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Gemini Personality Traits

Birthday: 21 May - 20 June

Planet: The ruling planet of the Gemini is Mercury.

Element: The ruling element for them is air

Nature: The main character of the zodiac sign is sanguine nature.

Strengths: Gemini is an extremely receptive zodiac sign. They are adaptable persons and are skillful at work. They are noble persons with optimism nature, high intelligence and the ability to learn and improve constantly.

Weaknesses: This zodiac sign is extremely impatient. Everything they want immediately, otherwise, they lose interest. They suffer from self-deception and sees themself in the more positive light they actually stand for. It is a zodiac sign dealing with the appearance of others rather than their inner values. Gemini is a bit jealous.

Body: Gemini have a medium-sized figure. They often have a narrow face and a high forehead. Their eyes are intelligent and insightful. A sharp nose dominates their faces. Gemini communicates with the body, and they are like Italians who use their limbs to express their emotions and to talk about everything. Their walking is energy and fast.

Lucky Day: Gemini's lucky day is Wednesday, which they should use mainly to recharge their new forces into the next half of the week.

Unfavourable day: The unfavourable day for Gemini is Thursday. On this day Gemini should avoid important resolutions that they should leave for another day.

Birthstone: To please Gemini give them stone topaz or semi-precious stone. These stones underline the character of Gemini and the semi-precious stones will delight the single woman. In the case of a Gemini woman, this stone is its right ornament.

Health: To please Gemini give them stone topaz or semi-precious stone. These stones underline the character of Gemini and the semi-precious stones will delight the single woman. In the case of a Gemini woman, this stone is its right ornament.

Color: Gemini will be happy in beautiful shades of purple color. Gemini Women should mainly surround themself with violet shades, and they should not forget the pieces of clothing in a beautiful purple color. The whole spectrum of yellow shades is also suitable for this zodiac sign. They feel best in an orange-painted room that gives them energy and freshness.

Where to Travel: France, the US, and Africa should Gemini choose for traveling.

Lucky numbers: The lucky numbers for Gemini are 3, 12, 39, 48.

Great Characteristics of Gemini

The strength side of Gemini is their loving nature. Their curiosity often drives them to the knowledge they literally need for their lives. Gemini is very much educated and even willingly exchanges all its knowledge with other people. They have the ability to adapt to the environment and, if necessary, adapt to you.

On the other hand, life with a Gemini is complicated. Gemini is often nervous and undecided. They are often unable to decide even about small things. Gemini is delighted if you give them a good book, magazine or comic book. Appreciate if you propose a walk in the evening, at sunset. They also love city tours and watching people around them. Gemini hates routine things. This zodiac sign rejects and is literally frightened from loneliness. He doesn't want to spend his precious time alone, watching TV. They prefer to see someone they love. They want to spend their free time with a loved person.

Gemini can be specified as two persons in one body. They are the type of persons you will never be sure with who you are talking to. They are double persons who are cheerful and romantic, but sad and thoughtful at the same time. Gemini are friendly, and they love fun. They love the world and are enchanted by it. They adore nature, sunset, full moon, sky observation, and all that hiding a magical mystery. The world in the sky awakens in them a great curiosity they can never keep in silence.

Gemini often solves their existential problems as well as relationship issues. Gemini suffers from the constant feeling that they miss their other half. In life, their primary task is to surround themselves with enough people. They want to have friends, partner, family, mentors, colleagues among themselves. They are social people looking for people with whom they can spend their time. Gemini people have a changeable and open mind. Their creative part of the mind opens the door to the art world. You can find writers, journalists, or poems in the Gemini zodiac sign. They love different sports, but of course, especially team sports, where they can spend enough time with their friends. Their qualities often inspire others around they look with admiration at the brilliant Gemini.

Gemini would give you their soul. If you are a relative of this zodiac sign, it is almost certain that a Gemini will be your support throughout life. If you need financial help, they will be there for you. Gemini will be listening to you and support you when you will be cry or complain. Even if you need a kidney, they are there for you to help you. Gemini are perfect friends, partners, and siblings. Love means emotional surrender for them. They want to communicate a lot with their chosen partner and share everything they have learned or w they have learning. Gemini is even willing to give preference to an evening of communication over to sexual experiences. Gemini love physical love, but on their way to seeking a loved one, they spend a lot of time choosing between lovers. They want to find the right one. In love, they need to feel excitement and diversity. If they find the right one they can talk to, they are faithful, determined, entertaining and passionate, and ready to spend their whole life with this person.

Gemini & Work

Gemini have a constant need to grow intellectually. Reading and learning new things is just like breathing in their lives. They want to be surrounded by dynamics in the work area. They do not like if they are on the same job for a long time without the possibility of growth or education. They learn quickly and get bored easily. If you want to keep Gemini at work, it needs always surrounded them by new challenges and tasks. Gemini has certainly a rich list of contacts that will come in handy when it starts its own business. Especially at a later age, and primarily Gemini men, needs to apply their knowledge and diligence in their own business. The best work that a Gemini can wish is in politics, law, science, art, or sport. Gemini are great writers, lawyers, inventors, speakers, or managers. They stand out in these areas. Gemini are great politicians or even presidents.

Several US presidents were born in this strong sign. You can read more at the end of this article. They also excel in sports. We know well-known tennis players born in this sign. However, there is no problem with any profession they choose to do, because they have a strong ability to learn and this is what they understand. Multitasking does not cause them any problems and they feel excellent if they can put their innovative ideas into work and break the routine. Gemini are trying all their life to create a strong base for growth. They are savvy, and from their hard work, they can put aside enough money they need for a sense of well-being and security.

Characteristics of Gemini Man - Gemini man Traits

Gemini man does not like dull moments of life. He seeks enthusiasm in life, and so he lives. His steps are full of life and his hearth melt over all the things that life offers. Gemini man is adventurous and this makes him an excellent partner. He has a perfect sense of humor, he is intelligent, fitting, and you'll never be bored with him. If you are looking for laughter and fun you are in the right place with a Gemini man. This man loves to flirt in his way. He looks irresistible and since he is socially attuned, Gemini man has still a good looking girlfriend near him.

Gemini man is always here for fun and intellectual debate. Love begins with communication and then grows into intimacy - this is the rules of Gemini. They want really extraordinary moments for their first physical love with the right one. It is not the type of man who would want sex everywhere. He wants everything to be nice, clean and at the right moment. The environment in which you will make love with him for the first time must be cozy, beautiful and both of you have to feel comfortable there. A Gemini man can spend a lot of time with his partner if he finds someone who likes to talk to him. The real challenge for every Gemini man is to move from communication to physical contact. In this regard, you would need to make first step, because he does not know how to express the physical attraction to the woman.

Gemini man in Love

Gemini man needs a stable partner. This partner should give him plenty of freedom, excitement, humor, and pleasure. For this man, diversity and intellectual stimulation are extremely important. A Gemini man wants his partner to indeed connect with him and intelligently charming him. To catch the heart of a Gemini man, you need to show him your deepest emotions and give him your whole heart. But he does not want to talk about his feelings. He will instead show you what means to love. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Gemini and discover more about love with Gemini man.

Sex is an excellent treat for a Gemini man. Gemini's partner should be willing to discover and experiment. Then both of them will be satisfied in this part of the relationship. Gemini man needs to explore and feel his partner - in intimate life. Give him a lot of kisses, stroke him, touch him gently. A Gemini man will appreciate it and will be a great and gentle partner you have been looking for too long.

Characteristics of Gemini Woman - Gemini woman Traits

Gemini woman is extraordinarily passionate and gentle for a while, and then she is entirely different. To attract a Gemini woman, you will need to be able to keep up with her dual nature. Gemini woman maintains a second being mainly to escape to her second psychic box if someone doesn't like her. She is a woman who wants to stay safe and needs to avoid any conflicts. So if you are the type of person who prefers a relaxed life in which you aren't arguing, Gemini woman will be a genuine perspective as your wife. She is an enthusiastic, witty, intellectual and kind woman. The Gemini woman is exceptionally open and is always ready to devote herself to her friends, family or colleagues. She is a woman who draws energy from social life.

Gemini woman isn't usually very shy, but she start relationships slowly with lot's of patience. She wants to know her future partner very well and she wants to know his positives and weakness as well. She likes talks hours with the boy she is attracted to. She also collects information from a man's neighborhood, and if a Gemini woman is interested in you, she may know a lot about you.

Gemini Woman in Love

If Gemini woman finds a man who suits her both sexually and intellectually, she will be immediately devoted to him and will try to start a family as quickly as possible. This woman doesn't want to wait, and if she wants something, she wants it right away. As soon as he falls in love, she enjoys marriage, children, passionate love, an ordinary morning, nights, and endless hours of sharing their feelings. Gemini woman is fascinated by men who are continually improving and learning. She is attracted by intelligent men who are in managerial positions. She is also impressed by men who communicate a lot and share his opinions. Gemini woman wants to talk, but she will still listen to you. But she also expects the same from her partner. If you can build intimacy with a Gemini woman, be prepared for fun and intense affection and for listening to her. But beware of disagreements with this woman. If you turn her by your back or if you hurt her, or if you disappoint her, she's ready to forget you forever, and you'll never see her again. A Gemini woman fires all the bridges behind her if her partner has hurt or just wanted to do it and she uncovered it. She believes that ex-partner would bring disagreements into her next relationship and therefore she does not communicate with him after the break up.

Gemini woman is an incredibly passionate lover. If you get through her initial communication tests of your personality, you'll discover a great lover. She devotes to the overture a lot of time, and neither oral satisfaction is not strange for her. You will indeed be satisfied with sexual experiences with a Gemini woman. She will use all the skills in-depth, and will also sincerely listen to your desires and needs. A Gemini woman will offer you a variety of sexual experiences you will never forget.

Health predictions for Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini is an active zodiac sign that can torment insomnia. Their unrelenting energy often causes them problems to fall asleep and therefore they should consider using melatonin hormone they find in every pharmacy. Sleeping is really important to the Gemini as they work conscientiously and hard. They must be relaxed. Gemini are prone to problems with asthma or respiratory disease. Gemini zodiac sign must look out for the flu that can even threaten their lives in their older age. Except these problems is their health compact, and they have excellent health up to maturity. If they exercise and care for themselves on a regular basis, they usually do not have problems solving the disease. However, they should avoid stressful situations because stress is very difficult to overcome for them.

Gemini are hardworking and are often overworked and mentally exhausted. It is necessary to include tomatoes in their diet to help them overcome the cancers that they might suffer due to the stress of the Gemini.

A suitable diet for the sign of Gemini is mainly beans, oranges, carrots, cauliflower or celery. Plums are also ideal for them. Gemini, avoid carbonated sweet drinks and smoking. Especially valuable for you are walnuts and all Omega-3-rich foods. That will support your bright mind will make a positive difference to your brain. Treat yourself to more nuts, fish or avocados.

Gemini man and Gemini woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

Gemini is full of life and love from inside of their hearts. They will never be satisfied with dull moments and will require love and excitement from love. You can attract the Gemini man through his friends or family (your brother's friend, classmate and so on...). You can meet him among many people who are surrounded by a Gemini man. A Gemini man will be impressed if you dress in a soft, not challenging outfit that underlines your femininity. Use makeup wisely and be ready to communicate with a Gemini man on any subject. To attract this man in this extraordinary zodiac sign, get ready for long conversations about anything that comes to his mind. He wants a woman who will talk with him about every topic that interests him. Gemini man is lettered and well-informed. If you want to be his number one, you need to know his friends, family and you shouldn't forget to listen to him well. The most critical bridge for him to establish intimacy with you is communication. Get his heart, be entertaining, encourage him, be adventurous and laugh at his jokes or witty remarks.

If you are interested in a Gemini woman you will have to get used to her duality. Keep up with her, praise her and give her compliments. Show the Gemini woman that she is the most beautiful in your area and that her smile would melt Arctic ice as well. A Gemini woman radiates a potent dose of energy from herself. If you decide that you need her energetic character, get her heart through the cultivated appearance, smiles, talking, and subtle touches.

Gemini Love Compatibility

In love, they can find big compatibility with Libra and Cancer. Cancer will give Gemini love, and they will understand each other well. Libra will enjoy the mental proximity of Gemini. On the contrary, Scorpio, and Virgo are not suitable for relationship with Gemini. Scorpio should burn Gemini by they fire and jealousy. Virgo will be too silent and shy for the Gemini. Sagittarius is the best choice for Gemini. They will create a perfect relationship that will full of fun and understanding. So, single Gemini should find Sagittarius for perfect match and love.

Gemini & Celebrities

Do you know any famous people that are born in this enchanting zodiac sign? Donald Trump was born on 14.06. And despite some criticisms of his person, we must acknowledge that he is a savvy entrepreneur who has managed to gain masses of people on his side. Even this person proves how crowds of people always spin around the Gemini and how a Gemini can be successful if he chooses to do so. We even know more US presidents who were born as Gemini - John F. Kennedy, or George H.W.Bush. They are very resonant names that prove the strength and success of this sign. Another important Gemini is, for example, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Kanye West, Liam Neeson, and Paul McCartney. Marilyn Monroe, who crazed many men's heads was born 01.06. And is thus one of the most sound names of the Gemini women. Among the Gemini, we can find other celebrities' names such as Natalie Portman, Sisters Olsen, Kylie Minogue, Iggy Azaela, Paula Abdul, Mel B, Angelina Jolie, and Monica from Friends series - actress Courtney Cox.

Gemini Horoscopes

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