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Zodiac Signs with Earth Element

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

People who wish to know astrology or understand the horoscope or their own zodiac sign should also know the ruling element that is closely connected to each sign. We know 4 elements that are interconnected - fire, earth, air, water. The 3 zodiac signs belong individually to each category and the Earth Element also houses 3 zodiac signs - Taurus, Virgo and the Capricorn sign.

These three signs are also ruled by earth, an element that is the second of the 4 elements of astrology. The symbol of the earth element is a downward-pointing triangle, a symbol of femininity and water, but for earth, a line shown at the bottom of this triangle is added. This symbol thus depicts the element Earth - the element that is attributed to the Zodiac earth signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Earth in astrology represents the heaviest element of all 4 elements. The element Earth represents the element that the Zodiac signs feel as the energy of grounding, fulfillment of requirements, survival on a material level. Thanks to the balance of the earth in the Zodiac sign, it is clear that such a balanced earth gives us a chance to properly tune in to the physical world around us. When the earth is out of balance, there are several problems that the zodiac signs feel on different levels.

However, not only Earth signs - Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus - may feel the excess or lack of earth, but also other Zodiac signs whose personal Horoscope shows an imbalance of the earth in the chart. Sibyla will tell you more about what your personal Chart looks like, who will quickly draw up your personal Horoscope for a fee and give recommendations on how to harmonize an unbalanced element in your chart... If there is an imbalance in your chart.

In the overall analysis of the astrological Sibyla chart, it is necessary to determine whether the elements are in balance, whether there is too much or too little of a certain element. This important knowledge about your own zodiac sign is the essence of knowing yourself. Every person who is interested in horoscopes or astrology should know their own astrological chart, which depicts your personality at the time of your birth and you work with it throughout your life. Do you know your personal astrological chart?

The existence and placement of planets for a personal Horoscope is very important and a lot depends on it in your life. If you also know the time and place of birth, the Sibyla can also calculate your ascendant, which is also strongly associated with your astrological zodiac sign. If you are interested, ask Sibyla via email, which can be found at the bottom of the page, to draw up a personal Horoscope, which is an astrological fingerprint of each sign.

So it is extremely important to know the excess or lack of an element in your life. However, in order to know which element is out of balance in your life, you don't have to immediately turn to calculations from an astrologer. Both your body and your mind perfectly indicate which element is out of balance in your zodiac sign. Each element manifests itself differently. And so each imbalance manifests itself differently. In this section, we will look at how we feel if the zodiac signs show an excess or lack of the earth element in the astrological chart and in life in general.

Zodiac and 4 Elements:

Influence on Sun Sign if there is an excess of Earth

The elements of earth in astrology are closely connected with our ability to think rationally and also to have a sober view of the world and others. If your psyche and physical body are out of balance, it may happen that the element Earth, which is the element of the earth signs of the zodiac Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, is to blame. The right earth balance can help zodiac signs feel fulfilled, more competent.

If the earth is properly attuned, we are satisfied with our body, its energy and physical appearance. However, its imbalance causes a feeling of inferiority, lack of appreciation, causes the inability to feel life satisfaction and also affects our thinking about other people and about material things and money. The imbalance of the Earth causes an imbalance in our life, underlines the seer Sibyla and emphasizes again how important it is to keep the earth in balance.

The enormous amount of earth in the zodiac sign chart shows the predisposition to believe things that are nonsensical. That we trust people who don't know their craft, but know how to talk eloquently about what we should do with our lives. In short, an excess of the earth element manifests itself in the fact that we believe delusions and lies. Believing in these things satisfies us, and trusting the lies means an easier way for us, so we let ourselves be carried away by the tricks of the sly.

This is a very dangerous side of the earth's imbalance, because based on the lies and fabrications of others, we can believe such hoaxes that harm our health and lead us in the wrong direction. Therefore, the earth must be kept in balance, and this warning signal is the first to symbolize a problem with the earth element in the life of a zodiac sign.

The predominance of Earth in a personal Horoscope also speaks of a lack of imagination. You lack imagination, you cannot imagine certain things at work or in your personal life. It is possible that the excess energy of the Earth in the zodiac sign is responsible for this. However, there are other signals indicating the instability of this element in the owner of the personal chart. Excessive food orientation - overeating, accumulating money and not being able to work with it, limiting the joy of physical activity, mental and physical illnesses... All these Zodiac signs sign can represent an excess of the earth element. However, there are solutions - ways to overcome the imbalance of the earth in the zodiac sign.

These tips and recommendations should be remembered by everyone who finds a certain description of himself in this article - and the problems he overcomes in life. So we already know how the Zodiac signs feel the excessive power of the earth in life. However, how do we feel if there is a lack of earth in the chart and if it does not sufficiently interfere with our energy?

How are the Zodiac Signs affected by the Lack of Earth in the Horoscope?

The personal Horoscope or chart that Sibyla prepares for a zodiac sign can represent not only many of a certain element in the chart. Sometimes there is also a noticeable lack of an element. If earth is deficient in the chart, we subconsciously ignore the demands of our body. Do you feel tired, but instead of a healthy diet you reach for fast food or for another rest on the couch? Is all-day fatigue a daily routine for you and you don't know how to fight against this fatigue? It is possible that you are ignoring the direct demands of your body.

Your body certainly indicates to you what is the cause of the weakening of your energy - unhealthy diet, insufficient drinking regime, lack of quality sleep, alcohol, unresolved problems, past negative aura... Your body is certainly navigating you correctly to deal with the feeling of fatigue, but you ignore it requirements and you are unable to remedy? To a large extent, this is due to the lack of an earth element, which would certainly show even a personal Horoscope from the sky. Therefore, a person feels unable to solve a problem that he can identify, but he does not know how to work with it - such a feeling of confusion of the zodiac manifests itself through the deficit of the earth in the Horoscope.

With little earth representation, the zodiac sign feels limited. Our total energy is impractical. We want to end some things, but we can't find a way to eliminate things and negative energies around us. We have ideas, imaginations and feelings that we cannot transfer to the real world. Zodiac signs feel unnecessary, and we get the feeling that our ideas don't matter. Lack of land is also associated with a decrease in self-confidence and days that fill us with joy and new expectations from life.

We are stuck in one place, defines Sibyla, and we cannot bounce back from things that keep pulling us back. But how do we deal with these unpleasant feelings we feel if the earth element is deficient? Zodiac signs that feel similar must also know the practices of treatment of the deficient element, which we will talk about later. These feelings are also redirected into our normal mood, which declines. The good news, however, is that healing earth-deficient energy is not difficult.

Achievements do not affect our world now. The lack of Earth manifests itself in the fact that we spin in a circle, we do not progress, we do not create, we do not move forward. To a certain extent, the deficit of the earth element manifests itself similarly to fire, but with the difference that with an earth deficit we see the boundaries mainly in our head.

There are no real limits to what we can achieve, because we do not lack the energy to fulfill our dreams, rather there is a problem with motivation and determination, also with a wrong assessment of reality and lies. Earth brings simplicity. If it is lacking, the zodiac sign looks for complicated paths, difficult solutions that are often impossible.

Earth is an element that helps to appreciate simplicity and truth in life. The Zodiac signs are slowed down due to the deficit of the earth element, ideas are incomplete, unfinished. We stop in the middle of something that is meaningful to us. We can't finish what we started. We don't look for excitement or joy in ordinary days. We walk in the crowd, we walk through ordinary days that no longer bring joy to the earth-deficient zodiac signs. Such a life does not satisfy us, it does not bring a smile to our face.

Did you recognize yourself in these feelings? If so, it is necessary to work with the earth element even before this feeling becomes a part of your life. The earth element makes us feel safe and inspired. If we are in the balance of the earth, we achieve tangible successes, our work is also appreciated by others. Security and peace are basic feelings inside us and our joy of being is fulfilled, says Sibyla the Oracle to the Zodiac signs.

The freedom to achieve success is essential to developing self-confidence and a sense of success within us. The Zodiac signs, which have not achieved this feeling for a long time, must concentrate on harmonizing an important element - the earth element. Zodiac signs that feel slowed down, for whom progress in life is difficult, must focus on earth balancing techniques.

A dangerous aspect that means too little Earth is ignoring the demands of the physical body, as we mentioned in the introduction. This ignoring of the demands of our body can gradually cause physical damage to the body, as well as psychological problems. And that is why it is necessary to work with the strong Earth Element in the zodiac sign.

We advise the zodiac signs - How to balance the Earth Element?

The positive news for every zodiac sign is the fact that we can stabilize the earth, no matter how unstable it is. We can find simple ways to identify with the element that causes problems in our being. Not only the Earth signs - Virgo, Capricorn or earth Taurus can feel the imbalance of the earth element.

According to the astrological chart, the earth can be out of balance in each of the zodiac signs. It is about where not only your sun Zodiac sign is located, but also your ascendant, or important planets of astrology. If the planets are current, or at your birth centered on other than Earth signs, it is possible that you suffer from an earth imbalance. A personal Horoscope and Sibyla will give you the best answer as to whether you have a deficiency or an excess of any element. How are the sun Zodiac signs divided by element?

It is clear from the above that the earth signs belong to the 3 zodiac signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. For each element, 3 signs are concentrated in the base. Do you know which element is close to your sun sign? There are therefore 3 astrological Zodiac signs ruled by different planets. The earth sign Taurus is connected to the planet Venus, which means joy, the ability to enjoy the world and life. The zodiac sign Virgo is in turn associated with the planet Mercury, which rules Virgo, and is a symbol of communication, analytical abilities and also skills. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is the planet of responsibility and perseverance.

So how to balance the insufficient or excess Earth Element? How to work with the earth's energy and how to skillfully process the power of the earth for a long time? Astrologer Sibyla can give you specific advice for compensating the element, but in general there is advice to help us not allow the earth element to negatively disrupt the energy that affects the zodiac. The first convenient way to compensate for the negative vibrating energy of the earth is to walk on green grass, barefoot.

In this way, you connect with the power of the earth as such, and balance the insufficiency of the element in the zodiac sign that causes the instability of this energy. Walking barefoot helps to reduce stress and can also help you with sleep problems. Thus, it not only balances the earth element, but also means other extensive health benefits. Walking barefoot benefits the blood circulation of the feet, and thanks to this walking we regenerate the nerve endings of the feet and massage the reflex points that stimulate the health of the whole organism.

Meditation in nature is also a powerful tool to calm the disturbing energy of the Earth. In general, meditation is a beneficial form of self-development. Meditation is a very beneficial activity for the Zodiac signs, which positively builds a stronger psychological side of a person and better physical health. Meditation helps to build distance from thoughts. Thanks to meditation, you can teach your brain new thinking - positive thoughts. Focusing on positive thinking teaches your brain to work with better feelings, so we can train the brain to promote mental health.

Meditation helps to lose the connection between the needs of a material nature and focuses our thinking on the true values ​​of being. Zodiac signs that use meditation in nature as a means of balancing the earth element quickly see the effects of this decision on their lives. Your condition will improve, your mood will improve, you will be able to reduce stress and free yourself from the shackles of materialism.

Zodiac signs identified with meditation regulate anxiety, and stress - triggers of mental and physical illnesses. We build emotional health, self-knowledge, discipline and self-confidence. Meditating in nature raises the health of the zodiac sign as well as the overall energy, which is in harmony with our life, Sibyla adds.

Earth energy can be under the control of a zodiac sign

Other suitable practices for stabilizing the element are building a relationship and connection with nature and earth's energy. If you feel a surge of unbalanced earth element, it is appropriate to go on a hike in nature and connect your energy with the energy that is related to the earth. As funny as it sounds to you, tree hugging is not for the faint of heart. Walking through the forest is a balm for the soul, but do you know why?

The energy of the earth, the touch of nature, the connection with the temperature of the environment and with the energy of life is a surprisingly beneficial activity for the entire zodiac. In addition, the benefit of these activities is the stabilization of the vibration of the earth. The forest will perfectly clean your head and thoughts, which is especially desirable in the case of an imbalance of the earth element. Try it! Don't be afraid - hug your first tree and feel the energy and power of the earth flowing through your body. You will feel not only positive energy, but also a sense of security and safety, which is an irreplaceable benefit for the Zodiac signs when the earth element is unstable.

The next step to peace in your soul is growing plants, growing flowers or crops. Being able to grow a healthy and strong crop is an activity that is more demanding than we might think at first glance. However, if you feel restlessness related to the earth element, it is time to work on your health. Gardening is a balm for the soul, for mental health. It doesn't matter if you are a zodiac sign with a huge garden, or you decide to grow tomatoes or flowers in your apartment. Growing anything, seeing growth, nurturing life and growth will fill your life.

In addition, the color green is extremely important for the brain, especially during the summer months, and in the case of a deficit of this color in nature, we can feel nervousness and depression, and of course also a loss of motivation. So don't underestimate the needs of your brain, Sibyla advises. When gardening, your attention is focused on the present, and negative thoughts are stopped, put into the background. Do you feel the beneficial effect on the body and psyche? Do not hesitate and plant a flower that builds your stability today.

Intertwining your fingers with the body of someone you love is also a way of working with the element of water. Massage the people you love. But don't try to drain all of this person's energy, rather focus on the strong bond and connection that invigorates your life and motivates you. Massaging your own children is ideal, but carefully, gently. Of course, more contact with loved ones will also bring you these feelings - hugs, kisses, touching hands, stroking your hair... Be with those you love.

Getting enough sleep is also a powerful fighter against earth imbalances. Determine your life goals and follow them. Create a financial budget and focus on the activities you love. Your diet should also be enriched with vegetables in their purest form, the fortuneteller Sibyla guides the Zodiac signs.

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