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Monthly Horoscope Scorpio

April 2020

Venus will affect your sign this month and will affect not only your soul but also your physical perception of the surroundings. Venus will also be involved in the perception of your tastes, smells, or in love for certain things. Under her influence, you may want to discover new tastes and smells that you have never experienced before. This month, you should set yourself weekly the task of tasting something you haven't eaten yet. It will be a challenge for you, and the pleasure of the new and unknown will truly enchant you. Pay your attention to the childish love and pay as little as you can to small children in the family. Your attention will be appreciated and you can gift them with teaching them something to remember. Venus also underlines the emotional side of your personality, so this month pay extra attention to showing your emotions and true expressions of your love.

Love: Try thinking about inflating your problems this month. Maybe nothing is as tragic as you see it. Pay more attention to your partner and understand their needs. You'll be closer than ever. If you're still looking for a partner, go to the company. Pay attention to good, but not vulgar make-up, which will surely enchant someone interesting. In the second half of the month, be sure to visit your family who will appreciate it. Don't blame someone else for your actions. The fact that you've ever hurt a close friend is your fault and you have to bear the consequences. Learn from it and never repeat it again.

Health: This month, have a better drinking regime than in the past months. Bad drinking regime accounts for most of your health problems. Without water, your metabolism becomes lazy and you gain more weight. You also will not get rid of toxins from your body, which then cause several diseases. Water is extremely important to your body. However, it should not be forgotten that sweetened drinks, sparkling mineral water and flavoured waters do not count as a drinking regime. So do not sweetened tea or coffee. Make a routine in a healthy drinking regime this month, and drink at least one and a half litre of clean, unflavoured water a day. You will see how quickly your health will improve. Your skin will also improve and you will feel much more vital energy.

Work & Money: You have been putting more energy to work lately than in the previous period. Be careful, however, to manage and maintain this pace at work. In the second half of the month, you will have the opportunity to show your quality and leadership. Grab this chance. Remember that not all of your colleagues are also your friends. You should keep personal things for yourself.

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