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Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius

August 2020

This month, nothing prevents you from finding the courage to complete something that has to be done. You're ready to start something new and don't stop until you finish. Your month will be stable in the other directions, and you will not have any news that would complicate your near future. If you have some important decisions to make, such as moving away, costly repairs, and so on, think about this step very well. Be careful not to waste your hasty decisions unnecessarily. This month, you will also know exactly how to proceed to make up for someone after a tough fight.

Love: If you take the initiative in a relationship and invite your partner more often over a great dinner this month, you will be excited about it and your efforts will be rewarded. Do not think your partner is a certainty that you no longer have to fight for. If you live without a partner you can go to the company. Good make-up, hairstyle, nice clothes and self-confident behaviour will attract an interesting person into your life who will open your eyes in various areas of life. Remember to contact your parents or siblings more often. There's someone in your family who really enjoys your voice. Some of your friends will be making an important life decision. Try to advise him, but also recommend expert advice.

Health: This month, have a better drinking regime than in the past months. Bad drinking regime accounts for most of your health problems. Without water, your metabolism becomes lazy and you gain more weight. You also will not get rid of toxins from your body, which then cause several diseases. Water is extremely important to your body. However, it should not be forgotten that sweetened drinks, sparkling mineral water and flavoured waters do not count as a drinking regime. So do not sweetened tea or coffee. Make a routine in a healthy drinking regime this month, and drink at least one and a half litre of clean, unflavoured water a day. You will see how quickly your health will improve. Your skin will also improve and you will feel much more vital energy.

Work & Money: This month you will load more on your shoulders than you can carry. Take some rest, work will wait for you. It is not necessary to devote also your free time to work. If you take a good rest you will find that your work performance has improved and your mind is open to new ideas. Not your every colleague is your friend. While it may seem so, it's still not good to talk about your privacy. Better pay more attention to the quality of the work.

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