týždenný horoskop Libra, horoskop na tento týždeň Libra

Weekly Horoscope Libra

(05/25/2020 - 05/31/2020)

This week, Jupiter will have a significant impact on your sign in two ways. It will affect your joy of life and gives you more positive energy that will radiate from you. You will also see several things in a new, positive light. But Jupiter is also affecting your passion for impetuousness and impatience. Try not to overreact to things you don’t like this week. Keep your peace of mind and show others that you can respond gracefully and maturely. You will especially appreciate it. This great influence of Jupiter must be held under your control.

Love: Don't be afraid to talk honestly with your partner. Sincerity is the foundation of your relationship. If you are worried, trust your love. If you are single, something new is waiting for you. You will meet someone who has been interested in you for a long time.

Health: The sun is the best doctor and you have it for free. Go to nature and enjoy the sun's rays, pump up vitamin D and smile more.

Work & Money: Instead of focusing on saving large amounts of money, make sure to set aside at least 50 cents a day. Don't let others influence your future and don't let your goals be unrealistic at work. Only your imagination is your limit.

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Weekly Horoscope Libra