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Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius

October 2020

This month, a powerful Jupiter will hit your mark, giving you wisdom and appropriate attitudes to things you haven't been able to respond to yet. Jupiter will reveal your positive side in you and will also strengthen your positive thinking. This month you will feel more optimistic. Jupiter is a mighty and especially powerful planet, and it has an impact on your exaggerated reactions. It rolls with great force, and so will you. You will have to restrain your emotions a little during this month so that you don't hurt anyone you care about.

Love: During this month there will be more opportunities to spend time with your partner. Keep in mind that no disagreement is strong enough to undermine the trust between you and your partner. Try to accommodate your partner more, but if you don’t like something, direct them. If you're single, forget about short-lived and reckless romances. It won't help you find happiness. On the contrary, it will bring you more lonely nights. The family does not always show you their closeness. Maybe you should show more effort to meet them. A real friendship is something you need to respect. Let your friends know that you can still help them this month.

Health: During this month you need to focus on healthy eating. Fast food will not hurt you, but not more than once or twice a month. You need to be more careful about your diet, because if you do not keep track of it, you may experience greater complications. Be aware that meat is not an essential part of everyday diet. Discover new eating choices, because the constant consumption of meat products puts a strain on your body. Try serving a vegetable day to yourself and your family from time to time and cook something new. This will help to improve your health but also health of every member of your family. They deserve it.

Work & Money: Beware of online payments this month and monitor the credibility of your URLs. Do not give your personal information or copies of personal documents to anyone. You may be vulnerable in this area under the influence of Mercury. Keep your negative feelings or information you have private at work , or you can open up to your family. Do not try to stun your colleagues too much and be honest. Your sincerity will be appreciated and you will learn something new and interesting about your colleagues. You may find it useful in the future.

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