suggest, according to the oracle Sibyla?

Such a personal Horoscope clearly indicates our inability to connect with this element. It creates problems at multiple levels of existence, and it disturbs the overall balance of things, it disturbs the balance of life. It often happens that a person who owns such a Horoscope feels a great shortage in life, a certain empty part that he cannot fill. It is never possible for the owner of this Horoscope to find the necessary balance of life, but it is possible to balance these energies.

Division of 4 elements

Let's now look at the basic but also the deeper division of the 4 elements of astrology, which affect not only our lives, but also the basic personal horoscope from the fortune teller. The elements help us to find the overall balance of life, so knowing them is an essential knowledge of oneself and a basic knowledge of astrology.

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