Capricorn Zodiac Sign

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Capricorn Personality Traits

Birthday: December 22. - January 19.

Planet: The ruling planet of the sign is the planet Saturn.

Element: Rulling element for Capricorn is earth.

Nature: The main character of the sign is a phlegmatic nature.

Strengths: Capricorn is a responsible type of person. They have a creative nature. Someone from them may seem extremely ambitious and climbs behind their goal. They are a reliable sign that is known for their wisdom, determination, and gentleness. This sign may seem a little closed.

Weaknesses: The drawback of this sign is distant behavior. Lonely feelings are also a lack of warning because they are unfortunate. Capricorns also suffer from a lack of self-esteem, but they compensate for this by pretentious behavior.

Body: Capricorn has a slim and tall figure. Their body is almost bony, and the walk is typical of caution. They have distinctive cheekbones and usually narrow lips.

Lucky day: Lucky Day for them is Sunday. This day is perfect for the Capricorn to relax and spending time with their favorite activities.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable Capricorn' day will be Saturday. On Saturdays is better to avoid important decisions and to create family disputes or partner lives.

Birthstone: To please Capricorn gives them a jewel with amethyst or garnet. They were also pleased with the extraordinary onyx, and the Capricorn woman is enchanted with a black diamond.

Health: Capricorn is extraordinarily ambitious and decisive. The most common health problem is digestive problems and impaired metabolism. Capricorns must also be careful about skin problems, allergies or eczema. Capricorn must include vitamin C in their diet and foods that contain this vitamin in increased concentration.

Color: Capricorn's lucky colors are blue and dark brown. With dark blue, they feel luxurious and exceptionally. Capricorn should be surrounded by relatively darker shades of blue and brown.

Where to Travel: They should choose Iceland, Mexico, India to travel

Lucky numbers: Lucky Capricorn numbers are 2, 16, 33

Great Characteristics of Capricorn

Capricorn was considered the most important zodiac sign in old mythology. This zodiac sign is persistent and tenacious. Capricorn is a survival master and can take care of himself under challenging conditions. His ruling planet Saturn gives him strength for understanding others and independence. But this planet provides the Capricorns a sense of loneliness and sometimes feelings of inferiority. Capricorn has a strong will and does not take things lightly. They think about every step well, before they act. It is a thoughtful and intelligent sign and in this way is Capricorn one of the most stubborn signs of the entire zodiac. Their patience is also one of their outstanding positive qualities. In the surrounding area is Capricorn known as the person that acts with reticence.

Capricorn has a sober mind with clear thinking. Capricorns have the right sense that they can feel every incoming risk and therefore be a great mentor. This sign is the embodiment of stability and diplomatic action. They are not good speakers - they are afraid of having a speech in case they will have to improvise. If Capricorn feels that the surroundings of him receive his wrongly or have such a feeling of that, they close themselves and want to spend their time alone. Inside of them, they know exactly what to do and where to go to achieve their desired life success.

Capricorn can handle every negative message with a cool head, deliberate and tenacious. Their diligence is genuinely admirable, and they approach every job conscientiously. The Capricorn may appear at work to be a hard worker with a desire for power. This sign is willing to build a dream career growth at all costs. The future is open to them, but they are anxious about it. They are afraid of the future and focus on building presence and learning. This sign tends to fall into depressed moods and dark thoughts. However, if they overcome this negativity, the world is open to them, and optimistic spirits always follow them after a slight decline. Often, the upbeat attitude will last for a long time after mild depression until they fall into their dark thoughts. Capricorn is a social one and needs to move between people and society.

Capricorn & Work

Capricorn is really hardworking zodiac sign. If they find a profession that suits them, they become a passionate worker literally. Their desire for power keeps them moving forward, and their work is perhaps the most important in their lives. Capricorns can easily cope with failure thanks to their thoroughness and tenacity. Failure is quickly replaced by something really successful to forget what went wrong. Although it does not happen often, this sign is best suited as a team leader, physicist or astronomer. Some individuals of this sign have been are interesting in science and physic and are therefore interested in stars and the universe. In this way, they are gradually becoming interested in mathematics, physics, and geology. Men can also work as miners because they have a strong physical shell. Even in civil service or politics, this sign will thrive. The woman will work as an actress, secretary or clerk. In case of money, they don't think very much about the future and keep their money in the account or just at home in the closet or under the pillow. They can take care of financial transactions and Capricorn is a great one to work with family finances and home budgets. Capricorns will take care of paying the bills on time and can even secure the money to make everything work as it should.

Characteristics of Capricorn Man - Capricorn man Traits

Capricorn man does not hear the word no. He is persistent in love, and in this way, he does not understand more words than maybe or yes. The feeling of love is significant or even vital for each Capricorn. It is difficult to get rid of him and close the door in front of him. Sometimes is Capricorn seen as egoistic man in love. However, he is a bit of a selfish lover, and in the bedroom, he is interested about himself rather, than satisfying his partner. Capricorn man is not very skilled as a lover, and so he hates when a woman refuses him. This sign hates lies, and if you are not satisfied with something, you need to tell him. He will appreciated your honesty and he will work on his shortcomings in each area to make you happier. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Capricorn and discover more about love with Capricorn man.

If you support him and confidently confess his feelings, he will be of great support and will be grateful to you. Capricorn takes confidence in emotions and feelings. He expects full devotion and loyalty from his partner. He likes to receive emotional expressions and love, so if you like it you will win with the man of this zodiac sign. Flirting is nothing for sexually shy Capricorn. If the Capricorn man finds a woman, who suits him, he puts deep feelings and all his soul into his love. He is not a type of wild party man and rather enjoys the warmth of home and the well-being of his beloved person.

Capricorn man in Love

Capricorn is cautious in his feelings, despite the desire for love. Sometimes it is too long until he show his feelings to his right one. You won't ever get bored with him during long winter evenings. Also from the rest by the fireplace, Capricorn man can make a real experience. He does not want to attract a young woman or about finding relationship with a younger woman... He is instead focusing on getting love and on the social status of the woman. If Capricorn saw the desired woman, he is almost unstoppable. He will bring her everything to make her fall in love with him. Despite these dreams of a perfect relationship and perfect wife, the Capricorn man is standing on the ground. He is not crazy about the relationship with a perfect Princess. He appreciates the different values.

If the Capricorn decides for you, he will show your feelings very carefully. If you are interested in this sign, the Capricorn man, you must transform your joint meetings into random fateful encounters. The Capricorn man needs to feel that she is his fatal love. They have to see you everywhere, hear from you and have to know that you are being driven into a peaceful family life. Capricorn man does not look for quick sex drills and love adventures. Despite being a romantic, he tends to find a partner who will provide him with financial support. Sometimes he searches for a person he can marry because of money. This is a problem of his pragmatic nature. Capricorn is primarily based on material things, but he does not want to take care of it himself. If you are interested in Capricorn man, you will have to contribute to the family budget.

The Capricorn man may seem like an inexperienced and cautious lover, but he will delight a woman mainly with his perseverance. He will try to indulge her with everything she desires. He loves romantic and extended foreplay. After this part, he devotes himself thoroughly to every piece of your body and brings you to a real pleasure. You will experience even better sex with him when he falls in love with you. If you include him with compliments, the Capricorn man will never want to give you up again. This man demands a lot from you, and he seems to give a little, but if you see him in the better light, he will see it as well.

Characteristics of Capricorn Woman - Capricorn woman Traits

The Capricorn woman is an avid lover. Maybe she does not have the courage for the immoral underwear or sinful thoughts, but she is open to learning in this way. She is exceptionally sexually attractive. This also helps her to accomplish her goal of love as well. Capricorn woman wants a relationship with partners who has enough money for her and for their next family. She expects financial security and certainty in this area from her partner. It is not excluded that it is precisely the Capricorn woman that becomes so-called gold diggers. Beautiful and attractive women who chose their lover mainly by his financial circumstances. The Capricorn woman walks firmly on the ground and follows her instincts.

Capricorn woman in Love

A Capricorn woman expects from man to assure her in the way how beautiful and irresistible she is. She requires constant attention from her partner. With her calm nature, she attracts men who love inaccessible women. Beware, a Capricorn woman can bring with his beauty and passionate nature every men to madness. Living with her is complicated, but once you manage to show her your feelings, she will never be interested in another man. Maybe just in case, the other man will be rich, single, with the cultivated appearance and cheerful character looking like a James Bond.

If you want to be in a relationship with this woman, you have to be persistent, and you must desire it. If Capricorn woman senses your feelings and falls in love with you, you have won. If you are already a couple with a Capricorn woman and she is genuinely in love with you, you can expect mad love from her. She will lose her head with you and she will forget about her past because she will live just for you. Capricorn woman will give you truly love. She will do everything for you. If you are a man, who will take care of her emotions and family money, you will be her everything. Until the end of her life. She will ensure you a beautiful and cozy home, and the Capricorn woman will still be neat and attractive, even after years of marriage. Keep in mind, however, that she is looking for a partner who will meet all her needs and requirements. The most exciting about the man she choose is power and authority.

Health predictions for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

As we have stated in the short characteristics section of the Capricorn sign these signs are prone to frequent digestive problems. It is advisable to focus on receiving enough fiber in the form of vegetables. They can also buy fiber in powder form in a pharmacy. It will stimulate their digestion and purify the entire digestive system. Capricorn should also be mindful of metabolic problems.

Especially at an older age, this sign is prone to weight gain. The diet should include more vegetables that contain the necessary vitamins. Vitamin C is extremely important for this sign. Skin diseases can also irritate Capricorn. If Capricorns suffer from skin diseases they should see a doctor who will advise them on the causes of these problems.

They probably have an allergy that can also occur during their life. Capricorns should be beware of their feet in public spaces such as the swimming pool, gym and the like. They can catch unpleasant warts, which will be very difficult to dispose of.

Capricorn man and Capricorn woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

The Capricorn sign loves deeply. And with all heart. If one Capricorn fall in love with you, you are a lucky woman who will have big support and with the time best lover as well. Capricorn is an extremely romantic sign that needs enough love from its chosen or chosen one. Unhappy love can even make worse health for Capricorns. And not just psychic. Capricorn is experiencing truly intense love feelings, and this condition can even induce a variety of diseases.

When Capricorn feels broken heart they stop carrying about their diet, drinking regime and falling into depression. Capricorn has a pleasant character, loves genuinely and faithfully. You will not experience an intense love affair with the Capricorn, but this sign will still support you. Love is vital to Capricorn.

Capricorn Love Compatibility

The sign often thinks of love and presents the most romantic experiences with their right one. A good partner for the Capricorn sign will be Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo. An unsuitable sign is a stubborn Aries or a dreamy Leo. A truly inappropriate half for the Capricorn sign is the ever-hesitant Libra.

Capricorn & Celebrities

Among the Capricorns we find many important names. Perhaps the most famous Capricorn among us was Stephen Hawking. He meant a lot to science and was also one of the beasts. The active and iconic Joan of Arc was even born under this sign. Wife of former US President, likable Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964, and therefore belongs to the Capricorn sign. Other irresistible women of this sign include Holland Taylor - Evelyn of two and a half men, Ellie Goulding, Kate Moss, Dolly Parton, and Irina Shayk. On January 5, 1975, an actor was born, and according to a daily newspaper, the world's best man, Bradley Cooper. Other male Capricorns are Jared Leto, Elvis Presley, Ricky Martin, Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, and Mel Gibson.

Capricorn Horoscopes

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