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Scorpio Personality Traits

Birthday: 24 October - 22 November

Planet: The ruling planet of the Scorpio is the red planet, Mars.

Element: The ruling element of the sign Scorpio is Water.

Nature: The main character of the Scorpio sign is melancholic nature.

Strengths: Scorpio has a huge talent for genius. They are mysterious and ambitious people. Their main characteristics are adherence to discipline and strong intellect. Scorpio is very passionate and for many other horoscope signs, they become extremely attractive. Scorpio has strong devotion and sovereignty.

Weaknesses: The drawback of this zodiac sign is their strong jealousy, which is becoming a major reason for disagreement in their partner relationships. Scorpio is a fanatical type of person who is prone to suspicion of others. They may seem a little ruthless in dealing with people who have offended them or hurt them.

Body: Scorpio have a medium size figure. Their eyes stand out and their shoulders are strong. The character is robust and acts as a gateway to safety. Their challenging look often dominates to the opposite sex.

Lucky Day: The Scorpio's lucky day is Tuesday. Tuesday should Scorpio use to make decisions about investments but also as a day of peace and relaxation. On this day the Scorpio can draw a lot of energy from outside.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable day of the Scorpio will be Thursday. Scorpio should avoid important decisions and violent, unthinkable action on Thursday.

Birthstone: To please Scorpio give them a jewel containing aquamarine and beryl. Aquamarine encourages Scorpio in partner ties and is extremely important for a long-term and happy marriage. Beryl helps Scorpios with health problems.

Health: Scorpio is known as an immense lover. Scorpio attracts venereal diseases and must, therefore, watch out for flightiness in partner life and strongly protect and Scorpio must avoid questionable love affairs. The horoscope sign also suffers from emotional or mental problems. In older age, Scorpios may be troubled by obesity. A high proportion of vitamin C and vitamin D should be included in their healthy lifestyle.

Color: The Scorpio should be surrounded by black. The color attracts warm sunrays and so the body of this sign forms an important vitamin D. This color also encourages their charismatic looks. Black can suitably combine with red or yellow to attract even more views.

Where to Travel: They should choose countries, such as Syria, Japan, Algeria and Transylvania for traveling.

Lucky numbers: Their lucky numbers are 4, 7, 23, 47

Great Characteristics of Scorpio

Scorpio makes only very involuntary and difficult compromises. Scorpio does not move among average people. He feels much better among the extraordinary or extreme nature of people. They have a very strong character and a hard shell. The Scorpio sign is a master of psychological struggles, and he can hurt the opposite sex by emotional torment. His hard shell, however, hides a very sensitive nature, but it is necessary to penetrate the soul of the Scorpio. Scorpio has the ability of cruel and ruthless revenge against its enemies. It is therefore advisable to keep the Scorpio on your side and not become an enemy. Scorpio is steadfast in his desires and needs to control others. Even if you don't see it, the Scorpio has firmly you in his hands.

Scorpio is an extreme person who is unwilling to walk the middle way. He prefers to move much and find himself in extreme situations that often put him in danger. The Scorpio hates authority and is unwilling to submit to outside influences. Scorpio is an independent roar and a strong individualist. He has a strong need to change things around him. He has really strong, even extreme emotions, even though he loves, or hates. As we mentioned in the short description, the Scorpio zodiac sign is very jealous, ruthless and envious of everyone else around. This envious, on the other hand, is its driving force for action towards success. The planet Mars gives to the zodiac sign the power and energy that is so necessary for its persistent nature.

The Scorpio is a loner. His ruling planet Mars gives him a curiosity and is very fascinated by everyone around his. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac signs and is fascinated by everything that has to do with death, mysticism, rebirth or reincarnation. Be very careful about the Scorpio. Scorpio can sense your weaknesses and even your strengths very well. He can read in you like an in the open book. It is the property that becomes one of the strongest positive aspects of this zodiac sign. On the contrary, Scorpio is a much-complicated person that it would not be even ten lives to decipher it. Scorpio will offer you a lot of passion, but also secrets that you will hardly be able to reveal.

They are unbound by their nature. They are extremely anticipated, so they can guide you in your life steps. Scorpio itself is best guessed in which direction to go and vice versa, where he prefers not to go. Their reactions are difficult to estimate. Sometimes they could surprise you by the opposite reaction to what you would expect them to do. This analytically based zodiac sign perfectly reflects on its steps but is also able to act instinctively in the event of social pressure. He does not feel very comfortable if he needs to make a quick decision. He is more satisfied if he can carefully think through and analyze his answer. However, you will not receive a flattering from this zodiac sign.

Scorpio considers cheap speech as something below their level. Therefore, be sure that if you hear a compliment from a Scorpio man or a woman, this is the greatest honor you have received. The compliment is really sincere. This stubborn sign may wait several years for their time to succeed. Their whole life is rather their big fight and the way to long-term success. In the beginning, is Scorpio a real secret. Well, as soon as he decides to do something, he acts so aggressively and purposefully that nothing will stop him.

On the other hand, you can expect strong jealousy from the Scorpio. The Scorpio man, but the woman as well, are heavily territorial, and therefore cannot get over the slightest indication that their partner is interested in someone else. On the other hand, they want and require their partner to be attractive for the eye and for other men or women. However, he does not want a partner who is desultory and flirtatious. Rather he need not a dominant partner, who will able to help him in case of financial troubles. Scorpio wants an attractive and smart person by his side. You need to assure Scorpio that he is only one for you in the whole world. They find it difficult to tolerate rejection or restrictions, so try to offer them a maximum sense of freedom, even in a relationship.

Scorpio & Work

Scorpio is a proud and persistent zodiac sign. They excel in professions where they can use their powerful weapons. With a great deal of energy, they take on all the difficult tasks and are therefore suitable doctors or even soldiers in the military. Their talents are really diverse because they can succeed in all areas. If they choose the profession they consider to be their dreams, they are able to pursue their dream or goal truly straightforward and determined. The Scorpio will successful as a philosopher, zoologist, great lawyer or judge. You can also find the Scorpio in the tax offices and even have great success in sports or as police officers. The best soldiers who are determined, persistent, fearless are born in this strong Scorpio zodiac sign.

Characteristics of Scorpio Man - Scorpio man Traits

If you meet a steadfast and passionate man who won't be intimidated by your initial rejection, you probably just met a Scorpio man. A Scorpio man goes beyond his goal and does not look at the consequences of his actions. Often he doesn't even care that his goal, a beautiful and attractive woman, is engaged or married. The Scorpio man just doesn't care. He is interested in putting this person under his strong shoulders and at all costs he wants to satisfy his wishes, desires and needs. He is controlled by passion and desire. He enjoys adventures, which are a real treat for him.

His personal aura radiates strongly from him. It's not really hard to guess why a Scorpio man is so attractive to you. He radiates independence, intelligence and dominance. This man often turns women in the room only because of his dominance. A Scorpio man has so much energy that he can really feel it. A Scorpio man doesn’t care about self-control, much more succumbing to his desire and the way to his dream goal. He fights for what he wants, and nothing in his way, behind his "prey" can stop him.

Every woman should watch out for a relationship with a Scorpio. When he has a good day, his sexuality can literally be felt. He is extremely diligent and he will assert his will wherever he moves. He doesn't want to give up anything, and when he or she sets a goal for something or somebody, it is firmly in his hands. He is unwilling to retreat and focuses his enormous zeal on beautiful and charming women. But how do you get such an independent, aspiring, diligent and charismatic person? Give him enough compliments and show him as much tenderness as you can.

Scorpio will never forgive you for bad behaviour. To create a harmonious pair with this sign you need to learn to control your emotions. Even if you get into an argument with a Scorpio partner, you have to keep your emotions at bay. If you say something offensive to the Scorpio man, he will remember it for the rest of his life. Do not blame him for his shortcomings, but rather focus on encouraging and highlighting his positives. Praise him for his strengths, for his help, for his diligence ... If you praise his exterior, you will actually tie him tighter to yourself. A Scorpio man loves such expressions more than any other sign. Be truly feminine and gentle with him, and the Scorpio will reward you with an extremely passionate nature, love and an exciting relationship.

Sex life with a Scorpio man is very exciting. If you have fallen in love with this sign, you already know how passionately can a Scorpio man love. Sexual stamina is strong from his youth to old age. You will never be sexually disappointed. This passionate feature, however, goes hand in hand with his shortcomings. It is an extremely jealous sign and you cannot expect love from him without jealousy. It will require you to be as loyal and sincere as possible. Do not undermine his individuality and freedom. Don't try to influence the Scorpio man's decisions so he doesn't think you want to imprison their freedom.

Scorpio man in Love

A Scorpio man will force you his opinions at all costs, but sometimes it is really good for you to submit to his actions or decisions. He has an infallible instinct, and if you invade passionate love with him, he will never leave you again. However, you will need to be armed with a lot of patience in explaining each jealous scene to him. However, if you are patient, this man will not disappoint you in the area of sex or love. It will provide you with enough funding for your family, you, your needs and overall family life. You will be fully empowered and you will really enjoy it. Sex with a Scorpio man will be like with a wild animal. But be careful if he asks you more than you can give him. In that case, the relationship with this man will truly drain you, and perhaps it is better to look for a calmer sign that is not so strongly individualistic. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Scorpio and discover more about love with Scorpio man.

But one thing you should never do in a sexual relationship with a Scorpio - do not control him in the sexual area. A Scorpio man thinks he knows all the best and is very unlikely to be dissatisfied with this man in the sexual field. However, if this happens, try not to teach him in this area. Sex is too important to him and you can look forward to excitement throughout your life.

Characteristics of Scorpio Woman - Scorpio woman Traits

A Scorpio woman is truly glamorous. She could give lessons and teach all women how to behave and dress if they want to go out. If you want to be a part of a good game, stay in the company of a Scorpio woman. This woman knows very well how to take on the opposite sex. She knows what tricks to use to get her object of desire as soon as possible. All of him. His body, trust but also all his feelings, devotion and love. A Scorpio woman can get everything she wants or needs from a man. It can attract the attention of any man who is usually enchanted by her appearance and fragrance. A Scorpio woman cares not only about her beauty, but also about the right smell or overall performance. That is why she is a real attraction for every man.

A Scorpio woman requires a man to be generous to her. She expects to be paid everything she needs. Although this woman is usually able to take care of her material needs, she still appreciates when her husband assists her financially. In this way, she knows that she can also rely on him in the financial area. If this woman doesn't radiate immense beauty, her eyes act on the opposite sex as the most attractive magnet. She can win a man, though only by glancing and raising a corner of her lips into a smile.

Scorpio Woman in Love

A Scorpio woman enjoys luxuries. She doesn't like traveling on a tourist class plane. Although she does not have much money, she still prefers to buy more luxurious pieces for her wardrobe. If you want to blame her for her financial whims, you are not making the best step. She will disappear from your life as quickly as she charmed you before. This woman will work hard for her personal luxury, but at a later age she wants to rely fully on her partner in finances.

A Scorpio woman loves life and everything associated with it. You can feel the same energy that she puts into work also in your sex life with this passionate sign. A Scorpio woman will always demand only the best performance from you, but she will reward you generously for that. She loves beautiful and seductive underwear in which she is very happy to show off. She likes to fulfill your most secret sexual desires and will truly be a great sexual partner throughout your life. From this point of view you will never feel boredom or monotony. But forget about quickies. A Scorpio woman really enjoys sex and you can prepare for a night full of passion, different positions and innovation. She will show you her female charm as well as everything she has learned in sex throughout her life. She also wants the enthusiastic lover with her.

Health predictions for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The Scorpio sign should watch out for their health, especially in terms of genital organs. As already mentioned in the brief characterization of the sign, this sign is prone to venereal diseases. It is necessary to watch out for the alternation of sexual partners. If you have any suspicions, even a small one, you should visit a specialist who will exclude you from any association with your STDs. It may happen that the weakened immunity is just the fight of your body, with some insidious disease. People born under the sign of Scorpio should also be aware of the bladder and bladder inflammation. In this respect, it is advisable to include herbal teas and broths from brindle. As a precaution, it is necessary to drink teas that promote the health of the urinary tract.

Both Scorpio men and women should also be aware of inflammatory diseases and kidney problems. In this regard, Scorpio should enrich its diet with anti-inflammatory pungent peppers and an onion that helps to cleanse the whole organism. Garlic, which is a strong fighter with inflammatory processes and also inhibits the growth of cancer, is also needed for this sign. Scorpio women often suffer from menstrual problems, such as regular menstrual problems or painful menstruation. Yoga practice is for Scorpio woman as a treasure found. This exercise will help her with menstrual pain. Women should also remember to practice pelvic floor muscles.

Scorpio man and Scorpio woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

So how do you get Scorpio to fall in love with you forever? It is difficult to describe precisely what procedure should be followed to attract Scorpio. They must be taken seriously. Let freedom into their lives and never, but really never, insult them. Scorpio is a sensitive sign to how it is treated. If a Scorpio caught your eye, focus on his intuition, making him feel like you are the fateful beauty for him. But watch out for his ability to easily get through you. To get closer to Scorpion born man or woman, ask them for advice. The Scorpio will be thrilled to think of him as someone who can advise you on a complicated life questions. Seriously, however, otherwise the Scorpio will find that you are only playing a game with him. Try to confront him with everything that has been bothering you for some time. Scorpio loves flattery and therefore you should not forget to praise him for everything. If he really helped you, if he was trying to help with your problem, it's time to flatter Scorpion. Emphasize his sober look, his appearance, his intelligence, and how much, he has helped you for real. For example, you can invite him for coffee. Scorpio will not refuse an invitation for being great and helping you. And this way you have a direct way to establish a relationship with the Scorpio.

If you're already pairing with a man born under the sign of Scorpio, let him enjoy your nest of love and the warmth of your home. Scorpio is by nature a home type and wants to spend his free time with a loved one or in a circle of friends, but in the comfort of his own home. However, focus only on them. Make the Scorpio feel special and important to you and then he will truly be your best and loyal partner. Scorpio also loves romance, but not on a daily basis. If he really wants it, prepare a romantic evening with a glass of good wine and a movie he likes. He will appreciate not only passionate love but also deepening feelings to you. Do not push him into decisions for which he is not yet ready. Let him be free and at ease. The Scorpio will reward you for this with a full and lifelong relationship and will support you even in the most difficult moments.

Scorpio Love Compatibility

For a Scorpio, best partner is the one born under the sign of Cancer, Pisces or Capricorn. Virgo is also a good choice. An unsuitable partner for a Scorpio sign is a Taurus, Aquarius and Leo

Scorpio & Celebrities

Among men or women in the scorpion sign we can also find a number of prominent personalities that only underline the uniqueness of the sign. Among perhaps the most famous personalities born under the sign of Scorpio is Alain Delon, Prince Charles or Demi Moore. Also American actor Leonaro DiCaprio is born under the sign of a Scorpio. Born 11.11. and is a true reflection of a charismatic personality who can attract the attention of everyone around him. Other personalities in the scorpion remoteness are Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson - known for his humour. Scottish actor with magnetic eyes, born 13.11. Gerard Butler is also a well-known Scorpio. Scorpio women include beautiful Katy Perry, who was even declared the most beautiful woman on the planet. Yes, there are even that strongly charismatic women in the Scorpio sign. Other Scorpios are Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. That only shows how successful people born in this extraordinary sign of Scorpio can become.

Scorpio Horoscopes

Do not forget to read more about this amazing zodiac sign. On this website you can find Horoscope 2020 for Scorpio, or Daily, Weekly or Monhtly horoscopes for you. Go visit our Facebook Channel as well for more information from horoscope and tarot world.

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