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Horoscope 2022 - March 2022

Horoscope 2022 - March - Most important planets are in direct motion, Full Moon in Libra zodiac sign...

March 2nd is the day when the Sun sextile Uranus and also the New Moon in Pisces zodiac sign. The harmonious period of the sextile brings significant energy and tolerance. You have the opportunity to express the best of yourself, and to show out all your positive qualities. Give other people, those who love you, such gifts of your personality that enrich them in their life direction and bring them joy and encouragement. Zodiac signs will have the opportunity to becom motivators, and energy will not be blocked by negative influences. Although there may be some obstacles in our lives, Sun sextile Uranus period in March 2022 gives us the energy we need to overcome them. The balance between what we give and receive is palpable at all signs, and globally this sextile has a very positive impression. On this day, in March 2022, we are also looking at the influence of the New Moon in Pisces zodiac sign. This lunar phase enriches our lives with a great sense of sensitivity and we discover the feelings that others have hidden from us. The new moon in Pisces zodiac sign also speaks of the health effects of the zodiac signs, and it may happen that most people will have trouble sleeping during this day. Exceptional care is also required for those people who have feet problems, when you may be more bothered by joint pain or wounds that you do not pay attention to. Be especially careful about your health in the period around the second of March 2022, and enjoy the positive effect of the Sun sextile Uranus period.

Horoscope March 2022 and most important dates in 2022

Horoscope March the 5th points to the conjunction of the Sun with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is a planet that transmits its strongest energies to the sign of Sagittarius and the sign of Pisces, for which Jupiter is the ruling planet. The action of the planet Jupiter in conjunction with the Sun during the directive movement of the planets is a positive aspect that gives us the opportunity to win over others. The winner is the one of us who has thought about his steps in advance and has been waiting for his success for a long time. In general, it can be said that this aspect brings justice and sincerity. Many of you are becoming more honest says Horoscope March 2022, but Jupiter works mainly on Sagittarius zodiac signs and Pisces sign. These two signs may be more prone to telling stories that are literally unbelievable. They should use this gift for creative work or to take care of small children. To a large extent, it is a positive transit, when we forget about depression, and we prefer to focus on optimism. Things seem smoother, no changes in our lives are dramatic and unexpected. In the negative direction, transit amplifies the needs of such people who are subject to certain addictions in life, warns Horoscope March 2022. Excessive interest in alcohol, gambling, or shopping reminds us of our vices that we should try to fix during this period.

On March the 6th, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius. The planet Venus, which operates in a directive motion during March 2022, enters the sign of Aquarius, and thus affects not only Aquarius himself, but also the sign of Taurus and Libra, of whom Venus is the ruling planet. It will also affect other zodiac signs, although not as pronounced. The movement of planet Venus brings restrained and slightly strange feelings. For the 3 zodiac signs - for the signs of Aquarius, Libra and Taurus, this period is definitely not suitable for creating new relationships. The signs of the zodiac will feel that they should go their own way and not look after what others require of them. This movement highlights the pleasure of finance and money in March 2022, but also with material needs. In the relational area, the aspect acts on an interesting level ... We focus our energy mainly on finding someone who will appreciate our mind. We do not think about how to enchant the other with a physical appearance, but rather focus on our intellect. It can be an ideal time to show off your job ideas that can bring us prosperity, predicts Horoscope March 2022. The key words of this transit are stimulation and the mind. We will learn to work with these two things in harmony. Think about what can bring your mood back in a positive direction, and during this time, do mainly things that make you happy and free. Emotions and logic can fight each other, and it can be difficult to make good decisions.

Horoscope 2022 March the 13th, the Sun is observable in conjunction with Neptune. The vitality of the Sun is manifested in our lives and unlocks our creative power, which is marked not only by spontaneity but also by health. This Transit brings positive vibrations to the life of all zodiac signs, and affects not only our mental well-being but also physical vitality. Those of you who have been thinking about physical exercise for a long time should start on this day and maintain this rhythm for the rest of March 2022. The Sun in conjunction with the planet Neptune will help you begin and maintain your determination. There may be some worries in love that will be related to healthy members of your family, says accurate Horoscope March 2022. This position of the Sun in general represents our purpose in life, which, in conjunction with Neptune, when the planets are in direct motion, is mainly connected with the care of the people who need our care. The horoscope recommends you to be more interested in the needs and requirements of your family members, and focus not only on your family but also on your closest friends. These days bring very positive vibrations, because the people to whom you give a helping hand will feel positive emotions on your part, and love for life. The conjunction of the Sun with Neptune during the March 2022 has a very significant effect, especially on the individual expression of our own person. Our own identity comes to the surface, so we recommend that you only do things that interest and entertain you. It is essential to find a way to align your energy with the activities that make you happy in life. Horoscope March 2022 says that you may face certain challenges, but thanks to individuality and a strong will, most of you will overcome it. This conjunction of the Sun will affect mainly the sign of the Leo and also the sign of Pisces, on which the planet Neptune also has a considerable influence.

Horoscope March 18th, the Sun in the sextile combines its power with Pluto with the Full Moon in Libra zodiac sign. The moon, which generally rules of Cancer zodiac sign, transmits its energies to all 12 zodiac signs when its fulfillment occurs in the sign of Libra. The positive aspect of the sextile with Pluto blends with the effects of the Full Moon and gives us life balance and harmony in the month of March 2022. Use your harmonious mood in a constructive way and try to motivate people to do good. Sometimes you feel exhausted mainly because of the energy of other people who are pessimistic about you. Don't let other people's negative energies interfere with your own life these days, and be a motivator for yourself. Communication is a talent you will not miss during this day, so pass on your thoughts and positive vibrations to those you love. Surely you want to improve the lives of not only yourself but also others. It is on March 18th and the period around this date that is very suitable for working with groups, and for helping people with their pessimistic attitude. The Full Moon in Libra zodiac sign affects every sign of the zodiac also in terms of health, and in this case, when the Sun is in the sextile with Pluto, we focus our attention mainly on mental health. The collective mental health of you and your family members should be harmonized. If this is not the case, it is necessary to lend a helping hand and analyze the problems of other people. During this period, horoscope March 2022 specifies, people will have the gift of calming the negative aspects, and looking at the world positively. Even small steps alone can change the meaning of certain negative things in other people's lives. Be a helper, because this day is also ideal for your own mental detox.

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 March - Sun enters Aries zodiac sign

March 20th is the day when the Sun leaves Pisces zodiac sign and enters Aries zodiac sign. Passion, energy, progress, and militancy are manifested during this aspect in every sign of the zodiac, but more vigorously in those signs that are ruled by the element of fire. The fiery Aries zodiac sign, Leo zodiac sign and Sagittarius zodiac sign feel this transition more markedly than the other signs. This aspect is felt by those signs that stand in opposition to the fiery ones - the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The transition of the Sun to Aries becomes the impetus for new beginnings. If by March 20th you have focused your energy mainly on successfully managing the first months of the new year, from this period you can focus on moving your own priorities forward. The transition of the Sun to the sign of Aries begins the year of the twelve zodiac signs, because the introductory sign is the sparkling sign of Aries. This birth represents new life, new possibilities and new motivations for you to start acting. Any of your resolutions that you did not fulfill at the beginning of the year, you can rediscover just by entering the Sun in Aries zodiac sign. Much in your future will depend on what steps and with what commitment you will approach your work, your health, finances and love, underlines Horoscope March 2022. This turning point brings you the opportunity to start again, and make significant changes in your life. All 12 signs of the zodiac will feel the great energy of this transformation in March 2022. The sign of Aries thus lends energy to other signs to make them more specialized in finding energies that will help them rush forward. In general, this transit reminds us of learning discipline and understanding others. We also learn how to save our energy and use it in areas that bring us joy in life and financial well-being. The sense of adventure is manifested not only in travel, but also in exploring new possibilities in love, work and finance. It is a time when many of us think about taking risks, focus on new opportunities and compare our lives with others. Horoscope March 2022 describes that in that positive direction. We are motivated by what others have achieved in life, and we strive to move forward so that our life is as we imagine it to me. Use this astrological transit to start reconnecting your decisions and your life journey.

Horoscope March 22nd, the planet Mars, which is the ruling planet of the signs of Aries and Scorpio, is in square with Uranus. In the life of all 12 zodiac signs, Mars represents ambition, activity, passion and desire. The energy of the planet Mars is mainly focused on such actions that must be completed. However, the Mars square Uranus period brings us in the negative direction the search for our own potential and freedom. We feel that we need to rest mentally from the everyday worries that engulf our lives. This is not a good time to make the changes you've been planning for a long time, warns yearly Horoscope March 2022. You will feel inner turmoil, as well as fear for your future. Fortunately, this period does not last long, and therefore builds the negative aspects felt only in a few days. Some signs do not even feel this negative effect at all. The negative effects, and thus the inability to harmonize their thoughts, will be felt mainly by the signs of Aries, Scorpio, but also by the opposite of Libra zodiac sign, and Taurus zodiac sign.

Horoscope 2022 March 20th looks at the directive movements of Venus in conjunction with the directive Saturn. The key word of this conjunction is mainly self-discipline. Several zodiac signs perceive a dose of conscientiousness, and on the outside we act very responsibly. We try to complete all our duties so that we can move on to the new moon with a clean slate. Our spontaneity and playfulness are also unlocked, which, however, mainly affects the love of all 12 zodiac signs. In the area of finance, health or work, the more restrained side of this conjunction is manifested, so in March 2022 we should perceive things more soberly and try to keep our activities under control. The connection of the Sun with Saturn affects Leo zodiac sign, Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac sign, but also of the opposing signs, which feel more serious in life, necessary to cope with and overcome important problems. However, every experience in life gives you the energy to do things better than most zodiac signs. Transit reminds you not to expect anything from anyone for free, and reminds you that you have to pay real value for every decision or thing. The opposing signs that will be affected by this transit are Aquarius zodiac sign, Cancer and also Leo zodiac sign.

March 2022 symbolizes the positive rebirth of several of us who no longer hoped for change. The Sun in Aries begins its journey through 12 signs in 2022, so we too can start our future. People look at the world not only from materialistic point of view, but also feelings and desires play an important role. The place in our hearts opens mainly to family and friends who are always with us when we need them. In March 2022, many people will realize the power of friendship and family bonds. We will also be aware of our own determination and we will be able to fight problems that seem easier to us than before.

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