April 2024 Horoscope Aquarius

Horoscope Aquarius

April 2024

This month it is the highest time to solve old problems and start a new era of your life. You have the opportunity to concentrate all your strength and thanks to your experience realize all your plans. If you decide to take the risk, planets will help you prosper. Also be in favour of new hangouts. You can meet someone who will bring interesting changes to your life. It is also a good time to start a family or to communicate with your partner about the matter. Your biggest enemy this month may be anxiety and self-doubt. Therefore, pay more attention to yourself and to the people around you that matter to you.

Love: Pay more attention to your partner. It is much better if you opt for dinner together and talk about something pleasant. Under the influence of Saturn is a great time to organize this holiday. Try to plan a place and time that will suit both of you. You will look forward to these moments together and this planning will strengthen your common bond. If you are still without a partner go with your friends for a beer or just meet in a nearby restaurant. This way you will know someone who will bring you feelings of closeness and intimacy for a short time. Take the time to sit together behind a large family table and a good meal together. Your close friend will need your advice on an important matter. However, advise them carefully and advise them to consult other friends as well.

Health: Try focusing on natural vitamin supplements this month. Include avocado, leafy vegetables and other vitamins in the diet, especially in fruits and vegetables. If you're thinking about losing weight for a long time, it's time to start. In the second half of the month you can also consider doing harder physical activity and you can start with running or indoor cycling. Your body needs to wake up and physical activity will really help with it. You can also talk with a friend and start doing sports in pairs. Surely there will be someone in your area who likes to join you. If you get a pass to the gym then go there. It's time to move your body. If you do so, you will feel better than ever.

Work & Money: Mercury might obscure your clear thinking this month, but don't worry. You will look at work issues more one-sidedly and not very pessimistically. However, you will see several things in a new light, and in many areas you will realize that you are overvaluing them. This makes you realize that you pay too much attention to work and that you forget about your hobbies. Try looking at work issues more closely throughout the month. During this month, you can be the initiator of a work meeting with colleagues to refresh your work relationships. Beware, however, of someone who does not love you much.

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