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Virgo Personality Traits

Birthday: 23 August - 22 September

Planet: The ruling planet of the sign is Mercury.

Element: For a Virgo sign, the ruling element is the earth.

Nature: The main character of the sign is a phlegmatic nature.

Strengths: Virgo is an original person. They are the kind of person who has a strong relationship with decency and meticulousness. They value order in relationships but also in matters. They are really hardworking and they abound in logical thinking. Peace is felt by everybody in Virgo and they try to bring practicality into their life.

Weaknesses: This sign is prone to the negative perception of the world around them, but also to itself. Virgos are puffed up and confined to the outside world. They have a strong tendency to laziness and tend to be a great egotist. They are often very critical and unpredictable.

Body: Virgo tends to have a slim figure with a medium-sized body. They should keep an eye on proper posture as they have sagging shoulders and a few flabby muscles. They often have gently curled hair and brown or gray eyes. The forehead is distinctive, and women should not wear fringe.

Lucky Day: Lucky Virgo day is Wednesday. During this day, Virgos will do their best if they relax in the circle of their family and devote themselves to homework that they do.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable Virgo day will be Wednesday. On Wednesday it is advisable to avoid decisions that have long been postponed, it is preferable to delay them for a day. Virgos should not deal with any questions about finance on Wednesday.

Birthstone: To please the sign of a Virgo give him a jewel containing topaz, or garnet. Topas will bring them success and happiness. The grenade protects them from all evil and also from the disease.

Health: Virgo is very susceptible to any kind of stress. Virgo should be more relaxed and focused mainly on preventing liver-related diseases, genital disorders, or problems with digestion. In their diet, they should include foods containing vitamin D as well as fennel and various nuts that provide the necessary oils.

Color: The Virgo encourages mainly the blue color, which reflects their character and nature. The light blue color puts them in a state of peace they need so strongly. An essential color for the Virgo sign is also the beautiful green color that underlines the balanced nature of this sign.

Where to Travel: They should choose Italy, Brazil, Greece for travel.

Lucky numbers: Lucky Virgo numbers are 3, 8, 21, 33.

Great Characteristics of Virgo

A girl with nice hair, gently curly, who wears a simple but romantic dress and loves to roam the countryside with a glimpse of the future. Perhaps this description is best attributed to the Virgo sign. Virgo is strongly materialistic. They have a true perspective on things and do not fall into dreams or ideas. Although Virgo tends to be intelligent and diligent, it tends to break into details that enfold Virgo's minds. Virgo must focus on practical things, otherwise, they will start to deal with little things, and she will not be able to get back from this carousel. However, if they are focused on simplicity and straightforward solutions, they are indeed an extraordinary great enthusiast for the thing. It is a real self-analytical sign. They can see not only positive but also negative aspects of life and themself. They approach the problems directly. Virgo sign is ready to deal with any problem immediately. Virgo has a systematic and responsible approach to life and loves order. In their life, they prefer arrangement and consistency. However, the less Virgo is thinking about small things, the more they can focus on the essential things that might otherwise escape their attention.

A Virgo sign is a really natural sign. Earth is their element, and they are mentally growing up with the earth. They are a great creator of verbal disputes — their desire to looks perfect pushes them to dispute with people around them because they want to be the best. Their mood changes literally with changing the weather. You can meet Virgo happy one day and totally sad at the one day later. Virgo is a sign that will never, but never really look for a mistake in themself. However, they are very willing to find an error in his neighborhood. Virgo is not very critical to themself, and they tend to be too afraid and worried about themself. They are friendly to others until they do not hear criticism from them. Virgos like to blend in inside other people's things on the pretext that they want to help them. At the same time, they are trying to find out all the shortcomings or motives of people in their surroundings. They then use it as a weapon for their personality or career growth. Virgo can see even well-thought-out advice as an attack on her person. Coexistence with a Virgo is often complicated, but if you learn to communicate, you will break barriers with this mysterious sign and make life with them are then really simple. Virgo's secrets are strictly guarded and they are not willing to tell them, anyone - not even close people. An essential role in their lives is played by sympathy for other people. If they are sympathetic to them, they will help them and provide great friendship. Otherwise, Virgo will be uncomfortable and offensive to people around. They do not make significant differences between things and people. They are heavily materially based and on the things they matter as much as they do to humans.

These negatives, however, compensate with their positives. Virgo is smart and trustworthy. They are interested in philanthropic activity, and although they are taciturn, they are very popular by others. If they focus heavily on something, they can make it far in life. Virgo plans and calculates. They keep track of their things, their needs, and who they helped. They are capable of fast learning and have strong communication skills. In discussions, they often lead over others. They have great expressive skills and often act honestly convincingly.

Virgo deserves a description as a practical sign. They may seem shy and endowed with a truly varied and fertile imagination. Virgo is a sign that is always on the alert and difficult to deceive. They are people with analytical thinking who think reasonably. They believe in intuition, but only within real thinking. Often, they shift their intuition to the second track because they rater uses their logical thinking. If a Virgo chooses for something in their life, they want to think through all steps. They do it because they don't want to be surprised during their way to their success or dream journey. Their bright mind can learn everything with ease. They are interested in new things, but they are often prevented by little self-confidence. This zodiac sign yearns for someone to assure them of their actions. Though they see their mistakes, they do not pay attention to them and try to act as perfect beings before everyone. But inside they know exactly what their most significant drawbacks are. A Virgo sign tends to be an incredible critic against others, even if they criticize truly wrong. In this respect, they forget their intelligence, and especially women often fall into hate debates about people around them without having a specific reason to do so. Their desire to act the most perfect in their surroundings is to drive them to embarrass others around them. And all just to succeed. In this way, a Virgo sign is often seen as a truly cruel sign in terms of verbal expressions to others. Otherwise, Virgo is a harmless opponent. She is physically incapable of hurting anyone. In their world are rules of verbally fight.

Virgo & Work

In the profession, they want to take on a responsible role in which they will have an overview of everything they need. At work, they rely on their strong and innate intellect. Virgo are great doctors or pharmacists. Their ability to learn quickly determines their professions, which require extensive knowledge. They are also great lawyers or teachers because Virgo likes help to others very much. They are also interested in astronomy or mathematics. Virgo can also be found among teachers, educators in kindergartens. They also use their logical thinking in technical professions. Women are great accountants or administrative workers who are hard to replace for others. With their intellect, they can take significant advantage of the interest in literature, and especially women often become gifted for music or another kind of art. Preferably, they are more cautious in the area of ​money and they do not like spending earned money.

Characteristics of Virgo Man - Virgo man Traits

A Virgo man is really pragmatic. If he considers something unbelievable or impractical, no one can make them to do this. Virgo man is very interested in finance. This man often looks through his position in society and the financial background. Spending the money for useless things he considers for sin, and he is cautious about money. He can earn great wealth because he is diligent and ambitious. Well, on the other hand, money that he earned he doesn't want to spend on anything. A Virgo man will provide you with a family fireplace and he will buy you coveted living, but don't expect him to give you money for a new purse or for spending with your girlfriends. He is cautious about finances and invests in real estate. He avoids risk investments and does not trust financial advisors. He knows exactly where to invest and where not to. He follows his strong instinct and practical analytical thinking. No is still NO for him.

A Virgo man takes friendship seriously. He is support and helper in every area to his friends, who he chooses thoughtfully. He also chooses love very carefully. He is not subject to some love at first sight. A Virgo man does not believe in such a spell. He expects a woman who will be worthy of his level, she will be a true lady, she knows to communicate well and be a jewel in society. You must not criticize his person because he takes every criticism, even you do not mean it bad, as an insult. If a Virgo man tells you something useful, listen to him. He stands behind his decision, and he won't change his decision even if you argue. If so, just a very logical and persistent argument could change his decision. A Virgo man cannot feel that he is mistaken in his conviction. If this happens he never admits that you were right, even if you realize you had. You need to prepare yourself for this in a relationship with Virgo man. Quarrels often end up in his favor and you should do not expect from a Virgo to come to apologize or admit a mistake in his claims. On the contrary, he will stubbornly expect an excuse from you.

Virgo man in Love

Sex is for him a celebration of the beauty of life. Sex life is not a priority for Virgo man, but when he indulges in passion, it is one grand celebration of life. Most of the single men of advanced age can be found among the men in the Virgo sign. A Virgo man is doing well in the household and therefore looking for an orderly woman. If she cannot keep order in the house, this can make Virgo man upset and uncertain about this relationship. The Virgo needs to have perfect order in everything. A Virgo man cares about his appearance and often is jewelry for mature even young women. This man has usually a younger partner because he looks very rich with his cultivated appearance. Such relationships, however, do not last for a long time, because Virgo man is not willing to financially support young lover's lifestyle.

On the contrary, a Virgo man wants to order and peace in his life. If you are interested in a man in this zodiac sign, you need to be patient and prepare yourself for the fact that Virgo never gives you an intense passion. It is instead a quiet type of person and will not laugh at spicy jokes. In sex, you will be surprised by his perseverance and gradual gain of passion. A Virgo man needs to get used to your closeness and will be very happy to devote his free time to you. Sometimes he gets to act as old man, and he wants to control the lives of his partner. A woman who falls in love with a Virgo man must assume that this man watches his wallet and spends only on the necessary things. He is sincere in love, never deceives and cheats. He will tell you straight if he is dissatisfied with something or feels unhappy with something. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Virgoand discover more about love with Virgo man.

But this man is not the one who is crazy about women. Instead, he is cautious in relations and waiting for a woman's invitation. He is not the lion of the salons, nor is he a devout seducer. Most often you can meet this man at work, or through familiar friends. There are the right places to meet him and to start a relationship with a Virgo man. He appreciates the accuracy and does not like to wait, so don't let him wait on you for the first date. He expects from the woman a good behavior and that she opens her apartment door for him. He will behave as at his own home from the beginning. He will bring everything he need for first night in your apartment with himself. Pajamas, toothbrush, alarm clock ... He's just a man who's used to his comfort. In the sexual aspect, he is type of person you will feel the passion. You shouldn't expect any heroic performances from him. But he is the king of the overture, which he gives enough time to satisfy you. If you catch this man, you can prepare yourself for a comfortable future, with enough money and everything you need for a calm live. He is a gentle lover and he will give you genuinely exceptional foreplay.

Characteristics of Virgo Woman - Virgo woman Traits

Old virgin = Virgo woman. But don't think that this is such something negative. Virgo woman waiting for her right one. She is not literally waiting for a prince, but she requires certain advantages from a man. Her ideal is a man who will give her their own home. She considers his dream partner a smart man who is wise and leaves home care to her. She wants to take care of housework by herself. Virgo woman has an exceptional one trait. She can shop effectively and perfectly and she knows to calculate what to buy and what to not. So she is not spending money on useless things. She usually gets what she needs from shopping, but also a little thing for herself. In this, the Virgo woman differs from the Virgo man because she sometimes rewards herself with some cute bagatelle. She wants to feel luxurious in her life and spends her money on her own luxury.

Virgo Woman in Love

What really this woman wants you will not know. She wants you to figure out what she wants. She's a perfect woman who sometimes looks old-fashioned. But she exudes a real femininity that can attract almost every man if she decides he might be the right one. Virgo woman sometimes succumbs to magic, and her rational thinking can often go into the background if she experiences something unexpected, something that connects with magic or supernatural. She is very sensitive and she can move spiritually in the world. But she needs some incentive to guide her on this journey. If Virgo woman becomes interested in this kind of spirituality, she may become a true prophet or healer, but she needs to follow her intuition. With a Virgo woman you also won the jackpot if you love touches. Virgo woman is a person who naturally understands touch. She will caress and massage you with love if you are her dream partner.

Virgo woman has an incredible amount of energy that can be shared among people around. This energy will also be used in sexual life. She is not very sex-intensive and she does not want her partner to attach great importance to sex. Do not expect lustful words or erotic lingerie from a Virgo woman. This woman likes simplicity and she doesn't like men who think only of the physical side of love. Making love with a Virgo woman is the most beautiful if you give her enough luxury, privacy, and comfort. She loves making love with feels that if she tells you yes for it, you will never let her down. Initially, she is sexually reticent and she is not the type of woman for one-night sex. She prepares for every detail of lovemaking and before the act, she will be happy to propose a common shower. She enjoys the foreplay and likes a gently lit, romantic room. But her kisses taste more erotic than you'd expect. She is a real master in kissing. Some Virgo woman attracts forms of oral satisfaction. On the contrary, there are also Virgo women who never get to this act, or even hate them. Virgo woman likes to discuss this area with you, so you will find out which category your Virgo woman belongs to. But sex is a joy to her and love makes her very happy. If she sees that you like sex with her, she will belong to you like anyone else.

Health predictions for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo must be careful about their nervous system and digestion. This sign often has a big problem with abdominal pain and digestion. For Virgo people, the priority should be to include in their diet foods that contain as much fiber as possible. This zodiac sign strives for perfection in all possible ways. Their eternal pursuit of admiration and non-acceptance of criticism can lead them to feelings of inferiority and the mental problems associated with it. Often, Virgo likes to take care of themself.

They watch themself more than is healthy sometimes. They will find all the diseases of the world, even those that do not exist. But Virgo is a sign that is sensitive to weather changes. It happens that with the advent of winter they will be weakened by the immunity that they will fix with the arrival of the first sunny beams. That is why it is essential that the Virgos pay enough attention to a diet containing vitamin D.

Their fragile body is something they have to care for. Especially in autumn and winter, the Virgo sign is prone to infectious diseases. Therefore, watch out for your surroundings and do not meet mainly in the colder season with people who might even infect you with flu. A Virgo sign should completely avoid ailment and this is about smoking or drinking alcohol. Instead, focus on herbal teas to help you digest and calm your stomach. Replenish vitamin B regularly and remember drinking.

Virgo man and Virgo woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

If you want to attract a Virgo, be kind to this zodiac sign. They admire people in whom they see some extraordinary charm. They love inventive people and those who stand firm on the ground. Let Virgo know that you are interested in music or art. Commend them for their work achievements. A Virgo is not a real hard worker, but this sign is extremely proud of her work. To enchant a Virgo man, show him you're a genuinely thoughtful woman. He will appreciate especially that you can handle money. Don't wear expensive or challenging clothes. A Virgo man will appreciate your thrift and understand if you don't waste money on unnecessary things. You will genuinely enchant him by this. If you can reasonably handle money, this man is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a Virgo woman, it is advisable to favor her with a book or electronics that she longs for. A Virgo woman is looking for luxury stuff and the fact that you spent more money on her pleasure her. Virgo woman wants luxury stuff. If you are interested in a Virgo man or woman, you will also be enchanted by the fact that you cook something for them. They will appreciate the tasty dinner you prepare for this sign only. Choose a romantic place that allows you to take a long walk after a romantic dinner.

Virgo Love Compatibility

Aries or Scorpio is the right partner for Virgo. A very harmonious connection will be created with Cancer. They can handle finances together so they both are happy in this relationship. An unsuitable partner for the Virgo sign is the Gemini and the Sagittarius. The most unsuitable connection creates with a Pisces sign. This sign is unsuitable for a Virgo.

Virgo & Celebrities

Popular movie stars, singers or other celebrities also underline the exceptionality of the Virgo. Notable personalities include Louis XIV, Freddie Mercury, Agatha Christie, and Michael Jackson. Beautiful actor Tom Hardy was born 15.09. And therefore he is also a Virgo man. Other Virgo man celebrities are Keanu Reeves, Charlie Sheen, Nick Jonas, Adam Sandler, Michael Bublé, Wiz Khalifa. We also know popular Virgo women who are prove of the beauty of this sign. Beautiful Beyoncé Celebrates Her Birthday 04.09. Other women of this sign include Pink, Jennifer Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, beautiful Shania Twain, and Bebe Rexha.

Horoscopes virgo

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