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Horoscope 2022 - May 2022

Horoscope 2022 - May - Venus enters Aries zodiac sign, Sun moves into Gemini zodiac sign...

So a complicated month awaits us according to the Horoscope May 2022 prediction? The slow planet Pluto will be confronted with other astrological movements, which in May will bring more positive changes to our lives. They will have a more significant effect on the individual zodiac signs, so it is advisable to get acquainted mainly with your personal horoscope, which will describe exactly how retrograde Pluto will hit your zodiac sign this year. Subsequently, when we look at the description of May 2022, we find that the planet Mercury will also be in retrograde motion on most of the days of May. Mercury's energies not only interfere with the zodiac signs that Mercury rules - Gemini zodiac sign and Virgo, but also the opposing zodiac signs, the signs with terrestrial energy, and the air signs of the zodiac.

The signs of Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, will feel the most retrograde movement of Mercury during May 2022. The planet Mercury will spend most of its time influencing Gemini zodiac sign and affect Horoscope May 2022. But what does this retrograde movement during the month of May, as Pluto moves in the same direction, mean for global understanding of energy? In 2022 we will experience up to 4 retrograde movements of the planet Mercury. In May 2022, this movement takes place in Gemini zodiac sign, although these times may be associated with frustration or confusion, we have an irreplaceable opportunity to reflect on our past. While Mercury is in retrograde motion in Gemini, we focus mainly on the ability to adapt to others and how to use our versatility for our future benefit, underlines Horoscope 2022 May. We connect with our own inner self, with our spirit, and although we do not move forward quickly, we can learn from this period for our future.

The other planets, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus, are in directive motion throughout May, says Horoscope May 2022, influencing their basic zodiac signs, giving them a sense of progress, and a chance to succeed. And when the retrograde movements during May hit all the zodiac signs, they will have a more pronounced effect on their home signs and more on the opposing signs. You can read more about how these movements affect your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope. But now let's look at what other transits are in engagement with these movements.

Horoscope May 2022 and important dates in 2022

May the 2nd 2022 will be a tangible entry of Venus into Aries zodiac sign. Venus standing in Aries zodiac sign, while the Sun is in the sign of Taurus, signifies the coming of better days, and the prospect of romantic love in our lives. This transit brings an ideal time for singles, inform Horoscope May 2022, because the passionate action of the fiery Aries can revive romance even in hurt hearts. This transit brings a kind of energy of spring, the energy of the arrival of everything new, which pleases us and caresses our senses. On the other hand, Venus in Aries zodiac sign during the May 2022 can cause very rapid entry into relationships, but even into marriages. Rash and intense decisions are reinforced by the stubbornness of Aries and the passion of the fiery element associated with the energy of Venus. Some zodiac signs, especially those affected by the fiery element, will not look for settled relationships, quite the contrary. They will look for tension, and new things that will make their long-term relationships special, point out Horoscope 2022 May. Your partner may come up with a crazy idea to revive your relationship. For singles, this period is very suitable for strengthening friendships, but also for new acquaintances, as you attract the attention of others to your side. During this transit, the entrants should indulge in more childhood joy, and more fun in the arms of their partner. In the sexual realm, Venus is a proponent of hard love, so you may want to consider reviving this side of your relationship. Let this influence enter your life and you will see how it can enrich your relationship. Keep it fresh and don't be afraid of joint adventures with those you love.

Horoscope May the 5, the Sun is in conjunction with the planet Uranus. The Sun in Taurus zodiac sign acts on the 12 zodiac signs even during its conjunction with Uranus. Taurus is a strong zodiac sign, which is manifested by its perseverance and stability. When the Sun in Taurus comes into conjunction with Uranus, a period of self-consciousness and awareness of our mental state occurs. We meet people we haven't noticed yet because we give others space to look into our lives, indicate Horoscope May 2022. We are more flexible, and from a global perspective, our positive energy is currently our powerful weapon. This May 2022 period is a time of unexpected changes, but also of rebellion.

Horoscope 2022 May the 10th, the planet Jupiter enters Aries zodiac sign, while the Sun is in Taurus zodiac sign, and the planet Mercury enters a retrograde motion on the first day, during this month. The fiery sign of the Aries, which combines masculine energy, focuses our attention on the Sunnier period in our lives and moves our attention forward. The fiery signs, which include the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius represent great zeal, energy and a spark of life. From a negative point of view, however, they are known for their explosiveness and leadership temperament, continue Horoscope 2022 May. Therefore, even during transit, while the planet Jupiter is in Aries zodiac sign, they will feel mainly the signs of fire, and also the sign of the Pisces ruled by Jupiter, a great deal of rapid enthusiasm and outbursts of joy. As the planet Mercury slowly moves into retrograde motion, the next period of May 2022 will not be focused on fast forward movements or major changes. However, from a global perspective, the planet Jupiter offers opportunities to find lost interests. You can focus your search on real-life values. The great advantage of this aspect is the possibility to start something new, because Jupiter in the Aries is a symbol of new beginnings, says Horoscope May 2022. Jupiter gives us a certain temperament, but also strength in our decisions. It also brings more discipline, and bringing things to an end. If Jupiter acts on our lives in Aries zodiac sign, we are very sure where to go next in life. Many of us will also be inspired to create other things, and we will be able to encourage others to finally make a change in our lives. These abilities will have mainly Pisces zodiac sign and the fiery zodiac signs. The aspect will also have a milder effect on the opposing signs - the water signs Cancer and Scorpio. For those who have lost their sense of accomplishment of their work or activities and feel so-called burnout, the best time is to go for new experiences and try something new. The transit of Jupiter in Aries zodiac sign brings new experiences, emphasizing Horoscope 2022 May, but also certain changes, which, however, due to the action of the retrograde Mercury in its beginnings, will not take place quickly, but rather gradually and slowly. Therefore, we have the opportunity to avoid impulsive decisions, predicts Horoscope May 2022, and act thoughtfully, which is a great advantage of connecting these transits.

On May the 15th Sun square Saturn occurs. For 5 days now, Mercury has been acting on all the signs of the zodiac, connecting its energy with the Sun, which reaches square with Saturn. Square of planets is generally considered a disharmonious or neutral connection. With the influence of retrograde Mercury, this connection is rather negative, and we will have to deal with everything we struggle with in life, follow the alert from Horoscope May 2022. The result of this transit can be greater self-criticism or even low self-esteem. Mercury in the retrograde direction in conjunction with the Sun square Saturn presents tests and challenges in our lives. It even evokes pessimistic thoughts, and we will have doubts about where our lives are headed. In a way, it is a test of our journey, and a burden to our determination. Light-hearted individuals will feel a more complicated period these days, as they will have to deal with more problems and responsibilities that they did not expect, define Horoscope 2022 May. At the forefront of our lives will be the authority we will have to follow, even as we fight our own dominant nature. The energies of this transit will be felt mainly by the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, of which Saturn is the ruling planet. Capricorn as the earth sign, and Aquariusas the air, also connect their energies with other signs that are ruled by the same element. This strong transit hits 6 zodiac signs - earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, and also the air zodiac signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The opposing zodiac signs, and thus the opposition signs to the terrestrial and air element, will feel the negative transit more peacefully, and so this influence will not affect their duties or complications in their emotions more significantly. Horoscope May 2022 predicts that other zodiac signs can be affected by a slight isolation and feeling of sadness, even if there are people you love in your life. You will be mainly thinking about whether you feel real happiness in life, and you will also be interested in the possibility of strengthening happiness. It's time to read a good book that has an interesting idea and learn from the ideas that others share. Listen to the people around you and try to understand your own needs.

Horoscope May the 16th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius zodiac sign affects us. The following lunar transit brings a strong astronomical phenomenon, in which a lunar eclipse will also be observable. The moon is getting into the shadow of the earth, so we will be able to enjoy not only the interesting impact of this transit, but perfectly the theater in the sky. Let's look at how a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius zodiac sign affects the energy of the zodiac sign. More sensitive zodiac signs, especially water and air signs, may experience sleep problems and increased sensitivity to pain during this transit. However, it is not that the moon will affect our quality of sleep, but some people may have trouble sleeping. It will be important to bring our minds to a level during this day, to enjoy this theater in the sky, and to have a peaceful and beautiful evening. When the moon is in Sagittarius zodiac sign, a lot of people in life are looking for something. We seek our life mission, and focus on the love that is currently at the forefront of our lives. We believe in an optimistic outlook on life, and we think about how to make things better, prognosticate Horoscope May 2022. The Full Moon generally also has an effect on the health of the zodiac signs, and since Sagittarius zodiac sign is a sign of fire, with masculine energy, men should focus on their health. Be completely careful, recommend Horoscope 2022 May, especially during risky activities, and those who suffer from rheumatism or headaches should also pay increased attention to their health. Today, be sure to skip alcohol or other health-related addictions from your life. A minimum of one day detox is necessary if you want to feel better. During the Full Moon in Sagittarius zodiac sign, surgical procedures are not recommended.

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 May - Sun enters Gemini zodiac sign

Horoscope 2022 May the 21st, the Sun comes into conjunction with Mercury in a retrograde motion, and the Sun also moves from Taurus zodiac sign to Gemini zodiac sign. The conjunction is generally considered to be a harmonic connection, and all the zodiac signs in this period balance the energies. Restores mental well-being. The Sun with Mercury is in a position suitable for us to think about our own definition and the people we come in contact with, describe Horoscope May 2022. The result is not only improved communication skills, but also a stronger understanding of what we want to learn. This aspect is an ideal opportunity for learning, education and advancing durign May 2022. However, the rapid progress is slowed down due to the backward movement of Mercury, but this fact gives us the opportunity to listen and concentrate. We are in no hurry and our lives are more satisfied, even though we may feel that we will not achieve what we want. On this day, the Sun also moves from the earth sign of Taurus, and enters the aerial sign of Gemini.

Since the ruling planet of the Gemini is the planet Mercury, this aspect will be so strong that it will strike all the zodiac signs and horoscope. In the days to come in May 2022, we will feel the energy of versatility, and in general, people will become more communicative and social. From the opposite point of view, the male sign Gemini lends instability or emotional imbalance. This male sign brings more emotional cold in the coming days, define yearly Horoscope 2022 May. From a career point of view, it is a step forward, as we are well versed in several directions, and our intelligence comes to the surface. The only thing that can hinder our progress, whether personal or professional, is superficiality and gossip. Therefore, avoid slander, and do not engage in such discussions, even if you want to be part of society. Realize that this company can bring you more future negatives and misfortunes. After all, we don't need fake people in life.

Our attention in these moments will be focused mainly on the exchange of information. We get deeper into the world of intellect and ideas. These areas are the natural domain of Gemini life, so it is not surprising that we discover in our lives a desire to satisfy our curiosity. Mainly for the social zodiac signs, this aspect means a satisfactory period, claim astrology Horoscope May 2022. People who seek the company of others will want to be the initiators of meetings and sessions. The ruling Mercury lends a social nature to Gemini, but other zodiac signs also like to engage in meaningful conversations. So don't be afraid of your own flexibility and change, and adapt to this strong transit in May. As we have already mentioned, this movement of the Sun draws attention mainly to sincerity. Gossip and a superficial attitude towards others should be taboo. Realize that it is not appropriate to judge the lives of others if you have not tried what it is like to live that life.

The energy of the Sun acting on the sign Gemini leaves the planet Mercury on May the 23rd. In terms of communication, Mercury in Gemini zodiac sign means more miSunderstandings or chaos in retrograde motion. Leaving Gemini from the planet Mercury will give us the calming of negative energies, and we will focus more on how to understand others. Energy that has been more tired or lazy so far is becoming more vital. We focus more on our career and future. When Mercury leaves Gemini, we feel an influence not only on our work, but also on our emotions. However, during the retrograde movement of Mercury, it is not recommended to sign any important contracts, except for the period when this ruling planet leaves Gemini zodiac sign. Leaving the retrograde Mercury in the sign of Gemini means more order, and our lethargic mood takes on a new charge of vitality.

On May the 24th, the energy of the receding Mercury blends with the entry of the planet Mars into the sign of Aries. The ruling planet of Aries zodiac sign and Scorpio zodiac sign, on May the 24th, concentrates all its energies mainly on fiery signs, and on signs standing in opposition to the water element. These signs will feel the aspect more markedly, and in the forefront is mainly our protective instinct towards the people we love. Because Mars is a warring planet, and Aries is known for its fiery energy, some individuals may use brute force to protect those who are important to them, warns astorlogy Horoscope 2022. We focus all our attention mainly on our loved ones, but our aggressive behavior can be at the forefront, and therefore it is important to get your energy into harmony. In general, it is a tense period that can mean the culmination of certain conflicts to physical violence. Our beliefs should be more flexible during this period, and we should forget about extreme decisions. The key words of the aspect are concentration and understanding. Horoscope May 2022 emphasize, that we need to focus on how best to manage our energies, learn to fight for our beliefs, and focus on a nonviolent form of dissent. On the other hand, in general, the current aspect gives us the opportunity to realize that not all people in the world are the same. We realize that we do not have to have the same interests as others in order to understand each other. Above all, we must learn to act diplomatically, to respect the opinions of others, and to accept that our views may differ radically from others. This whole transit will test mainly our inner balance, and our power to control our own energies.

On May the 28th, the planet Venus enters Taurus zodiac sign, while Pluto and the planet Mercury are still in retrograde motion. Venus, acting on our emotions, relationships, and love, also affects finance. The stable nature of this transit prepares us for important meetings, and plays an important role, especially in the lives of singles. Even social events are manageable for those who are more introverted. We do not avoid new meetings or friendships, repeat Horoscope 2022 May, and we are not afraid of failure. The entry of the planet Venus into the sign of Taurus brings us determination in any activity and area in which we want to be successful. We are connected not only with our work and with our mission in life, but also with nature. Walking and discovering new, refined tastes are becoming a popular hobby. From a general point of view, we look mainly at what is aesthetically beautiful. Venus strengthens its influence mainly on Taurus, on Libra and on the earth or air zodiac signs. These signs may even expect financial improvement or a small, extraordinary win. retrograde Pluto and the planet Mercury do not embody the great energies of happiness, but several zodiac signs will be able to enjoy the tastes, smells, and quality of life through their senses. The superficiality of our lives goes away, and we get the opportunity to enjoy the present moment and all its beauties. Let's focus on important values, urge Horoscope 2022, such as friendship, love and passion in life ... Let's refresh our home with essential oils, which can also help from headaches or other health problems. They not only stimulate the physical body, but also refresh the psyche. If you have such an opportunity, it is also a good time for a massage or to relax with a favorite drink in hand.

On May the 30th, we will feel the impact of the new moon in Gemini zodiac sign. The male sign Gemini acting through air energy transforms more diplomacy into the lives of all signs. Gemini is a moving zodiac sign, and therefore many of us will have trouble adjusting, but on the other hand, we will discover a rich inner life, specify astrology Horoscope 2022. Gemini moves forward, although their rapid motion is mitigated by the retrograde energies of the moving planets Pluto and Mercury. The new moon therefore opens up opportunities for us to celebrate ourselves and the successes we have achieved in our lives. We want to share success, finances, emotions… We share happiness with the other, and harmony in thoughts is especially important. The air zodiac signs may feel more cold in their hearts, as they will tend to focus mainly on their own happiness, and on enjoying their free time just for themselves. Men should pay close attention to their health on this day, especially those with airway problems and smokers. Smokers should, at least for this day, limit this bad habit, which robs them of their vitality.

May 2022 is marked mainly by the reversal of the planet Pluto, which strongly affects all zodiac signs. From May the 10th, the planet Mercury, which affects communication skills and fast steps forward, joins this movement. Life stabilizes, and gets into a slow motion, where we have the opportunity to be aware of our every step and to think about decisions. We are not making progress, but we are trying to get the best out of the present moment. Other Astrological transits affecting all the zodiac signs during May 2022 mean the intensification or elimination of the negative energies of the retrograde motion of the two planets. The strong point of May 2022 is mainly the possibility to keep a cool head, the possibility to focus on the present moment, and the possibility of gradual and thoughtful changes in life.

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