September 2023 Horoscope Capricorn

Horoscope Capricorn

September 2023

Use your free time for self-development. For example, start learning a new language. Rather practice less, but with regularity. It is better to practice less than intensively and suddenly. Your body could wear out. If you are without a partner and have long been dreaming of a passionate heat, your dream will turn into reality. In a long-term relationship, you can openly talk to your partner about where your future is going together. But don't be tempted by quarrels or disagreements. Your partner may not respond to everything as you wish.

Love: Quarrels with a partner aren't as tragic as you see them. Pay more attention to your partner and understand their needs. They will also try to understand you if they see the initiative on your part. Stay closer and take the time to understand your partner's feelings. If you're looking for a partner, focus on someone near you who has long shown interest in you. If you haven't noticed anything yet, ask your friends. They know more about it than you think. Your family will need to feel more of your love, tenderness and devotion this month. Take care of them with love. Avoid deceiving your friends. In your life, there has already been few broken relationships. Don't let it come to losing more friends. You have already regretted this loss.

Health: This month you may be surprised by a weakened immunity. It would be advisable to focus on increased intake of vitamin C. Do this already in the first half of the month, because you will gradually miss the vitamin. You will find it mainly in fruits and vegetables. You should add them to your daily diet. In addition to the regular drinking regime, this month also drink bio-quality herbal teas. You can ask friends who have dried herbs certainly available. This month, it would be good if you went into society more often to improve your mental health.

Work & Money: Trust your intuition this month, but don't follow your impulsive behaviour. No breaking-news await you at work, but you need to consider how you respond to important business mails. Concentrate on answering them, and if you are unsure of something, contact someone to advise you. Don't just stay in one place just because you like your colleagues. They are not as honest as you think.

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