March 2023 Horoscope Aquarius

Horoscope Aquarius

March 2023

Venus will affect your sign this month and will affect not only your soul but also your physical perception of the surroundings. Venus will also be involved in the perception of your tastes, smells, or in love for certain things. Under her influence, you may want to discover new tastes and smells that you have never experienced before. This month, you should set yourself weekly the task of tasting something you haven't eaten yet. It will be a challenge for you, and the pleasure of the new and unknown will truly enchant you. Pay your attention to the childish love and pay as little as you can to small children in the family. Your attention will be appreciated and you can gift them with teaching them something to remember. Venus also underlines the emotional side of your personality, so this month pay extra attention to showing your emotions and true expressions of your love.

Love: Your partner has recently felt undervalued on your part. Don't worry about your partner and make a big gesture that will be extremely appreciated. Do not forget that sometimes a long hug or just praise for something that does really good. The singles have the opportunity to get to know the person who will briefly light up their world. However, it is not good to let this person leave your life. If your family has a situation where your help is needed, do not hesitate to intervene. But act according to the needs of others, not yours. This month you will find that one of your friends is not as honest with you as you deserve.

Health: Health will play an important role in your life this month. At this point, it is high time to eliminate the stress from your life. You may not even imagine that stress, which can cause even more complicated illnesses, is responsible for your poor health and fatigue. If you feel tired and anxious, try to distance yourself from the problems at least for a long weekend. Hot bath just by yourself, dancing, listening to music, walking, a weekend in wellness ... These are just some ideas on how to relax. But you know the best way to completely relax.

Work & Money: Under the influence of Mars, you will feel more at work and if this pace can withstand, you will be able to bid for some extra rewards. Get a glimpse of your work and try to bring some ideas for improvement. If you show what is in you at work, you can expect management's interest in you. Even if you don't always please everyone, it doesn't mean you should be worried about defamation. Your colleagues don't have to be your friends and you don't have to try to make everyone love you.

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