Horoscope November 2022

Horoscope 2022 - November 2022

Horoscope 2022 - November - Full Moon in Taurus, Sun moves to Sagittarius zodiac sign...

November will be a challenging month for many of us. In retrograde motion, Mars robs us of enthusiasm and cancels out some year-end plans. People will be overly interested in their decisions from the past, which brings feelings of inferiority and failure. From an intimate point of view, it is a negative transit that pushes aggressive love into life and sexual coldness. The fiery and aerial zodiac signs will have a huge problem at this time to tame the energies of Mars, and it will also be problematic to live life at a deeper level. In order to overcome the impact of Mars as best we can, it is necessary to connect with those people who have enriched us in the past. As we tend to overreact, we will need to meditate more and focus on the origin of our negative attitude.

Some zodiac signs bear from the past life the pain that comes to the surface mainly during these two months. Reconciling with the past is the best way to overcome this year-end negative aspect, underlines Horoscope November 2022. In the second half of November, the retrograde Jupiter, which drew our attention mainly to health and a healthy lifestyle, ends its activities. Jupiter ends its transition in Gemini zodiac sign and for the past months has brought us a strong transformation of feelings. If we focused more on our careers before this move, Jupiter focused his thoughts in this direction more on us on our personal lives, and vice versa.

Several zodiac signs may have had problems eating or gaining weight during this period. If you have not included more physical activity in your life during the period of the retrograde Jupiter, you must focus more on your health and fitness, at least during December. Jupiter also encouraged us to be careful, trust, and feelings from our past lives. The energies of Mars and Jupiter are combined together until November 23rd to reinforce thoughts of the past and feelings of sadness. Since November 23rd, karma has been leveling off, but in our lives the action of the red planet Mars remains in a strong, retrograde motion, which acts mainly on the fiery and aerial signs of the zodiac.

Horoscope November 2022 and important dates in 2022

Horoscope 2022 November 5th, the planet Venus is in opposition to the planet Uranus. Venus in retrograde moves into opposition to the retrograde Uranus. At first glance, this opposition seems to be a negative transit, especially for Taurus zodiac sign, Libra and Aquarius zodiac sign. Other zodiac signs feel these negative energies more subtly, depending on the astrological house on which the opposition is acting. In general, Venus, in opposition to Uranus, is a disruption of love. In the period when this region is also affected by the return of Mars, there are days full of tension. A love affair during this period would clearly lead to the end of your long-term relationship, warns the astrological prediction of 2022. November is not a good month even for those people who are currently single and looking for short-term or more lasting pleasure. There are several ways to focus your energy during this period, predicts Horoscope November 2022. It is not the best idea to focus on new love relationships or experimenting in bed. The aerial zodiac signs will feel that they need more freedom in their lives, which can disrupt their long-term relationships. However, the excitement that is taken away from love life can manifest itself in other areas, such as finance or work. In this way, some people can gamble with money and look for excitement, for example, from gambling or risky investments. We will seek stimulation in different ways, because the passionate Mars leads us to seek excitement in life, but the opposition of Venus to Uranus will impoverish us from the excitement of love life.

Horoscope November 8th, Full Moon will in Taurus zodiac sign will affect all zodiac signs. Female zodiac signs are more sensitive to various diseases, such as colds or flu, during this period. The earthly signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, as well as the water signs of the zodiac - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, should draw attention during the period of these 3 days around the Full Moon. The sensitive nature of water signs will be strengthened, even in the field of health, which can negatively affect their defenses. From the point of view of emotional stability, the Full Moon focuses mainly on inner satisfaction. Only if we are satisfied with our past decisions can we feel good physically. The basic problem of the Full Moon in Taurus zodiac sign may be self-respect, because things in life will seem more difficult than they really are. Our past decisions will be under fire from our own self-criticism, which will cause a negative view of the world. A suitable solution to transform this more negative aspect into positive vibrations would be to find one's own inner peace. Impersonate yourself and focus no more on global issues. At least these days, we have to focus on ourselves. Don't look for problems where they aren't.

Horoscope 2022 November 16th, the planet Venus enters the fiery Sagittarius zodiac sign. Venus in Sagittarius brings good prospects, especially to those who are in love. It focuses our attention on ensuring that we experience all the good things in life with our loved ones. We will not only appreciate conversations on serious topics, but we also focus on conversations about happier things or good prospects for the future. For a moment, we have the opportunity to forget the negative vibrations of the past that the retrograde Jupiter and Mars alert us to, and build our relationships into deeper connections, continue Horoscope November 2022. Unmarried people will tend to seek the company of others during this period, and they can also use their open minds in search of love. Remember that if you look happy and in love with life, you have the opportunity to meet a person who will be enchanted by this energy. These days we must learn to laugh, understand others and grow. We have to run away from routine and go small steps further, to our own, better self, which will look at the world more positively than before. If your relationship is inharmonious and complicated, you will feel like running away and starting again.

Horoscope 2022 November 18th, the sun enters the sextile with Pluto. The November Sun in sextile with Pluto adds a dose of vitality and energy to all the sun zodiac signs, says Horoscope 2022. It will bring into our lives the will to live and the amount of creative power that will be helpful for creative activity. Our instincts for care are also strong, but they can rob us of our free time. As we tend to take care of others, we may forget our own development. The correct use of the energetic sun in the sextile with Pluto is a positive and inventive approach to life and motivation of other people. During this time, you should use all your talent to help other people.

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 November - Sun enters Sagittarius zodiac sign

Horoscope November 22nd, the sun leaves Scorpio zodiac sign and moves to the 9th zodiac sign - Sagittarius zodiac sign. One of the most important November transits is the passage of the sun with a new zodiac sign. Understanding the house in which the sun is in Sagittarius will help you to understand even better the feelings that will affect you in this few days. Your sun sign, and the overall Horoscope for 2022, which you will read below, will direct you to know which house of your sign will be affected in November. The overall keywords that this aspect represents are the search for truth, progress, inspiration and hope for a better future. The surroundings begin to awaken and be inspired thanks to the fiery element of Sagittarius, and people become not only purposeful but also adventurous. Sagittarius zodiac sign is generally characterized by an optimistic approach to life and perceives life positively. He looks at success in life. People born in Sagittarius are mostly optimistic, specify astrology Horoscope November 2022, they are friendly and cheerful. The same qualities will be provided by the sun in Sagittarius and other zodiac signs, who no longer hear the word no, but rather look for ways than to advance their goals in life and try to reach the top. Sagittarius push the boundaries and test how far they can go without having to cut back from their comfortable lives. The signs of the zodiac will seek mainly their mental expression. Even a comfortable and home sign of Taurus or Cancer will seek more cancellation in life and more adventure. We long to discover what was hidden from us and what is important for happiness. To this end, zodiac signs tend to be more curious, and they try to find their place in this world.

Horoscope 2022 November 23rd, our life will hit the New Moon in Sagittarius zodiac sign, while the sun is also in this zodiac sign. Male zodiac signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius must be more careful about their health. The problem period occurs mainly for those people who suffer from liver problems or frequent colds. You may be affected by a disease that will be much more complicated than it initially seemed. Therefore, take more care of your health, especially if you are often sick. The New Moon in Sagittarius is a position that means constantly searching for something that we lack in life. It can be unfulfilled goals, unfinished wrongs from the past, unfinished relationships, or sadness that prevents us from sleeping. Sagittarius zodiac sign, located in this position, with the energy of the sun and the New Moon, however, brings prospects for a better future and for better coping with the problems that constantly surround life. Especially during November, more people may experience more complicated days, when many of us will not have enough strength to overcome common life obstacles. From November 23rd, when Jupiter ends his retrograde journey with Gemini zodiac sign, and the New Moon arrives in the positive sign of Sagittarius, there are also more positive days for all zodiac signs.

Horoscope November 28th, the retrograde Mars is in a positive trine with a direct Saturn. The end of November casts an exceptionally positive aspect into our emotions, which harmonizes our inner energies and gives us strength and ambition. From this time until the first days of December, we have tremendous energy to take on even the most difficult tasks, which we will complete with determination. Our ingenuity and efficiency is very strong and this transit is also related to self-discipline in children. It's the perfect time to start a new sport, because you can really keep up with it. These are also good days to motivate children to engage in activities that you want to be a regular part of their lives in the future. The changes you make during this period tend to be permanent and significant for the future. Our attractive aura shines. So we can enjoy brighter moments when a positive aura will benefit from fidelity and devotion in emotions and relationships. The more negative energies of the overall November astrological view thus end the positive aspect of the planet Mars in the trine with Saturn.

Unfortunately, several zodiac signs will survive the more demanding November 2022, although certain transits of the moon indicate the harmonization of negative energies. Mars will be full of trials, especially as to whether we are able to overcome our past and move forward. November will significantly affect especially those individuals who suffer from pain in their soul from unfinished relationships or from the death of a loved one, inform yearly Horoscope November 2022. It will be a sadder time for those people to think about whether they should have done things differently. At the end of November, however, with the Mars trine Saturn, it reminds us how important a positive attitude of our mind is. The sun in the sign of Sagittarius will bring us more energy and the desire to live life to the fullest. So what emotions we experience in November depends very much on our own inner setting.

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