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October 2020

In this month, your mighty moon, which has the power to facilitate understanding of our interior, will affect your sign. The moon also positively affects the ability to internally treat our problems, difficulties, and emotional disappointments. It literally heals the soul and its influence has a very strong impact on our inner feelings. This month you have the opportunity to work with your interior and intensively focus on understanding your feelings and emotions. The Moon is also the one that pulls you home. Whether it is a home you create or a home that you remember from your childhood, it is definitely time to fasten the handcuffs with your loved ones. Under the influence of the Moon, you will know exactly how to satisfy the emotional lack of people you love. Everyone in your family needs to feel your closeness, support and love.

Love: Do not forget the beautiful feelings of love that are between you and your partner. Even though you sometimes forget, under the stress and pressure from the surroundings of how you love them, there is no reason not to prove it to them more often. Your partner will really appreciate it. If you have no partner, start doing sports. Sport will not only bring energy to your life, but you will also get to know someone interesting. Nothing exceptional will happen in the family. Under the influence of the mighty Mars, you will be able to organize an arrangement that will be remembered for a long time this month. Invite friends to a party.

Health: Spinach lasagna, ratatouille, spinach, vegetable broth ... These meals are just a little inspiration for what you can prepare yourself or your family this month. However, take care of the quality of the purchased food and do not buy vegetables and fruits in the sale. Go to the market. Or buy less, but in organic quality. It is a good idea to read this month about what chemicals can get into your body through vegetables and fruits that we consider healthy. Beware of chemical splashes of fruit, which may hurt you rather than help.

Work & Money: Your limits are only in your mind. Your demotivation may be due to less work stamina. You've done more than you need to do your job, so you can feel the urge not to finish your daily work responsibilities. Remember, however, that these feelings are only temporary, and that your sense of inferiority is only in your head. Some of your colleagues are not honest with you and will make an unambiguous effort to keep you out of work this month. Beware of anyone who has ever deceived you.

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