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Libra Sign, Libra Traits of personality

Birthday: 23 September - 22 October

Planet: The planet of the Libra sign is Venus.

Element: For the Libra sign, the ruling element is Air.

Nature: The main character of the sign is sanguine nature.

Strengths: Libra is a balanced person who loves life. This person often reminds a rolling wave, is cautious and extremely honest. The Libra signs will always try to spare their sincerity. Their perseverance is driving them forward in both the working and private sectors. Their great positive is generosity and intuitiveness.

Weaknesses: The drawback of this sign is mainly hesitation. Libra has a strong tendency to consider everything for a long time and it is often difficult for them to make a clear decision or to express. Libra sign is a master in manipulating people, you will succumb to their views and ideas without realizing it. They do not wish to be bound and is a problem for them to finish something that they have started.

Body: People born as a Libra zodiac sign have an eye-pleasing appearance. They are likable with a slim figure. Their character is athletic and their face is regular. They have soft skin and light blue eyes. The face is dominated by large eyes or a larger nose.

Lucky Day: Lucky Libra's day is Friday. This day for Libra is ideal for completing important tasks and then dedicated to sporting activity or relaxation.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable day of Libra will be Monday. Mondays should start for this sign gradually, not suddenly. It is necessary to avoid quarrels or solve difficult tasks or investment decisions on Monday.

Birthstone: To please the Libra give them a jewel containing opal or coral. The coral is especially suitable for Libra woman, which is mothers or children in this sign. The opal protects the aura and the Libra sign is cleared of the negative energy faster thanks to the opal.

Health: Their cheerful nature accompanies them with solid health. Libra particularly prone to major illnesses that affect their lives. Major scarecrows may include kidney cysts, diabetes, or cancer. Libra have often kidney problems and skin diseases. Their headache is rare, but it is extremely painful if it occurs. In the elderly, Libra sign can have problems with a pain in the back or spinal cord pain. Libra zodiac sign must avoid cigarettes. They need long walks and herbal teas. For Libra is most important to keep their body acid-free.

Color: Libra sign should choose mainly the green color that underlines their energy and enthusiasm for life. The brown color is ideal for them as the color of the room in which they work. Another suitable color for this zodiac sign is coral and red tinting colors. These colors emphasize the devotion and love of this sign.

Where to Travel: For traveling, they should choose Tibet, Japan, Argentina to travel.

Lucky numbers: Lucky numbers for Libra are 8, 27, 10.

Main Libra Traits - Libra sign in short

Libra sign is one of the intelligent people with a talent for logical thinking. Their logical thinking is so strong that it often prevents them from acting spontaneously. Libra sign desires to achieve harmony in all areas of life. Venus, which is a planet of beauty and the ruling planet of Libras, gives them their charming exterior, which is irresistible to the opposite sex. Libra sign is visible and does not see the problem from one side. He is able to look at the issues he solves impartially. Under certain circumstances, he is willing to make concessions or compromises. But he must be convinced that this is the right thing to do. This sign abounds in rich inner life. Libra sign is happy to be surrounded by friends, but he conscientiously chooses them. The rule of Libra zodiac sign is that they would rather have fewer real friends than more fake ones.

The Libra zodiac sign is an air sign that you can meet now and then flying in the clouds. They dream of perfect harmony in life. In their lives, they get used to creating big plans, but in them they are hampered by their indecision and their endless analysis. Connections with Capricorn, which will bring strong decisions to the Libras, are especially suitable for them in working life. If Libra sign is combined with Capricorn, they can create a truly prosperous business or company.

The feeling of control over one's own life is extremely important for the Libra zodiac sign. They follow their dream to feel the best they can in life. They spend much of their time feeling happy in life and building a full life. They want to achieve a harmonious life in all aspects. This strong desire for perfection is their driving force at work but also to the choice of a partner. Libra sign love a groomed and nice exterior of the opposite sex. Their eyes are pleased with an evenly arranged face and a nice cultivated figure. They are flexible enough and their views on things change often.

The Libra sign loves strongly and devoutly. Even though you may encounter single Libras even at an older age, that doesn't mean they haven't been in love yet. They need to think carefully about who to spend my whole life with. Their view of love is very pragmatic. They believe that they can be in love more than once in their lives, but they will find the right one only once. As Libras often change their attitudes or opinions, it can happen that there will be really diverse partners in their lives. They could spend every stage of life with a different type of person. They look for a partner for life only at a later age. They are not subject to wedding bells as soon as they reach adulthood. Libra sign is often very pragmatic in love, and if they do not have any fundamental things on their partner, they often escape the relationship. The Libra zodiac sign can be noticed by these fundamental things, which no longer suit them, even after years of relationship. Suddenly, they find that they do not like the age difference, sex life, or other negatives. However, they often experience more than just one great love in their lifetime.

Libras are a confident sign. They walk in life with confidence and unwavering self-confidence. But when it comes to their personal identity, they can sometimes feel insecure. Throughout their lives, they try their best to determine their identity and get to know especially who they are. Libra zodiac sign needs time and space for itself. Every day, they need time to spend by themselves and address the issues that confuse them every day. Their inner voice often still asks them the question of where they are going and who they really are.

Libra signs are intelligent with strong logical thinking. This sign longs more for a mental connection with a partner. They love sex, but do not look for suitable sexual intercourse. They are much more interested in intelligence and a sense of humor. Libra signs love nature and animals. Conversations about nature and a positive attitude towards all animals can be a common topic for conversation with the Libra sign.

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Libra zodiac sign - Man, Woman and Best Job for them

The Libra zodiac sign is one of the exceptional ones at work. They have strong logical thinking and the tasks entrusted to them await success. They fulfill the tasks with ease and elegance. They are suitable for a profession where good taste is required. Libra sign needs to have everything arranged and tidy. They don't like chaos and clutter. They are entitled to legal professions. They are great doctors and technical areas also suit them. Among the people of Libras, we often find electricians or workers in aviation.

They are interested in the functioning of everything around, so they are great car mechanics, designers or programmers. They really excel in the field of informatics and programming activities. They also love animals and that is why they are great veterinarians, whether owners of training centers or hotels for animals. They can solve logical tasks with real elegance and ease, so they are suitable employees but also entrepreneurs.

If the Libra sign wants to start a business, he can be 100 percent convinced. He wants to have everything ready for the details, otherwise Libras will never go into business. Libra zodiac sign are difficult to embark on such challenges, even though they have been thinking and dreaming about them all their lives. They prefer an orderly life without being surprised by something new.

All about Libra man

Charming, but a little sloppy, such is the Libra man. However, this man is worth keeping. Men of Libra have many positive qualities that they will bring into your life together. However, their attractive appearance is not indifferent to other people in the area, so you have to be careful with this man. The man of the Libra sign does not move in a wide area, he does not fish in a large territory. He is much more interested in women he has known for a long time. He usually goes into flirting or a new relationship with a friend of his ex-girlfriend, with an ex-girlfriend of his friend, with an acquaintance of his brother or with a colleague or a friend. This man loves intelligent women and is often interested in older women. He wants to have a woman as mentally fit as he feels. He feels that balance is the most important thing in his life and that is why he is discouraged by jealous women who tend to argue. A Libra man needs harmony in his partner's life.

The Libra man likes to flirt, but he's not the biggest master. However, he is quickly tired of the object of his flirtation. He is the type of man who flirts subconsciously and turns peacefully to a beautiful woman walking down the street, even though she is holding your hand. He appreciates beauty and cannot simply help and resist a cursory glance or his innocent flirtation. However, be careful for it not to fire back. A Libra man will never forgive you for such behavior on your part. Although he may not seem to mind your interest for a handsome man on the street, he is fighting it inside and it may later lead to a loss of interest for your person. The Libras take a double meter on themselves and on you. If you want to prosper in this relationship, you will have to get used to praising other women in your area now and then. But don't praise man, otherwise wait for the best jealousy scene from the man of the Libras. This is exactly the place where he turns off his logical thinking and acts instinctively.

If a Libra man was wrong, and has time to think about it, he will surely apologize for his inappropriate behavior. He is not a stubborn type of person who cannot admit his mistake. On the contrary, if you let him cool down, for example, after an argument, you can expect beautiful appeasement steps on his part. He has the ability to see both sides of the argument. However, if his mind is overshadowed by jealousy, he needs time to think about everything. Although he likes to flirt, he is not an unfaithful type of man. However, he likes affection and also the initial excitement and mystery.

In quarrels, a Libra man is a real pig. He can blame you for everything you have done in your life in one argument. Here he becomes a person you have never met before. Swearing and maybe saucers will fly. The Libra man will use all his manipulative abilities to get you into trouble during an argument. Don't give up and argue. Even if it may not be useful at that moment, he will gradually think about what you told him, and if he was wrong, he will admit his mistake. Don't be drawn into his sometimes disgusting expression and stay calm and composed. If you do this during an argument, the Libra man will admire you and he himself will be ashamed of his behavior.

Libra man in Love

The Libra man is emotionally balanced. He rarely loses his desire for a woman he has already won. If you love a Libra man it is certain that it will be if not for life, then for many years. Talk together and laugh together. Give him a sense of security and confidence that he is the most beautiful and perfect man for you. Don't forget to praise him. Pay attention to his behavior towards you and give him the same treatment. Don't forget the compliments and proofs of your affection. He likes romance, even if he doesn't look like that on outside. He loves moments together with the person he loves, but he also needs his space to live. Give him time for himself and moments full of love. If he feels confident in your love, he will be a great partner for life. After the end of the relationship, he wants to remain a friend at all costs. He's the type of person who definitely doesn't burn bridges behind him. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Libra and discover more about love with Libra man.

So if you are looking for a generous man in a relationship with a man in the Libra sign, you will be really satisfied. This man will buy you everything you desire. If you get him, you will also get a great lover, husband, confidant, father for your children and a partner for sports or walking. If a man of Libra sign wants to marry you, you are a really happy woman. It means that he is sure of you and it is almost likely that he will never leave you and cheat on you again. If you are married with Libra and overcoming a crisis, remember your beginnings. It is certain that this man loves you as much, perhaps more, than when he married you. It just needs more communication and closeness.

And what kind of lover is this man? When you overcome cognition, you will not want another. The Libra man will give you all his attention and in sex he is a real gentleman. He will want to satisfy you several times during one loving and only then will he give himself pleasure. If you want to please him, he loves oral satisfaction and loves touches. Other times he's an animal that wants to catch its prey. You will experience truly varied loving experiences with him, from gentle lovemaking to animal sex. Sometimes it's hard to guess his mood, but you can tell by the strength of his touch and gaze.

All about Libra woman

Love with a woman born in the Libra zodiac sign is a real adventure. This relationship is full of challenges, but if you overcome them and slip the weight of a woman in full commitment, it will be a real win for you. Libra woman tends to question her love. He regularly looks for shortcomings in his partner. This leads her to doubt whether this man is right for her. She is under the influence of the mighty Venus and by her charm she is able to control the man she looks into. Libra woman a lot of weight, but has a hard time deciding. Her decisions tend to be slow and she only takes a step forward if she has considered everything.

She happens to look back many times on what she has left behind on her journey through life. Because she is a strong woman, she often looks at men as inferior creatures. However, he desperately needs love for life and therefore he is interested in a man who will be strong, hardworking and generous. A woman spends weight on everything she likes. She wants to be surrounded by nice things. She doesn't like furnishing a household. It is much better if a man takes care of this side of things.

Well, it is essential that she feels that she is interfering with what your common household will look like. If you want a woman to really weigh in the long run, talk to her about every thing you want to buy at home. Ask her for her opinion during the reconstruction and the like. She will not want to participate in physical work, but she will appreciate that you need her advice and that you want to create the warmth of home with her. So don't leave her out of these matters, even in good faith that you don't want to burden her with it. Paradoxically, you could be avenged.

Libra Woman in Love

In sex or flirting, Libra woman is a real logical puzzle. On the one hand, she tries to make men feel passionate about sex and new sexual experiences. On the other hand, she becomes very shy and insecure about when the act itself should take place. Libra woman is a girl who worships herself and therefore wants to make love with her an exceptional experience for a man. He wants to feel the magic of magic with a man with whom he decides to spend his life. However, her dissatisfaction with everything is also reflected in her relationship shortcomings. Libra woman is looking for shortcomings in her relationship. He looks for problems where they are often not at all. Libra woman needs to be constantly convinced that you don't and will never be interested in another woman. If you lose her attention, she is able to go to extremes and simply leave you.

Libra woman is caring and capable of deep emotions. However, if necessary, she is able to show her manipulative and selfish side. The right partner should try to get to know the Libra woman really in depth and intimately. Only then will she find out how to treat this woman so that she will be happy with the man throughout her life. Gain her trust and win her heart.

Libra sign and their Health strength and common problems

The Libra zodiac sign suffers from health problems that accompany them throughout their lives. Their main problems include kidney-related diseases, bladder diseases, spinal problems, metabolic problems or cancer, or diabetes. Libra man is extremely prone to inflammation of the urinary tract, which can result into chronic problems. Libra man should therefore drink herbal teas and consume cranberries. She must not forget a sufficient drinking regime, which is an alpha and omega for her. She may also suffer from uterine problems and thrombosis. It is nothing unexpected if a Libra man suffers from acne for life. Here it is necessary to limit the consumption of simple sugars (sweets) and meat. The meat contains a large amount of vitamin B, which only worsens her condition with problematic skin.

Libra sign should eat sparingly and consume mainly fruits such as pears, cherries, plums, strawberries, and bananas. A Libra man suffers from chronic back pain. His spinal cord can cause chronic pain. For men of Libra sign, we recommend visits to infrared saunas and exercise at least three times a week. A Libra man must not forget about physical activity and if he wants to be healthy he must incorporate physical activity into his life.

Preventive check-ups are important for the Libra zodiac sign and should not be neglected. It is necessary to prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The Libra zodiac sign must consume foods that are poorer in simple sugars, avoid fast food, cigarettes or alcohol.

Libra man & Libra woman and their way of Love

The Libra zodiac sign are capable of deep and passionate feeling. Their emotions are fierce, but they remain so throughout the whole relationship. Sometimes the relationship with this sign is really not easy, but for a suitable partner it is a real treasure. You have to try to understand the Libra zodiac sign. They love beautiful and eye-pleasing things. But Libras tend to be quite wasteful and therefore do not have large assets. However, the Libra man can take care of the family truly exquisitely. A Libra man rather relies on the financial security of her partner. They are looking for change and experiments in their love life.

If you want to please this sign in the loving area, be creative. Libra sign wants to experience magical romance one day, but animal behavior suits them the next day. However, if you understand the sign of Libra sign in depth, she will be not only your partner but also your friend and support. Aesthetics play a strong role in her life. If you decide to cook dinner, try to make the plate nicely arranged. They expect order in your entire relationship and therefore they are looking for an orderly partner who understands the aesthetic side of life.

Libra zodiac sign Love Compatibility

A suitable partner for the Libra zodiac sign will be Leo, Aquarius or Sagittarius. Unsuitable partners are the Aries and the Capricorn. With Cancer, the Libras create a really interesting combination. Either they will make love for the rest of their lives, or they will not be tolerated in their lives at all. In some respects, however, the Libra-Cancer may be the strongest combination that can be created between the signs. Especially if the man is a Libra sign and the woman is Cancer. However, in terms of compatibility, this combination requires a certain amount of courage from both signs. However, a Libra man will not get along with a man of Cancer.

Libra & Celebrities

Among the most significant Libra man, who embodies the characteristic qualities of the Libra all over his life, is Gandhi. Other prominent men of the Libra sign are John Lennon, Eminem, Matt Damon, Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, Will Smith, Sting born October 2, or Zac Efron born October 18th. Libra woman is Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Dakota Johnson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Alicia Silverstone as well.

Horoscopes Libra zodiac sign

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