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Aries Sign, Aries Traits of personality

Birthday: 21 March - 20 April

Planet: The ruling planet of Aries sign is the red planet, Mars

Element: For the Aries zodiac sign, the ruling element is Fire

Nature: The main character of the sign is choleric

Strengths: Aries is the type of leader. Compared to other zodiac signs, they are combative, ambitious and courageous. They are rather impulsive, but also cordiality with the leading ability.

Weaknesses: The drawback of this zodiac sign is often huge naivety, stubbornness, and moodiness.

Body: People born under Aries usually have a strong bone structure and a look-pleasing figure.

Lucky Day: The lucky day of Aries is Tuesday when it is appropriate to devote to finance, business, work, but also to care for oneself.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable day of Aries zodiac sign will be Monday when it is better to relax and to be prudent.

Birthstone: The stone of Aries is a diamond and ruby, which will highlight the lead character of this sign.

Health: Aries zodiac sign must pay particular attention to kidney problems. They also suffer from the headache, back and knees pain. Aries must add mainly beans and protein to their diet.

Color: The lucky color of Aries zodiac sign is darker red and irritating red.

Where to Travel: Aries should choose countries, such as England, Germany, Japan or Denmark for traveling.

Lucky numbers: The lucky numbers for Aries zodiac sign are 7, 6, 25, 47

Main Aries Traits - Aries sign in short

Arieses look at the world around them with rationality and spontaneity. The sign is typical with the energy they radiate all around, the main Aries traits. They are so dynamic that by their nature they can attract others to their energy. Aries man or Aries woman as well are therefore a great fitness trainers or motivators. They long for leadership, not only at work, but also in private lives. Arieses are also mainly selfish signs who do not like to share. This compensates for their determination and ability to pursue their goal. One of their shortcomings is also the need to achieve their goals, regardless of others, specifies Aries traits. Often, due to their nature, this sign quarrels with the environment, which is not accustomed to such leading actions. The sign of Aries sign loves adventure. Adrenaline is the driving force for them and they consider the risk to be a part of life. They are physically strong enough, so they like sports activities. The most relaxing activity for Aries man or for Aries woman is associated with an adrenaline experience.

Since the Aries man or woman is the sign of the leader, they want everything to go according to their rules and ideas. Here they may often encounter misunderstandings of the surroundings. Due to their characteristic leadership traits, they are extremely difficult to refuse in private or at work. But the Aries is a sign of true friendship, specifies Aries traits. If there is a person you like, you can be sure that they will take care of your comfort, health and this is a sign which friendship you need to respect. They will be happy and selfless to help you in an emergency. Aries zodiac sign is full of enormous enthusiasm and they are very happy to embark on new challenges and issues. Aries sign is full of loyalty and reliability is the most distinctive of all zodiac signs. They get their hands on work, but at work they prefer independence. Arieses are not team players and prefers to rely on his knowledge, skills and prefers to work independently, underlines Aries traits. They are also creative, but only in an area that they understand well enough. They want to have everything studied before they start. The project that will be taken care of by this sign is destined for great success.

You can often meet Aries zodiac sign in leading positions and managerial tasks. They are extremely talented in project management. They push an enormous amount of effort into their work, which is why they really succeed in their work, as their superiors want. Arieses are not happy in a position where they are supervised, so they prefer to build a path to their own business and independence, specifies Aries traits of personality. Aries sign knows that the effort they put into their diligence will return to them a hundredfold over the course of their lives in the form of their dream job or their own business. However, it is not only entrepreneurs who excel.

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Aries zodiac sign - Man, Woman and Best Job for them

Suitable professions for Aries sign, based on the Aries traits, are also soldier, craftsman, scientist, doctor, top athlete, lawyer, politician. Jobs where they can use and show their strength, combativeness and intelligence. Arieses are also an excellent economist and finance workers. They can make strong investment decisions and therefore would make a living as a stockbrokers. Their public speaking talent and entrepreneurial talents are a great combination for these jobs and the most important Aries traits. If Aries zodiac sign go down this path, they are guaranteed to be extremely successful.

Arieses are an unfettered sign full of passion. They can spin a network of their own dreams and ideas. They are very evil in deception and cheating. They are transparent and reveal exactly what they feel, even if this feelings do not go completely deep. Only a few will be allowed to see into the depths of their souls. They are a bit selfish and completely immersed in living in the present moment. Aries sign seldom deal with the question of the future. They take what is coming and don't plan much.

Aries is a sign in which it is almost impossible to obtain their forgiveness. They are often the center of any social event, they enjoy the surroundings and they like to joke around. They tend to be unstable and irritable. The Arieses are also great artists and painters, says Aries traits. There is an untold story in their hearts that they hide only for themselves. This way, they are often able to stimulate by painting and creative activity. They have a tendency and a willingness to help and are very friendly. The Aries sign is very easy to provoke, so it is advisable to weigh the words you direct to the Aries. Their enthusiasm for effort, overcoming obstacles and gaining others is truly enormous.

They are convinced of their infallibility, which can make them feel like real egoists. They want to give orders and they even do it very well. In most cases, it's a good idea to listen to what the Aries zodiac sign wants to tell you or what he's asking you to do.

All about Aries Man

Aries man is a sign that will give you real sexual strength, excitement and joy. After a short affair with this sign, every woman who likes the leadership qualities of men longs for them. Aries man is one of the signs who are very difficult to tame and do not tolerate binding. Their character and Aries traits are extremely dominant, so they choose a woman as a partner who will not oppose them. They long for an obedient and beautiful woman who will also be talkative and sociable.

Aries traits of personality and sexual desire of Aries man is like a plane from which you can parachute. It's exciting, fast, intense with a lot of mixed feelings. When you land, they will give you new energy and you will want to repeat this experience over and over again. This is exactly the case with the Aries sign. You will not want to give them up.

Aries Man in Love

They will give you as much joy as you require. If you desire excitement, then Aries man is the ideal man for you. However, you have to conquer them to be faithful and not prone to the changes they love so much. Arieses men will demand complete fidelity and devotion from you. You need to be reassured all your life that you won't trade them for anyone else. If you do not succeed in the relationship according to your ideas, you will make a great friend. Aries man don't like waiting, so they want to hear decisions immediately. However, they want the decision to coincide with theirs. This is the personality of Aries man. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Aries and discover more about love with Aries man.

Aries man can provide the family with love, peace, and especially money that you will never be short of. They are self-assured. They are extremely proud of their performance in every aspect. Praise this man, let them see that you too are proud of their performance. Aries man like flattery. Get used to the fact that this man will ignore your individuality.

All about Aries Woman

Have you ever met a brave and strong spirited woman you could not figure out? Was she enchanting, but at the same time magical like a black sky on a cold night covered with lots of shining stars? You have certainly come across a Aries woman. The woman born under this stunning sign - Aries zodiac sign.

Meet Aries traits and personality of this woman. Aries woman is not only strong and mysteriously charming, but she is also a real leader. She needs to rule in love, and her behaviour is almost bordering on leadership. As in work and in a relationship, Aries woman wants to be the center of the household, and therefore she is the one who wears trousers at home. Aries woman tries to take care of all the necessary things around the household. She is independent. However, Aries woman is extremely wasteful and likes to waste money, even the ones that you have been saving for a long time. She doesn't think about the future and lives mainly in the present, so it can happen that your money disappears more often than before you met her.

Aries Woman in Love

However, it will pay off with an extremely passionate relationship. Sex with her is truly magical. She perceives sexual experiences as something magical and she really devotes all her attention to her partner. Aries woman is not usually materialistic, so you avoid jealous scenes and suspicion with her. However, she perceives you as her property, which attracts a large number of men. She is confident, upright and pursues her goal, which she often actually achieves.

Don't forget to flatter Aries woman. The woman of the Aries sign is truly beautiful and loves admiration, specifies Aries traits. If you praise her appearance, she will be more inclined to everyone. She likes beautiful and delicate underwear, she relies on lace rather than comfort, but she likes to sleep naked. A female Aries often looks a few years younger than she really is. She matures like wine, and the older she gets, the more interested is the opposite sex in her. Granny women in the Aries sign are often mistaken for mothers and not grandmothers for their appearance. She is an eternal romantic, even though her romantic mindset is limited by the world. She does not have her head in the clouds and stands firmly on the ground with both feet.

However, the female sign of the Aries is also very unstable. A man who is interested in her can prepare for extramarital unions and bouts of anger. However, Aries woman is always focused on her love and a passionate mistress. She looks to the future, knowing that tomorrow will be more beautiful than today. Get to know her before you jump into something more serious. However, an Aries woman can really be a suitable partner for your future.

Aries sign and their Health strength and common problems

As we have already mentioned, Aries zodiac sign suffers from frequent headaches. They should pay increased attention to adequate fluid intake. They often forget about it due to work duties and so their body suffers from dehydration. Aries woman & Men must watch out for their kidneys and eat in a balanced way, based on main Aries traits. In old age, the Aries has a tendency to gain weight, so it is very important not to forget about vegetables, beans and enough exercise. A person born in the Aries sign must consider his diet sufficiently. High work pressure and an irregular diet can have negative consequences for the health of an Aries at a later age. They must be careful about injuries and cancer or inflammatory diseases. Arieses need to relax more in addition to their heroic work.

Aries man & Aries woman and their way of Love

Arieses love everything new. They lov change, so they are not the most ideal partner. However, if they are truly satisfied with their relationship, you can expect immense loyalty and devotion. Arieses are great lovers and if they really fall in love with their loved ones, they have the strongest feeling for them, specifies Aries traits. In the case of a broken heart, they tolerate it very badly. However, they are realists and they know that a broken heart will heal in time. Then the Aries is ready for another relationship again, even though they are more careful in it.

Aries sign Love Compatibility

Unsuitable partners for this sign, according to the Aries traits, are gentle Cancers or another stubborn Capricorns. A suitable partner for the sign of the Aries is Leo, Gemini or Aquarius. They will form the most suitable pair with the Sagittarius and they will really understand each other. Arieses often resist showing their feelings and are therefore absolutely unsuitable for signs that are more guided by their feelings.

Aries zodiac sign & Celebrities

There were, in the world, also Celebrities born in this awesome zodiac sign. Perhaps the most prominent name associated with Aries sign is Adolf Hitler, who was known to be able to lead all the people around him with his speaking skills. Leadership skills of this Aries man are also undeniable. Also, Sebastian Bach, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh were born as Aries sign and you can see here many Aries traits. It only proves that the zodiac sign also abounds in creativity, and you devote all your skill to it. Even Casanova was born as Aries man. This lover is a symbol of Aries sign as he has managed to win the hearts of many women with his lead character that women could not resist. Other female celebrities include Jennifer Garner, Diana Ross, Emma Thomson, and Victoria Beckham were born as Aries women as well. The men will smile at the fact that Hugh Hefner was born as Aries man as well. Aries sign is very passionate, as we mentioned before. Another very popular man born as Aries zodiac sign is Charlie Chaplin.

Aries' sign Horoscopes

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