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Horoscope 2022 - July 2022

Horoscope 2022 - July - Mars enters Taurus, Sun moves to Leo zodiac sign...

Since July the 28th, when Jupiter joins the retrograde planets, we can remove the word development from our lives. All planned renovations, whether of our feelings, businesses or homes should be planned for another date, advise Horoscope July 2022. Major repairs or changes in the household are better made at the time of Jupiter's directive movement. Jupiter even overwhelms the power of Mercury, depriving us of the opportunity to learn and understand quickly. At the moment, it would not make sense to spend money on courses or studies, because we remember very little of what we read.

Even for students, the summer season and the months of September, October or the first half of November will not be very successful. Jupiter also deprives us of creativity, and we allow ourselves to be carried away by the current and established activity that is close to us. We do not invent anything new because we are afraid of failure and error, underlines Horoscope July 2022. Jupiter is focused mostly meditatively, and develops our own life goals and directions. We must therefore seek wealth mainly within ourselves, and adhere to our convictions and beliefs. Although we will live more in seclusion during this period, we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves in detail. The coming months bring opportunities to look inward, analyze our present and focus on the best future.

From a health point of view, while we are affected by the retrograde Jupiter, it is necessary to pay attention to your line as well, specifies astrology Horoscope 2022 July. We tend to eat more, so we gain weight very easily. We should therefore include physical movement in our lives, which will help us maintain not only physical health but also mental balance in the coming months. In July 2022, there will also be other Astrological transits, which combine energies for individual zodiac signs, or encourage us to be careful and trust. Let's discuss the most important aspects of July 2022, which all the signs of the zodiac should know.

Horoscope July 2022 and important dates in 2022

On July the 5th, two significant aspects occur - Mercury enters Cancer zodiac sign and the planet Mars moves into Taurus zodiac sign. During this period, the Sun still acts in Cancer zodiac sign and strengthens our feminine side. Communicative Mercury in connection with the home sign of Cancer develops our compassion and draws our attention mainly to sensitive communication with other people. Due to the action of 3 retrograde planets and Pluto, communication may be slow, and the reactions of others are also slowed down, warns Horoscope July 2022. However, these days give the impression that people are thinking about the global problems of the world and looking beyond the near future. Cancer is also known for its great thinking and meditative nature. If it is in harmony with the planet Mercury, Cancer and all the other water zodiac signs form their opinions much faster, and they also manage to make important decisions in important matters more quickly. The key words of this transit are intuition and gentle communication. Mars in Taurus, on the other hand, points to the fact that with this approach to communication and to other people, we can achieve goals faster than we thought. Mars will accelerate the energies that the retrograde planets are holding back, so Mars' home signs - Aries and Scorpio - may feel hasty, alert astrology Horoscope July 2022. There will be no desire for a quick decisions on our part, which can shake our strength and stability. Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries transform our energy into thinking about long-term goals and a personal determination to succeed.

Horoscope July the 13th, we perceive the Full Moon in Capricorn. The Full Moon in the basic Capricorn zodiac sign is related to our determination and ambition. Capricorn is a sign with female energy strengthening the desire to work perfectly. We are saddened to see that others are ignoring our feelings. We look more at other people around us, and we forget about our own world, which we should protect. Doubts that plague the mind and lives of all signs should be settled while the moon is in Capricorn. The moon settles in Capricorn for two days - July the 12th and 13th. This interval is an excellent opportunity for physical cleansing, says Horoscope 2022 July, when it is appropriate to undergo a physical detox. It is advisable to supply the body with more vitamins through raw vegetables and fruits. Health will be compromised especially in women who should increase their vigilance to avoid colds or excessive headaches from stress.

On July the 16th, we observe the Sun in conjunction with the planet Mercury, which is moving in a directive motion. The Sun concentrating its energy on Cancer zodiac sign gets into the conjunction with Mercury. The Sun affects the mind, and harmonizes the mental energy, especially of those who have recently felt exhausted. This conjunction focuses our energy on friendship, family, and connects our communication skills with important conversations. If we have so far hesitated with questions about our relationship and its future, the conjunction of the Sun and the planet Mercury in Cancer zodiac sign brings the ideal opportunity to address any issues, describe Horoscope July 2022. These questions should mainly concern progress in the relationship, a change in the household, or a shift in emotional levels. Imaginary barriers are removed from our love, because several zodiac signs feel a strong need for an active role in communication. Those who listen to you and who agree with you will have an exceptional ability to absorb all the information, which stabilizes even broken relationships.

Horoscope 2022 July the 18th, the planet Venus acts on Cancer, while the Sun is still in this magical sign. Venus and the Sun in the sign of Cancer affect the 12 zodiac signs very strongly. It influences those who seek employment in creative activities and answers to worries about love. The time is coming for meeting new people, especially for those who are single and want to meet someone fateful. While Venus acts on Cancer zodiac sign, people tend to look away from superficial relationships, and enter deeper into emotional life. We are aware of what matters in life, and we are not interested in unstable relationships, Horoscope 2022 July points up. We try to stabilize everything about love, friendship and our emotions, because we are gradually planning to move forward. Venus in Cancer works differently for each sign of the zodiac, but from a global perspective, love will be felt in the air. Our home will be connected with security and stability. Even small children will need more love and attention during this period, because they will long for your arms, your embrace and your kind words. So take care of the children, recommends Horoscope 2022, and prepare them for a beautiful day, which they will remember as adults. While Venus is in Cancer zodiac sign, maternal tenderness is the most beautiful emotional manifestation. Also, don't forget your parents, who are sure to enjoy a phone call or a visit today. Even though it is Monday, July the 18th, you can plan this visit for the next weekend, or take a break from work today and treat yourself to a family time.

On July the 19th, the planet Mercury enters Leo zodiac sign in a directive motion. In July, Mercury is really active, and after acting on the sign of Cancer, it transfers energy to Leo zodiac sign, while the Sun is still acting on Cancer. The era of retrograde planets currently affecting us is not suitable for a change of profession, but the planet Mercury in Leo zodiac sign reinforces the art of convincing others. Thanks to this feature, especially the fiery zodiac signs, such as Leo, Aries and Sagittarius zodiac sign, can very easily use their skills when looking for a job or when applying for a better financial reward. However, it is necessary to approach the matter with caution, due to the effect of retrograde aspects. You will progress in promoting your thoughts and ideas, and you can attract the attention of important people. Mercury in Leo zodiac sign is very passionate about the sense of communication, so it will not be a problem for fiery zodiac signs to communicate about anything, define Horoscope July 2022. We can even develop a more sophisticated way of communication that will be not only funny but also imaginative. When it comes to intellectual challenges, Mercury in the Leo must struggle with Sun in this sign. The energy and ego of this sign are especially strong, so Mercury will initially have trouble showing the strength of its intellect.

Horoscope July the 20th - Sun in opposition to retrograde Pluto. The opposition, as a negative aspect, acts on the Sun in Cancer in retrograde Pluto. Transit indicates a crisis in life, or even an event, that could negatively affect energy from a global perspective. Thus, many people will feel self-destructive thoughts, and will want to end the work in progress, even if they are not satisfied with the result. We will want to end important things, and our decisions will be cold and stubborn. The Sun in opposition to Pluto also affects Horoscope 2022 July and the ability to manipulate and jealousy. This is an inconvenient time to get closer, or to start new friendships or relationships. Already the movement of 3 retrograde planets and Pluto through the zodiac signs symbolizes tense moments. The opposition of the Pluto and the Sun also strongly warns of great changes affecting not only you but also others. If you avoid any changes during this opposition, transit may be less disruptive. At this point, it will be best if you focus on transforming your thoughts into positive realms.

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 July - Sun enters Leo zodiac sign

Horoscope 2022 July the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo zodiac sign. The first change this transit from the sign of Cancer to Leo will bring is a greater interest in joy and carefree life. This aspect motivates us to have more fun and look for opportunities for creative self-expression. Leo enriches the life of all the zodiac signs, while the Sun acts on him, with great confidence and energy. It radiates enormous generosity, strength and warmth of heart. The friendly sign Leo teaches us how to build our self-confidence and struggle with our inner insecurity. Our natural desire to excel over others shines through our lives, and so we are not afraid to fight resolutely with what life gives us, specify astorlogy Horoscope July 2022. In general, we are looking for fun and secrets associated with life. Our inner child will show us exactly what style we will best relax from everyday worries. We also discover the unknown and we are not afraid to take less risk if we are rewarded with amazing experiences. We discover what we enjoy and focus on the things we love. We gain lost self-confidence and build our own inner happiness.

On July the 31st, Mercury stands in opposition to Saturn. Mercury standing in Leo zodiac sign and Saturn, located in Aquarius shakes the stability of the fiery zodiac signs and also hits the water signs. The symbol of this opposition is sadness and bad news. Leo, Aquarius, as well as the fiery and aerial zodiac signs, can expect a more complicated period due to this opposition, claim Horoscope July 2022. This will create challenging situations that we can overcome only with a dose of positive attunement, which we must cultivate within ourselves. Especially in the area of relations, we make important decisions, but we must think carefully, because hasty decisions will put us in an unflattering situation. Critical thinking takes note of all the shortcomings of the others and also draws attention to their own mistakes. This search will be significant and we will overcome it only with a dose of positive thinking, good mood and if we are tolerant of others. End of July will be more difficult, but on the other hand we have a huge opportunity to work with our own emotions. So let us not be afraid of negative transits, which we can turn into situations that will teach us, thanks to a positive attitude.

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