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Cancer Personality Traits

Birthday: 21 June - 22 July

Planet: The ruling planet of the zodiac sign is the Moon.

Element: Water is the ruling element, for the Cancer sign.

Nature: The main character of the zodiac sign is a phlegmatic nature.

Strengths: Cancer is incredibly sensitive and empathetic. They are emotionally based. Cancer zodiac sign is a great companion who adorns every evening. If Cancer like somebody they will give the person everything and they will care about their friends and family well. There's no better cook as Cancer is. There is no better confidant, helper, a friend like a man in the Cancer zodiac sign. They are an extremely intuitive and they are controlled more by heart than by brain. But they are also brilliant and hardworking people.

Weaknesses: The drawback of the Cancer is mainly their tightening nature. They are afraid of new things and therefore often lack life chances and opportunities that would undoubtedly not escape another zodiac sign. They are trusting, but if someone disappoints them they happen an enormously powerful and heartless enemy. Cancer becomes insensitive and even ingeniously hostile if circumstances so require. Their weapons against others are psychological abuse and manipulative. Watch the Cancer, it's a powerful magic zodiac sign that can literally hex you.

Body: People born under this zodiac sign have an average figure. Is neither slim nor fat. Cancer's face is more oval and women are incredibly feminine because the Cancer has a heavily developed breast part. Cancer has light-green or light-blue eyes and the most light-brown hair.

Lucky Day: Happy Cancer's Day is Monday. A day created for creative activity, for work or investment decisions.

Unfavourable day: The unfavorable Cancer's day will be Saturday. On this day the zodiac sign needs to avoid crucial decisions, investments, or quarrels.

Birthstone: To please Cancer give him a jewel containing pearl, diamond or emerald. The pearl personifies purity of the soul of this zodiac sign. The pearl is the most beautiful and most suitable jewel for Cancer women. Emerald represents energy and magicality that emanates from this sign. The diamond underlines their love for luxury.

Health: Their phlegmatic nature guarantees them robust health. The people born as Cancer have the most common stomach problems. Especially Cancer women have issues with breast diseases - breast cancer, uterus or headaches, major menstrual pain, and hormonal changes. Cancer Men suffer from heart disease, headaches. Cancer has generally weaker mental health, but a strong physical one. If they learns to work correctly with their emotional side and with their energy, then good health is looking forward to them during the whole life.

Color: The best color for Cancer is white. White, which reflects purity, well-being, and neutrality. On the other hand, the sign love the black color. It is a color that underlines the magical sensation of the Cancer, which envelops it in a veil of mystery. Dressed in black, the zodiac sign feels the best.

Where to Travel: To travel, they should choose the countries of Mauritius, Thailand, Spain, or Netherland.

Lucky numbers: Lucky Cancer's numbers are 5, 31, 35, 42

Great Characteristics of Cancer

The zodiac sign boasts many positive qualities. People under Cancer sign tend to be extremely tough and hardworking. There is no way for them to not succeed. They are a docile sign that is interested in everything new and going through life with an extreme dose of intelligence. People should say that the Cancer sign is imaginative and loyal. If you get a friend of this sign, but as a real friend, it will support you at every moment of life. These people need to help the whole environment, be it people, animals, needs physical or emotional. It is a convincing horoscope sign and therefore easily gains any work he desires. Their persuasiveness is so high that it helps them in every aspect of life. Meet the Cancer zodiac sign means to meet a likable and intelligent person. Dreamy, magical, but their eyes are what will attract you to this person. The zodiac sign is strongly emotionally based. They like art, home comfort and tasty food. Among Cancer's people, you will find the best cooks and it does not matter whether they are men or women. The Cancer man likes to cook professionally, and you can often meet him as a chef or enthusiast for any kitchen. The woman devotes herself to preparing food in her free time and the food from her is truly extraordinary. She knows that a happy man means a well-fed man, and she keeps this rule during a lifetime.

The negative of this sign is its moodiness. Especially at a young age, this sign is extremely moody, and at the morning you can meet a beautiful and grinning Cancer, but on the same day in the evening, they are already crying into a pillow. Their moodiness is associated with hormonal fluctuations with which Cancer fights throughout life. The downside of them is that Cancer has a pessimistic view of the world. They look at everything with the offense and everything is looking white or black from their view. Cancer thinks about life, but only exceptionally does it enjoy it. They are troubled by societal problems such as hunger, political situation, animal abuse, water shortage, global warming ... This all holds back the sign in his inner urge to love the world. They have an overly rational view of the world and sometimes are mentally exhausted. The Cancer sign is a manipulator. They can get people exactly where they need to. It is due to their perseverance, bewitching look, intelligence, and persuasiveness. They are often at the forefront of groups, and everyone is happy to follow them. Cancer loves water. They feel the best close to the water during sunny and warm days. For this sign, it is even extremely convenient to live near seas or oceans. They often dreams about this kind of life - a lonely house somewhere near the sea, in the arms of their beloved partner, and a child. This is Cancer's idea of being. But their negative viewing of the world sometimes inhibits them from dreaming.

Cancer treats each person equally. They don't care about race or nationality. They believe that people are equal and that they should live together in good relationships. When traveling, Cancer is the one who is interested in culture, eating, local problems but also the pleasures of other religions. They are excited about the diversity of the world. The sign is a strong creative, and they feel best when they perform an activity that moves them forward. They do not like to stagnate on the job site. They want to move forward.

Cancer keeps an eye on everyone in their neighborhood. It is a distrustful sign whose friendship is extraordinary. The sign chooses friends conscientiously and if you hurt them they burn all the bridges behind. They will avenge you, and then you will never see Cancer again. Revenge will be carried in the direction of silent speeches and psychology. However, they know to be a very dangerous enemy because they can get people to their side and can handle people significantly. However, they are very large phlegmatic and often say that the person who has hurt them is not worth anything, nor the energy put into some retaliation. Cancer will forget you quickly, but you never will.

This sign is profoundly intuitive and is one of the most complicated signs of the zodiac. They take care of their family and the warmth of their homes in-depth. They take care of the finances, the aesthetic side of the house, the food, the children ... But as a result, they can suffer from insomnia and mental exhaustion. Cancer needs a partner who will support them and help them when they can't manage things longer. Cancer sign is controlled by the Moon. The Moon deepens their magical connection with the world. You can think of Cancer that they are mystical and tends to witchcraft and you will not be far from the truth. The sign of the Cancer is extraordinarily sympathetic and is often very popular in surroundings. But no one can see their pain when they were hurt by someone. They don't respond to insults, but they remember them. They will never forget anything, you will try in vain, this sign will not forget, and will not forgive. Even if they tell you they forgive you, it's probably not true.

Cancer & Work

Cancer will be great at the profession, where they will take care of someone and take advantage of all their powers. At work, they want to use their sensitivity, charm, intuition, and communicativeness. There are many writers, actors, and painters among Cancer zodiac sign. Their creativity pushes them to work, using their inner feelings and trying to get the most out of themselves. They tend to devote themselves to charity. Especially Cancer women have an excellent atmosphere for the perfect investment. Cancer is a great stock exchange broker, investment advisor, banker or economist. In economic matters, they are well oriented and can selflessly advise everyone. If you need good advice on where to invest, talk to the Cancer sign.

Women are excellent real estate brokers. They can sense the needs and requirements of the client and are therefore suitable for any position where work with people is required. Cancer's team doesn't have to be very popular, but it is usually number one for their boss. Sometimes is Cancer even a threat to their leadership because they often exceed the diligence and commitment of others. Best professions for Cancer is chef, hotel owner or guesthouse, shopkeeper, teacher, nursery educator, real estate agent, stockbroker, writer, designer, graphic designer, fashion designer or website developer or apps developer. They can work everywhere they can use their creativity in combination with intelligence and diligence. Positive feedback from the customer only pushes them further. They do their work conscientiously and enthusiastically. Because of their work zeal, they can make mistakes, but they quickly learn and never repeats mistakes.

Characteristics of Cancer Man - Cancer man Traits

Cancer man is afraid of rejection and therefore seldom decides to take the first steps. They lack the necessary initiative to impress the opposite sex. On the other hand, they can observe and admire a woman who they like. They are interested in her from a distance for a long time before deciding to do something. Cancer man needs to know, before the first step, that he will not be rejected. He feels declines very bad and therefore it will be able to know her well before he even speaks out. He is a shy man who may seem too complicated to others. Cancer preferred especially a woman who will be a great mother and will be the ideal wife for him. They are looking for everything in one. He wants his wife to be beautiful, successful, sensible, intelligent, passionate, romantic, generous and savvy. Even a Cancer man sometimes does not know precisely what he wants. He believes that finding such a perfect woman will be difficult and therefore he sees many shortcomings in the women around him.

Cancer man in Love

If you can establish a relationship with a Cancer man, he will cherish you and fulfill all your emotional desires. Cancer man, unlike Cancer women, is not very generous. He doesn't understand why he should invest his spilled money, for example, in a new purse his girlfriend wants. It may even happen that he decides to go on vacation alone so that he does not have to pay for his right one. In this respect, Cancer are complicated. He protects the money and saves them to ensure the greatest comfort for the family he desires. And in this case, you doesn't have to blame him. He gives his wife and children everything they need. However, finances continue to be highly accountable. The man of the Cancer often leaves his children a generous heritage, because he does not spending money a lot during his life. But emotionally, he is a genuinely generous partner. He is looking for someone to spend his whole life with and share every experience with him. Feel free to visit Love compatibility for Cancer and discover more about love with Cancer man.

If a Cancer man falls in love, he loves only one woman. He tries to fulfill his dreams of a woman. He seeks a fairy or a princess who enchants him every time he approaches him. He is very captivated by women who bring something magical and unprecedented to his life. He likes classical beauty and the woman certainly does not charm him with a distinctive makeup or unselected dictionary. A Cancer man will even be a great friend who will be happy to listening you and encourage you.

Cancer man loves touches. If you try to please him in the sexual area, give him millions of touches. He loves gentle touches or kisses around her neck. He admires women's breasts and ass most. He enjoys only one woman, and he devotes herself enough to satisfy her in one night even more than once. He is a lover who brings you to magical pleasure and shows you new dimensions of love. If you want to feel something new with him, don't be afraid to tell him about your ideas. He will be enthusiastic about everything you bring in his life in this area.

Characteristics of Cancer Woman - Cancer woman Traits

Cancer woman is a magical one that you will not be able to know her easily. Cancer is a very feminine zodiac sign, and a Cancer woman is extraordinarily charming and feminine. She always wants to hear from her partner, how beautiful and exceptional she is. You will appreciate her primarily for her intrinsic qualities, but she will satisfy you by other parts of her personality and body as well. Cancer woman is exceptionally aware of her qualities and the fact that many men prefer her to other women. It is because of her radiating an incredible desire to care, love and help. Many men feel that this woman will be a perfect mother, a babysitter, a cook, and a lover. A Cancer woman can usually choosing from several men in her life.

Cancer Woman in Love

A Cancer woman feels the best in the comfort of her home. She does not feel well in a place where there are too many people. Instead of party with friends, she devotes her time to her family. Her family is usually the center of her attention. She likes attention of others but only because of her intelligence and skills. She doesn't like to dress very defiantly, and you won't even see a lot of makeup on her face. She prefers natural looks. Cancer woman seeks no one to teach her. She wants to be with a man who would listen to her and encourage her. She does not like to discuss her emotions, even with her partner or family. Her deepest inside is her secret and will not open up to anyone. Listen to her, encourage her if she has problems, tell her she's right, but never really discuss her issues. Her various moods are often caused by thousands of other things inside her. Cancer woman is troubled by feelings of personal failure, global problems, and somewhere at the end of thinking about issues with her husband or kids. She just thinks about the whole world because she wants to see peace everywhere.

Cancer woman can enchant every man. Even she does not charm him at the first sight with some unpredictable reason, he will fall in love with her gradually. She is often a femme fatale who men cannot forget. They know how to be a destiny woman a charming woman and an exciting sexual object that pleases men. Cancer woman loves touches. She will give the man a massage and she loves if the man touches every part of her body. She loves changing sex positions and wants to pass on the whole sex experience. She likes different experiments, but she doesn't like the harsh and aggressive sex. She is sexually very active and is hard to forget her pleasure. However, if a man requires only sex from her, they will not understand each other. Love is much more important to her than just satisfying her animal desires. If you would cheat her, wait for the same payback. She will return this betrayal to you even if it should be uncomfortable for her. This woman will never forgive you and she will hurt you as much as you hurt her before. Then you will lose the best woman in your life. Don't mess with this woman. She will feel by her strong sense, that you cheated her. However, if you are faithful to her, Cancer woman will reward you with love, passion, care and she be the best wife and mother in the world. Her main condition in relationship is faithfulness, love, and trust.

Health predictions for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer has enjoyed good health for life. The path to Cancer health is often conditional on finding their inner well-being and serenity. Therefore, Cancer, especially in the older age, can get into a much better health condition at a young age. As time passes, Cancer learns what to do with its energy, and under the influence of Moon, their health also improves with age. It's worse on the mental side.

Cancer often reaches for antidepressants because they see the world in black. Any injustice in the world and the world's problems, or failure, can aggravate their mental health. After this period, there will be days when they are full of energy. Then they can see what they have neglected during the period of mental discomfort. Cancer has stomach problems and can suffer from increased heart rate or heart problems.

Women must be aware of breast cancer and uterine issues. They also suffer from painful menstruation. Cancer needs plenty of movement and a sense of balance in its life. It is interesting that love could help them to overcome health problems, especially those from the psychological point of view. Drinking regime is essential for Cancer sign. Cancer should avoid alcohol and take care of their teeth, which also troubles them during their lives. Antibacterial clove should help them with tooth decay, which is given as a gingerbread additive.

Cancer man and Cancer woman and Compatibility in Love - Love Horoscope

Cancer is an extremely emotional sign and feelings are most important to them. They will show you their subtlety and love whenever you want or need. They will not let you suffer and will sometimes take care of you with excessive attention. Cancer is a faithful sign, but ... You must be careful not to disappoint this sign. If she finds out that you're flirting with another woman, you will in trouble. If she finds you cheated her with someone else, you don't know about it yet, but there will be dark times for you. This sign will make you suffer much more than she was. Cancer will never forgive your betrayal. You may never even know that your infidelity has been revealed, but the breakup that will come from her will be unforgettable to you. In a negative way. Cancer will never break up with the desired one without important cause.

Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer man and even Cancer woman are persons that cannot show initiative. It is therefore not easy for them to establish a sexual relationship. They seek until they find a partner who can make them feel calm, protected and free. If you want be loved by this zodiac sign, be initiative and loving. In love and in life they prefer traditional values ​​and even ancient love. They will fall in love with you if you send them a love letter like in old romantic movies. The Aries and Capricorn are the most suitable for Cancers for relationships. The most inappropriate partner for Cancer is Gemini and Sagittarius.

Cancer & Celebrities

Cancer is known for its creativity, intelligence and sensitivity. The list of well-known celebrities is truly varied. This zodiac sign can become anyone they want. Among the famous Cancer's men, we could find the actor Tom Hanks, who was born on July 9th. Another prominent figure is Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, charismatic Vin Diesel, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Will Ferrell, Tobey Maguire, and Matthew Lewis. We can also find this zodiac sign among charismatic women who are popular all over the world and often associated with a little magic charm in their lives. Cancer has love in their hearts, and the magical flair is glaring at them, so there's no wonder that Meryl Streep, born on 22/06, is one of the famous Cancer women. Other popular women is Ariana Grande, Nicole Scherzinger, Michelle Rodriguez, Liv Tyler, Candice Patton, Jessica Simpson or iconic and unforgettable Pamela Anderson.

Cancer Horoscopes

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