Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Taurus Personality Traits

Birthday: 21 April - 20 May

Planet: The rulling planet of Taurus is the planet Venus.

Element: For Taurus is the ruling element earth.

Nature: The main character of the zodiac sign is a phlegmatic nature.

Strengths: Taurus is a natural and intuitive zodiac sign. They are often materialistic. Their strength, endurance, patience, and strong personal confidence help them fulfill their dreams in working life and love. It is a strenuous zodiac sign with strong logical thinking.

Weaknesses: The drawback of this zodiac sign is complacency and jealousy. You can also meet a lazy Taurus who likes to spend a long weekend in bed with a favorite TV program. Taurus also has its views, they stand firmly behind, even in the case of logical argumentation.

Body: Taurus people have a more stubborn and lower figure with specific full lips and an oval face.

Lucky Day: Lucky day of Taurus is Friday. On this day Taurus tends to be the best tuned, and it is an excellent time to relax but also to work hard.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable day of Taurus will be Tuesday. It is better to go through this day without any hassle or investment.

Birthstone: Emerald and sapphire stones enhance this earth sign. They are the right gift to the Taurus as jewelry or as a protective stone to the home.

Health: The stubborn and instinctive zodiac sign should avoid mainly cold weather because they often trouble with the cold. As they get older, Taurus also feels trouble with weight and gaining weight. Taurus must not forget in their diet on avocados and pears. It is great if they also include a more significant amount of leafy vegetables and salads that contain folic acid. This is a great diet, especially for Taurus women.

Color: Taurus' color is beautiful natural green as the color of the earth in spring rays. By contrast, the dark green color is harmful to them and is not recommended for this zodiac sign. Taurus should, therefore, choose the bright shades of green.

Where to Travel: For travel, they should choose Cyprus, Greece, Ireland.

Lucky numbers: Their lucky numers are 4, 8, 28

Great Characteristics of Taurus

Taurus is a zodiac sign who is dominated by Venus and makes it persistent, resolute. Taurus looks out for his target and follows him in a really energetic way. There is nothing that pushes Taurus away from its straightforward path to success. They enjoy life and share their joy of being not only with their friends but mainly with their family. An enterprising Taurus also has a creative talent, and this creative attitude attaches to everything they do. They are a true realist and influence rather the established and conservative attitudes towards politics, the state, but also in privacy or work. They do not like to go into significant changes. They love the background, and their journey usually leads to creating a warm home and a working family.

Taurus sees himself as an intelligent and sensible one, and therefore they do not like to admit something negative in their attitudes, relationships, conversations. Sometimes they are a little lazy and prefer to spend their free time on the TV program during the weekend or during the free time. However, there is nothing to wonder, after hours at work during the past week. The weekend is here for Taurus to relax and be a bit lazy. Trying to secure a warm family fireplace can exhaust them to such an extent that it becomes lazy in its free time. But, this is OK. Taurus will give priority to the couch before going for a walk in nature or sporting activity. But just time from time. Taurus man and Taurus woman can create the most homely atmosphere you can imagine in their homes.

Taurus is a great investor, works well with money and invests with caution. They are decisive and smart investors who prefers permanent value investments such as gold. They are attracted by investment in real estate and jewelry. Taurus proceed logically and thoughtfully, and in every step, they think of the future. Their strong logic predestines them to great professions that require great logical thinking, responsibility and a relationship to finance.

Taurus & Work

Taurus is destined to work in banks or other financial institutions. Thanks to their perseverance they are also great doctors if they decide to do this profession at an early age. Taurus has a great feature to finish everything that starts. If they choose to do political activity, they may well be a great politician. This zodiac sign is exceptionally gifted in cooking, and often their love for this craft is so strong that a Taurus woman tends to work as a cook or a baker. They are very human, and therefore they also want to work wherever to help people. They will be great at working with people, such as teachers, doctors, health professionals, as heads of smaller departments and the like. Artistic talents predetermine the zodiac signs to the professions in the arts, both singers and other industries. They can unambiguously ensure money not only themselves but also their families. However, it is challenging to get rid of the money raised, and they are careful about what they buy.

Taurus is also distrustful of people. At first glance, nobody knows, but Taurus is very alert and watches who they end up in a relationship with. They are tough to forgive if you hurt them. Tending to focus on little things and, often, because of little things or bad looks, they may want to communicate with another person. They consider complete family happiness to be the security of material possessions or real estate, as Taurus is earth zodiac sign. They are profoundly mundane, and they want everything more expensive, luxurious, and better, or at least the same as people around. They try to achieve their well-being and usually keep their property until their death. Some may regard them as egoists, but their families can entirely rely on their devotion and strength. Taurus sign knows what they want and they go for it.

Characteristics of Taurus Man - Taurus man Traits

His strength mainly characterizes Taurus man. Patience is also his strength. However, if you want an excellent lover Taurus man it won't be... But just on the beginning of the relationship. But don't let it stop you. Over time, after you align your nature and needs, you will totally charmed by Taurus man. If Taurus man really effort on you, it is very likely he will get you. Taurus man is a hard worker, not just in the way to find a woman of his life. Initially, his passion will be mild, but his love and admiration will change completely with time. You will be his only person in life, and you will be loved and admired. Well, this also has a hook...

Taurus man requires things to move in his life. He tends to seek an intelligent partner who is purposeful but prefers family life to a career. He wants excellent genetic material for his children. So a smart woman who is self-confident, intelligent, funny and can cook well, but she will be more devoted to her family than her job - this is a dream woman for Taurus man. Taurus man admires hardworking women, but he wants to secure everything himself. This man often wants to take care of housing, a mortgage, or other things that could burden his wife or girlfriend. Relatively, Taurus man is the most stubborn sign of the entire zodiac.

Taurus man decides his life himself. He does not need and does not want a woman to guide him in what to do and so on. It is not advisable to provoke Taurus man. Since this sign is jealous, try to show him that he is the only one. Jealousy can devour him internally, so it is always appropriate to show him that you are interested in him. Taurus wants to remain a friend after the break-up and is a great friend. But it interferes with his other relationships. Taurus man falls in love with your inner self; the outside view is not very important for him.

Taurus man in Love

In many ways, the Taurus man is a great lover. Although it takes time, it will eventually become an irreplaceable lover who is passionate and dedicated to you. This sign doesn't like improvisation, so don't expect many new things in sex from Taurus man. If you want to encourage him a little, give him a book, such as a Kamasutra, but give it as a joke. A curious and persistent Taurus will read the book without offense to his performance in bed. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Taurus and discover more about love with Taurus man.

Taurus man wants to be surrounded by beauty. His apartment will be modern, but everything in it will have its place. Everything will be created correctly, and his apartment will be not only fashionable but also extremely cozy. Creating this warmly home is the privilege of this zodiac sign. This man is an expert about his living. Taurus man will create truly unique conditions for life that will be with him as in heaven. If you imagine such a relationship, where the Taurus prince will take care of you, this is the best man for you. While building a relationship with a Taurus man will be long-lasting, and you need patience, if you want a perfect family and a greatly faithful man, Taurus man is the ideal partner for you.

Characteristics of Taurus Woman - Taurus woman Traits

Be born as a Taurus woman is a real gift for them from born. There are sucessfull in love than anyone else. Taurus woman is a seduction master. She knows all the secrets and tricks of conquering men. If she really becomes interested in the man, she is willing to use all of her female weapons to get him. It is a beautiful and strong zodiac sign, but a Taurus woman is very natural and feminine. Just as a Taurus man, Taurus woman is focused on material values as well. She wants to have material well-being in her life and she can earn money for herself, but she prefers if this side of life is provided by a man.

These women know what they want. She knows how to get everything she wants from a man, even through tears, emotional blackmail, and her magic. The man gets drunk from her magic enough to be enchanted of her tricks. She uses all the available tricks but in priory her femininity, which is magnetic for the opposite sex. However, Taurus woman is also a great housewife and baker. This woman will also take care of your full stomach. Taurus woman tends to be great in the kitchen and experiment with flavors. Your stomach will be extremely happy with a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman in Love

If you want to establish a long-term, high-quality relationship with her, you will have to learn tolerance, patience, and concession. Taurus woman has targets in her family life. She is the one who will make your home look cozy, and take care of you and your children truly committed. This woman hates betrayal and she believes that if you hurt her is ready to revenge you ugly. However, if you support her, she will give you everything you expect from her. And sometimes more. Taurus woman is sincere, very feminine and natural girl.

This practical woman is genuinely realistic. She dreams of a normal man with whom she will survive her life. She doesn't dream of a prince on a white horse or a movie star. She's the happiest when there's a practical and real man. Taurus woman lives with him happily, and happiness is felt throughout their common household just because of the influence of the Taurus woman. She will enchant you with her feminine nature.

Great dinner, an excellent brand of quality but not overpriced wine, beautiful woman's fragrance in the surroundings and cozy kitchen - This is a date with a Taurus woman. If you charm her, you will experience hot moments with her. She is a very tender lover. She likes tenderness, hot dresses, jewelry, beautiful underwear... She will dance to you because she is proud of her body. She has soft skin and therefore sex with her will become an irreplaceable experience for you. You will be enchanted by her abilities, even if she will looks shy at the beginning. Over time, when she will find a way to man heart, a woman Taurus will become not only your best friend but also an irreplaceable lover, partner, and mother.

Health predictions for Taurus Zodiac Sign

As we have already stated in the short description of Taurus, this zodiac sign suffers mainly from frequent colds. They are very susceptible to these diseases and therefore the sign should focus on high vitamin C intake and more relax after hard work. But Taurus is very careful about health and does not like to risk. A diverse diet is needed for Taurus and they should learn to eat healthier than others because they are prone to any weight gain and obesity in the older age. Because this is a comfortable zodiac sign and they do not like doing sports, this can lead to future health problems.

They have a habit of quickly losing weight and gaining weight. At the beginning of the year, Taurus can weigh half less than on the end of this year. These changes in their weight are very unhealthy, and therefore Taurus should be cautious.

Taurus man and Taurus woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

Taurus is an earth zodiac sign, that doesn't dream of a prince or a princess. It is a realistic sign focused on real life and real relationships. Love means a lot to them. Whether we are talking about family, partner or child, this sign is full of positive emotions. Love is their driving force. If Taurus falls in love, he is willing to do everything for his love. They will make great partnerships with signs that provide them support and love for the family, as well as Taurus. They flirt smart, and Taurus women can use all their femininity to choose the right one. They try to create long-term ties and the wedding is definitely not scaring them. After a reasonable time with a partner, they prepare a romantic surprise in the form of a beautiful and pompous wedding. This is followed by family and many children who will be happy under the Taurus' care. Taurus is a good father and the Taurus woman is a great mother.

Taurus Love Compatibility

A great partner will be a Taurus, Pisces or Virgo. The best partner for the Taurus is Cancer. Leo and Scorpio are inappropriate. In particular, the relationship with a person born in Aquarius zodiac sign should be avoided.

Taurus & Celebrities

William Shakespeare is one of the most popular figures born in the Taurus zodiac sign. Also, Sigmund Freud or Salvador Dali were born as Taurus. Charming and beautifully known women born under this sign emphasize what power of femininity they have. These famous women are Naomi Campbell, René Zellweger, and even iconic Elizabeth II. These prominent personalities point out how successful this sign can be if they focus their strength and stubbornness on steps to success. Taurus is a genuinely charming, prosperous, healthy and relentless zodiac sign.

Taurus Horoscopes

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