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Horoscope 2022 - April 2022

Horoscope 2022 - April - Venus in Pisces zodiac sign, Sun moves to Taurus sign...

On April the 1st, the Full Moon arrives in Aries, and the Sun is in this sign. The sign of Aries is currently influenced by the position of the planet Mercury, the position of the Sun and the moon. How does all the New Moon in Aries affect all 12 zodiac signs? In general, we manage to solve problems faster, which we try to complete in such a way that these solutions do not cause loss to other people. We perceive the nature around us, underlines Horoscope April 2022, and focus on the beauty of everyday life. Some people may decide between what they really want to achieve in life, something they want to spend their money on, and whether this path is worth spending their precious energy on. The phases of the moon generally also affect the health of individuals, and therefore those who are currently suffering from dental problems or headaches should pay increased attention to their health. April 2022 new moon in Aries represents male energy, which is characterized by great activity. From this point of view, the health of men is at particular risk, so they should focus more on monitoring their body and preventive examinations, recommends Horoscope April 2022. During the New Moon in Aries, in the month of April, there are also no recommended surgical procedures, so try to avoid extraordinary surgical procedures, which should be postponed until later. The new moon comes in the morning and therefore during the 1st of April you will feel comfortable and orderly. The first day of the new lunar cycle is thus marked by a strong lunar influence on all 12 signs of the solar zodiac.

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April 2nd transit occurs, when the Sun is in conjunction with the planet Mercury, which is currently in a directive motion and affects Horoscope April 2022. The conjunction of the Sun Aries zodiac sign with the planet Mercury in April 2022 also affects the opposite sign of Aries and Libra zodiac sign. However, each of us will feel this influence, but more significant changes in mood and energy are felt mainly by fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, as well as opposing signs - Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. The planet Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, which will also be more sensitive to this aspect, specifies astrology Horoscope April 2022. These signs can thus look forward to a strong feeling of increased mental energy, and the psyche will be organized. Mercury defines for us what we come in contact with on ordinary days, and therefore we look forward to the little things that make up our world. Intelligence and strong communication skills creep into the forefront of lives, thanks to which we can analyze all problems. The horoscope recommends that we focus these acquired abilities on thinking about near future plans. In April we can focus on new study or learning something that will help us improve our strengths. People born during this transit tend to be strong and independent personalities. This influence is also passed on to all the zodiac signs when we want to be heard, and we ignore the critical opinions of other people around us, says yearly Horoscope April 2022.

On April 5th, the planet Venus enters the sign of Pisces. On this day, Venus also connects its energy with the planets Jupiter and Neptune, which also act on the sign of Pisces, because they are currently in this sign. Transit also affects other water signs, which see the world in color during this period, and they do not look at things only unilaterally. They can think soberly about their own problems, but also about the worries of other people. The power to analyze the mistakes and actions of others comes to the forefront of the power of these zodiac signs, emphasizes Horoscope April 2022. Since this transit also unlocks the compassion within us, it is up to us to approach others sincerely and to tell them our negative view of things. When Venus is in Pisces zodiac sign, 12 signs feel tenderness and even romance in the emotional world. It is difficult to define our own path in love, but we are fully determined to pass on our whole heart to the ones we love, describes astrology Horoscope April 2022. Globally, this aspect is very positive because it brings opportunities to forgive and understand what has happened to us in the past. The physical attractiveness of some people is also visible, especially for those born in the water sign. Since the energies change rapidly in Pisces zodiac sign, the energy will change rapidly throughout this day. You can expect not only positive aspects, but also a certain type of avoidance and disrupted conversations. Feelings will weaken especially in the following days, when the influence of Venus in Pisces zodiac sign calms down.

Horoscope April 11th is a specific period when the planet Mercury enters the sign of Taurusw. The senses of all people are very strong during this transit. We have a newfound strength to perceive smell, taste, but also touch. Not only are our communication skills at a high level, but our ideas tend to be very practical and useful. Horoscope April 2022 says that we are able to gather information that is essential for our future, and we select information that does not make sense to us. This period is not a day when people focus on intrigue or slander. We unlock a practical view of each other's lives, and we have the opportunity to discover. Use this period for a romantic walk in nature, to cook a good meal, or to stop the time where you feel safe. All people will in April 2022 feel that they are doing exactly what they have well thought out in advance and that the plans will succeed. Use this positive self-confidence to achieve new growth at work, the desired job position, or look for the job you are dreaming of. The period when the planet Mercury is in Taurus zodiac sign is one of the few ideal opportunities to go for a job interview and star.

On April 15th, the planet Mars enters the sign of Pisces. The Pisces will feel this transit intensely, and they will feel less motivated and there will also be a noticeable mental discomfort. Other zodiac signs will perceive this transition more mildly. However, Aries and Scorpio, whose ruling planet is Mars, will perceive energies much like Pisces. The good news of this transit is that no one is interested in excessive conflicts and confrontations. Horoscope April 2022 highlight, that we try to communicate directly, but we do not insult anyone for their decisions or the way they communicate. The aspect also highlights the fact that people try to prioritize the decisions and needs of others over their own. So selfishness is not one of the key words of this transit, but idealism is at the forefront of our lives. We imagine things better than they really are, but that helps us overcome the problems with foresight. Flying in the clouds and dreaming are not always bad. Let yourself be carried away by the magical effects of this transit, because you can feel more free.

Horoscope 2022 April 16th is a specific Full Moon in Libra zodiac sign. In March, just as in this month, we will feel the lunar transit, which is repeated by the given sign. The Full Moon in Libra zodiac sign also affects us during March, and will affect the energy of all 12 signs. And even during the month of April. The air sign of Libra manifests itself outwardly as a thoughtful and diplomatic person, who in life is focused mainly on his own life growth and on inner harmony. When the Full Moon is in Libra zodiac sign, people need to harmonize their thoughts, their ideas and moods, and connect their lives with those they love. Life, which is hidden deep inside us, is thus connected with the energies and feelings of our loved ones, emphasizing Horoscope April 2022. We share not only good but also bad feelings, and thanks to that we get closer to other people. The sign of Libra, like Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius, is one of the male signs of the zodiac, who want to make decisions in their lives and determine the direction of others in April 2022. The Full Moon in the sign of Libra has the ambition to show us something that has been hidden for a long time. Therefore, let us listen to our inner voice, because in this period the answer to an important question comes to the surface of consciousness. Those who suffer from diabetes, kidney disease, or urinary tract problems should pay close attention to their health. Again, as in March, these health problems will be perceived primarily by men, not women.

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Yearly Horoscope 2022 April - Sun enters Taurus zodiac sign

Horoscope April 20th, the Sun enters the sign of Taurus. The position of the Sun from last month, which opened up the possibility for us to start over certain things, is now calming down, and transferring its energy to the earth sign of Taurus. Earth signs have many features in common. They focus on success, job finance, and realistic ideas. They are suitable for practical activities that provide tangible results. Taurus is one of the strong zodiac signs, and therefore there is a sense of stability in his life. It is a sign with a feminine energy that can receive, listen, and in many ways of life resolve conflicts rather calmly and with patience. He does not use aggression, and does not like to get involved in conflicts, indicate Horoscope April 2022. So the Sun in Taurus means that we get a new motivation in life. For all the zodiac signs, the Sun in Taurus will have a different effect on development, but it will also have some things in common. In general, the effort to maintain your safe harbor will be extremely important during this period. Every zodiac sign should in April 2022 focus on enhancing the family's well-being, and on synchronizing good energies in the household. Taurus is not a materialistic sign, and therefore our attention goes from the need to increase and accumulate wealth. We are more modest, and we accept the world as it is with what has been given to us. We realize that only we are the creators of our own happiness, and that if we want to be successful in life, we must fight for success. We feel our own value in life and can determine what we can do to make other people happier in our society. We respond more meaningfully to everything that happens in our lives, and our tastes, touches and smells are more intense than before. The key word of this transit is therefore mainly the feeling of self-worth and the union of their energies into one whole.

On April 29th, the directive Mercury enters the sign of Gemini and Pluto and changes its directive motion to a retrograde one. We will talk more about the retrograde movement of Pluto in the coming months, when this movement will be felt for several days. In general, under the influence of Pluto, at the end of the month, we will feel the entrance to the dark side of our own selves. In the coming months, continue Horoscope 2022 April, this influence will be more pronounced, and we will gradually become acquainted with how Pluto's retrograde motion will affect all 12 signs. We will also prepare for how to manage this negative feeling so that it touches us as little as possible. Mercury in Gemini perceives things or feelings that we have lost. It tries to bring back to our lives the things that were of value to us and that are important to us. From a general point of view, it may happen that more people will look for what they have left or lost in the past. This transit can touch on a large number of topics during the April 2022 inform yearly Horoscope, and it also depends on the astrological house in which this transit takes place with respect to the sign. You will learn more about how Mercury in Gemini will affect your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope for 2022. In general, however, you will come up with solutions that will enrich you for something lost or help you replace it.

Horoscope 2022 April 30th, the New Moon takes place for the second time, during this month. This time it takes place in Taurus zodiac sign. Feminine energy is transformed into the New Moon in Taurus zodiac sign, and brings us stability and satisfaction. We have the opportunity to learn how to best accept the changes in our lives we perceive the problems in depth. This calmer period of April gives us opportunities to turn our gaze away from material needs. We receive the gift of full focus on mental harmony with our loved ones. The New Moon in Taurus zodiac sign may also offer more people the opportunity to correct the wrongdoing, describe Horoscope 2022 April. Many of us will have the opportunity to clean up something that bothers us from the past. Women's health will be affected in the second month of April, and therefore women who suffer from skin and vocal cord problems should be especially careful. Some of you may experience unexpected sore throats. Women should pay close attention to their health during April 30th, and should not undergo any surgery.

Pluto can surprise us with its energy at the end of the month in April. For the rest of the month, however, we do not have to expect significant global tensions or unmanageable relationships. Astrological movements that may negatively affect our actions occur during the square of the Sun with the current directive planet Pluto - April 18th. Sun square Pluto can bring a slight disharmony to life and energy. The Sun in Aries zodiac sign creates a sqaure with Pluto, which is located in Capricorn. It causes problems especially for those who are unable to tame their intense nature and do not control their emotional insides. If you are explosive, you may get in trouble this day. We do not have to expect other negative effects during the month of April 2022, so this month is a suitable period for growth and doing well on your own.

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