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Monthly Horoscope Pisces

October 2020

Recently, did you feel like in a huge whirlpool? If you are experiencing a truly turbulent period in the last days, it is time to slow down a bit and opt for casual days. Do not forget the moments you can spend with your friends or family. Do more sports and you may also consider buying a sports device. However, do not turn it into a clothes hanger and rather do your best to strengthen your body. You will appreciate it not only physically, but you will feel great also from the health point of view.

Love: It's time for you to come to terms with your past once and for all this month. It must let it far behind you so that you can move forward. Give your heart to a partner who feels right about you not paying enough attention. Remember that negativity must disappear from your life once and for all. Those without a partner should focus more on their needs. Forget what others are telling you. You have your own mind. In the first half of the month, help someone in your family who you know is in trouble. Avoid advising on relationships this month. Your good friend who is currently dealing with this problem might feel that you don't advise them honestly.

Health: This month, your spine and throat problems will be the most troubling for you. On this account, you should contact someone who will show you the right exercises for your spine problems. Do not underestimate the visit to an expert, as this will avoid huge problems for the future. These pains will mainly bother you in the first and last days of the month. Adding the right sport to your life will prevent problems in the coming months. Finally, go into the countryside and indulge in longer walks and if you have the opportunity to work in the garden, take it. Your diet also requires a more complex change. It's time to forget about heavy foods and especially alcohol. Your body needs to relax this month like never before.

Work & Money: If you have been bothered by more than one job in the past month, remember that you did a good job. This month you can enjoy more peace. Remember to relax more and forget about work problems more often. Your work commitment can harass one of your colleagues. But don't let anyone influence you and continue to work with a dose of commitment and creativity.

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