týždenný horoskop Aries, horoskop na tento týždeň Aries

Weekly Horoscope Aries

(05/25/2020 - 05/31/2020)

Be careful during this week, because the mighty Mercury has an impact on you in two aspects. At work, you will amaze with your ideas, because Mercury affects the power of your mind and logic. On the other hand, this week's horoscope warns you of confusion and contradictions in all kinds of relationships. So do not argue with your family, and certainly avoid quarrels with colleagues or friends. If you stand firmly on the ground, you will only benefit from Mercury's impact this week. Focus more on your logical reasoning.

Love: The position of the moon indicates that it is time to turn the tables in love and talk to the partner about the shift in the relationship. If you are without a partner, it's time to stop worrying about your sadness and loneliness.

Health: Finally, take the time to move regularly.

Work & Money: If you need a smaller loan, contact your family rather than a bank. They will gladly help you. Risk is sometimes profit. In your case, build on stability and do not embark on new, though tempting, projects.

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Weekly Horoscope Aries